How to Write Instagram Caption that will Attract Audience

Jennifer Broflowski

Jennifer Browlowski is an English-speaking writer who has 20 years of experience in journalism. Having completed English literature studies, she was invited to write for several Chicago magazines. She also works as a freelance writer.

Description: Instagram is now one of the most popular social media. Almost everyone knows about it, has a profile, and even uses it for running a business or a blog. But how can one enhance the number of subscribers? By composing perfectly well-thought captions. Read this article to know how to create content that will attract audience. 

In the 21st century, everything is on the Internet. People date there, buy goods, communicate with each other sitting at home, make money, and entertain themselves. Internet has become an indispensable part of our everyday life.

Social media, in particular, are used by almost everyone nowadays. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are downloaded the most by all the nations around the world. And it becomes really difficult to make your profile interesting and to advance the number of subscribers due to the quality content presented on other people’s profiles. That is why if you want to attract the audience, make sure what you write in your post is involving, informative, and entertaining. Below are the tips on how to write an Instagram caption so that it draws the attention of current as well as of potential subscribers to the issue you describe.

Tips to write an Instagram caption to make the number of followers grow:

1. You should Know the Limits

Do you know how many characters you can have in one Instagram caption? The answer is 2200. Yes, it is more than you can write on Twitter, for example. Still sometimes, due to the never-ending stream of consciousness, you can write much more and then have difficulties with reducing the content into 2200 characters (not even words). Keep in mind this information, especially if you want to write on a broad subject.

Moreover, you should know that on your subscribers’ feeds only the first three lines may be seen. So you should put the most controversial and/or intriguing content within the first 125 characters.

2. No Links in the Instagram Caption

If you put a link in the Instagram caption, it will not be active. In other words, your users will not be able to directly follow the link. This is why, if you still want to place an important link somewhere, put it in your bio, it will be clickable then.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the links an Instagram user can click on to see other people’s posts connected to the same issue. This will definitely boost the number of your followers. However, keep in mind that you can add only 30 hashtags to one caption. 

4. Analyse Your Audience

Always make sure that the content you provide is reliable and interesting to those who are following you. If you know that the majority of your subscribers are teenagers, there is no need to dwell on some boring issues like arthritis, pills, etc. 

5. Use Emojis

They are colorful, attention-grabbing and easy to understand. However, add them wisely as some may be inappropriate or may insult people if put in the wrong place. In addition, if you run a business or a blog connected to this, and your subscribers are lawyers, businessmen, CEOs, make sure you do not overwhelm them with emojis. 

Moreover, the amount of emojis should not be excessive. As if you have too many of them, it may make your followers lose attention or even irritate them. However, if you still want to put emojis, here are a few short tips on their correct usage:

– Put them at the beginning of the post as they grab followers’ attention. Bright colors are eye-catching after all.

– Use emojis at the end. It makes your post friendlier and more positive.

– Substitute some words with emojis. This way, your caption is more interactive and easier to read and grasp the information you present.

6. Use Plagiarism Checkers

Even if you write the text for your caption on your own, it might not be original. And who knows where this uncomfortable situation may lead you. You may be even blocked on Instagram if someone detects plagiarism in your content. It can be considered not unique if you forget to put quotation marks when citing someone else’s ideas or speeches, for example. So before posting something, run the text through plagiarism checkers. Believe us, there are many of them online. By the way, they are completely free.

7. Proofread and Edit Your Content

The idea might seem brilliant. The post, along with the photo, might be so attention-grabbing. And you can see the number of followers growing and the number of likes increasing… But what if we tell you that this will never happen due to a few grammar and punctuational mistakes…?! If your post is full of errors, people will never appreciate it and will likely unfollow you. So always proofread and edit the writing before posting it. 

If you know, that this is what stops you from being more popular on Instagram, but you cannot identify all mistakes on your own, ask for help. Ask your friend or a family member who is good at English or whatever language you are writing in. If you know that you have no such person, look for assistance online. There are many writing companies that offer their services. You can not only pay for resume help but also for editing assistance.

Moreover, you can use free online tools, like Grammarly or Hemingway. But remember that they are not people, they still indicate mistakes, where everything is correct. Or such services may show you better variants of the word usage, which are totally incorrect in your context. So be careful with them.

All in all, always remember that having only excellent photos doesn’t work for Instagram. You should also have involving content to increase the number of followers. And how to do that we have described in this article. Use the pieces of advice given above and be ready to attract more audience. 

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