Instagram Rising Travel Influencers to Watch Out For

Harshita Agrawal

Harshita Agrawal is the Founder at eSocMedia. She is a social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

Instagram’s travel influencers have become everyone’s guide book for traveling. Whether you’re planning a local trip or you want to travel far across, referring to influencer’s travel posts is a common practice. Brands have been using influencer’s reach and swag to attract customers from around the world. The brilliant interweaving of tourism and influencers has become a win-win for everyone.

For those who think influencer marketing is a passe, let me just say, the game has just begun. Many travel agents that are collaborating with the travel influencers now are hoping to go a long way with this partnership. The travel influencers of all kinds are still growing their accounts by thousands of followers each month.

In this article, we are going to list some rising travel influencers that have gained followers in the last six months. These influencers are expected to gain more fame in the coming months looking at their growth rate now. So, for brands, this would be the perfect time to collaborate with them. Here goes our list: 

Lina Esta De Vijae (@linaestadeviaje)

Number of Instagram Followers: 18.8k

% Growth in Number of Followers in 180 days: 1391%

Lina Esta is an upcoming travel influencer who shares refreshing travel posts from her trips around the world. With the perfect backdrop, stunning photography, and unique travel spots, her account is a must follow. Her detailed captions about the place can help you relate better to her accomodation style and traveling choices.Don’t forget to check out her Instagram stories for a complete understanding of her travel experiences.

Her Instagram growth is truly commendable as she started her IG account in Nov 2019 and within a few months, she has accumulated more than 18k followers.

The Nature Wolf (@thenaturewolf)

Number of Instagram Followers: 20.2k

% Growth in Number of Followers in 180 days: 1355%

The Nature Wolf is a truly unique travel account that showcases wildlife from around the world on their Instagram page. The account has animal and wildlife photography with some of the most amazing shots and descriptions. Their videos are also hugely adored by their followers. If you’re an animal lover, this account is a definite addition to your list of accounts to follow. 

Photography (@bokeh_moire)

Number of Instagram Followers: 58.2k

% Growth in Number of Followers in 180 days:1127%

Bokeh Moire is a mix of photography and travel pictures with the most breathtaking collection. The quality of their pictures have made them gain more than 58k followers within a few months. They started their IG account in September 2019 and it has been an upward journey since then. The account gained immense popularity on Instagram with their waterfall picture that everyone fell in love with. 

Stephanie (@stefatty_)

Number of Instagram Followers: 22k

% Growth in Number of Followers in 180 days: 950%

Stephanie is a Japanese travel influencer with phenomenal photography shots in Asia and abroad. Her Instagram account gained followers with her beautiful travel videos of unique places and museums in Japan. Her good looks with an inspiring style is what draws followers to her account. Check out her IG profile for a detailed idea on what her travel stories look like! 

Mi Nombre Es Masha (@rusamericana)

Number of Instagram Followers: 86k

% Growth in Number of Followers in 180 days: 922%

Mi Nombre is a Russian travel influencer living in America and displaying some distinctive adventure travel shots! Unlike a lot of other travel influencers, her account features her Land Rover in unusual places with some really cool shots. Her account is a must follow for any adventure travel seeker and for the car trip lovers!

Check out her IG account now for a detailed look at her travel shots and what makes her a rising star. 

Pablo Elorza (@pablo.elorza)

Number of Instagram Followers: 9.1k

% Growth in Number of Followers in 180 days: 535%

Inspired by Pablo’s travel adventures, his Instagram account focuses strictly on the landscape shots he clicks while he travels. The account has some truly dreamy photos that would want you to run to the places right away. Whether you’re a mountain or beach love, if you enjoy nature photography, this account is a do follow. 

Follow and Learn:

Following the rising travel influencers will give you a sneak peek on what makes a successful Instagram account and how to grow in 2020! These accounts are also a good option for brands to invest in before they get too popular and too expensive.

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