Mobile App Influencer Marketing: How to Use it to Boost Your Downloads?

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The smartphone app industry has become a huge market today. With stiff competition and innovations at the brim, this is an industry that is evolving by all leaps and bounds, and keeping pace with it is the key to an app’s success. In fact, there are nearly 5 million apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store combined, out of which, only a few come out on top. Just goes to show the stiffness of competition today. 

But here’s a thing, according to a survey conducted by Single Grain, about 49% of consumers today rely on the recommendations made by influencers while 74% of them use social media platforms to pick which app to use. This, hence, brings an idea- mobile app influencer marketing. Considered as the best approach to app promotion, influencer marketing can work wonders in generating app downloads. But let’s first understand what exactly influencer marketing is. 

Mobile App Influencer Marketing: Its Meaning

Mobile app influencer marketing is an approach where the developer of the app partners with an influencer to promote the app amongst the end-users. It seems a feasible approach considering the fact that over 90% of consumers today listen to other people and trust their recommendations about a particular brand. Things like online review and word of mouth recommendations are highly popular amongst users and consumers trust them without a question. 

In fact, a survey conducted by Mediakix has found out that nearly 89% of marketers believe that the return of investment generated from influencer marketing is a tat higher than other forms of marketing. Have a look.

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Top 4 Examples of Mobile App Influencer Marketing

Now we know what mobile app influencer marketing is and how it can be a breakthrough approach to gaining app downloads. But let’s take some quick top 3 examples of how influencer marketing had worked for certain app developers. 

1. Ibotta

Ibotta, an app that allows users to earn cash back on in-store and mobile purchases used the approach of influencer marketing by identifying and targeting the right influencers that write about saving money, shopping, and so on. Since the app offers money-saving as well, Ibotta was able to quickly partner with such influencers in targeting the right adopters for the app, eventually leading to a surge in its downloads. 

2. Machine Zone

The creator of popular games like Mobile Strike and Game of War, Machine Zone used a slightly different approach to Ibotta by creating high-quality influencer content and posted it on multiple channels. This helped in enhancing user engagement and eventually attracted more users. In fact, creating influencer content like videos are proven to have a CTR of 2% as against the .6% of digital video ads. 

3. Teaming Up of Visa and Taco Bell to Drive CTR

One of the most renowned approaches for driving downloads was the partnership of Visa and TacoBell with YouTube Prankster BigDawsTV. This was done for a limited time offer in which Visa covered half the cost of a TacoBell order if the payment was made through Visa Checkout. Daw’s, then, came up with creative videos filled with humor in which he was seen half hugging random people so as to resemble the limited time offer by Visa and TacoBell. This approach helped the brands drive a whopping 20% CTR. 

4. Azur Games Influencer Campaign for Infinity Ops

Azur Games, in the year 2018, launched a pre-launch YouTube campaign along with influencers for its new game Infinity Ops. The idea behind this campaign was to gain pre-registrations as possible. The developer posted creative videos and offered exclusive bonuses to people who pre-registered for the game. The results that turned out were encouraging to say the least. Azur got nearly 1.3 million pre-registrations for the game.  

Top 4 Trends in Mobile App Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing is set to rise in fame in the coming days and months, staying updated with the brewing trends is vital for mobile app advertising companies today. Have a look at how the top 3 trends in influencer marketing look like. 

1. TikTok’s Rise to Continue Amongst Influencers

Tiktok has been one of the fastest-growing digital platforms for quite some time now, and this trend looks set to continue. The fame of TikTok will continue to rise with more and more influencers looking towards the platform as a potential medium to reach the targeted users. 

2. New Innovative Tools to Measure the Impact of Campaigns

With technological advancements at their prime, new tools and innovative tools are set to measure the impact of a particular digital campaign. This would allow influencers to constantly adapt to altering user behavior and demands. 

3. More Long-Term Partnerships

Long term partnerships between brands and influencers will be the name of the game in the coming days and months ahead. While developments around this continue to happen even today, the future holds good in this partnership area. 

4. Demand for Micro Influencers to Go Up

While mega influencers remain a popular pick amongst bigger companies, micro influencers are set to gain more momentum in 2020. Considering there’s a global crisis upon the world, the majority of the app creators would now look upon influencers offering quality services at fairly modest prices which would eventually open up opportunities for micro influencers.     

Mobile App Influencer Marketing Tips to Follow to Drive More Downloads

Here’s our take on some of the notable influencer tips that you must follow to drive more app downloads. 

1. Know Your End Goal

Understanding what your end goal is would help you partner with the right influencer. Every effective influence marketing is based on a concrete strategy. If your aim is to drive more downloads, analyze what you’ll achieve from s particular partnership. 

Besides, here’s a thing you should know- Micro-influencers have followers around 2,000 to 50,000 mark while macro-influencers have 50,000 to 1,000,000 followers. As in the case of mega influencers, their following reaches over a million. Hence if your idea is to partner either of the three, knowing and setting up the right budget for that is the key. 

2. Pick the Right Platform

Picking the right platform is the key to an effective influencer campaign. While Twitter today has the lowest number of characters, Instagram has all the top influencers and is a popular choice for many. Hence, know where your target users are and what you get from each platform. Here’s a little insight into the most important social media platforms for influencer marketing. 

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3. Be Careful About Fake Influencers

Today, social media platforms have many profiles claiming to be Influencers which they’re not. Hence, it becomes a hard job to find the right influencers. Nearly 60% of marketers today believe that it’s a task to find the right influencers. Hence, be careful about whom you partner with, conduct thorough research about how their campaigns have been in the past. 

4. Don’t Bank on the Number of Followers

Remember one thing, followers can be bought on the majority of platforms today. Today, nearly 60% of marketers find it hard to distinguish between fake and real followers. In fact, even though Instagram has the largest number of influencers, the problem of fake influencer Instagram followers is visible. Hence, never consider the number of followers as the most important thing in picking the right influencer as they may be a chance their followers have been bought. Conduct thorough research and check influencers for fake followers in order to get the right and legit influencer for your campaign.   

How to Pick the Right Budget Model for Influencer Marketing

Picking your annual budget for influencer marketing more or less depends on the goals you long to achieve with it. Today, the majority of companies spend more than half of their budget on influencer marketing depending upon their distinctive goals. Ideally, a typical budget is around $1000 to $11,000 a year depending upon the specific goals of a company. 

Tips on Picking the Right Influencer for Marketing

Last but not the least, here are certain tips you need to follow when picking the right influencer. 

  • Make sure the quality of the content is high.
  • Lay additional stress on the engagement rates.
  • Experience in the industry is the key.
  • The level of authenticity.
  • Whether the influencer has the same target audience or not.
  • User reach.

In a Nutshell

Influencer marketing continues to be the primary pick for companies and the results achieved through it have been ground-breaking for the ventures so far. So if your aim is to drive downloads for your app, be sure to follow the right strategies and lay additional emphasis on the tips mentioned above. Influencer marketing can take your app to new heights if done right. 

So let us know your views on the above discussed critical points on influencer marketing and feel free to connect with us to share your thoughts on the same. 

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