How to Measure Influencer’s Authenticity and Track Influencer Campaigns

Harshita Agrawal

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It’s 2020 and influencers are continuing to slay, storming their ways into all the red carpet events. The popularity of influencers has had multiple brands partnering with them and willing to pay exorbitant prices to collaborate. Hence, it becomes totally necessary for brands to make sure that the influencer they are partnering with is authentic and the influencer campaign meets the goals. 

Gone are those days when you would have your marketing team look for influencers and influencers would be dying to work with you. To work with influencers today, they need to be chased every day and contacted often to finally reach an agreement. Therefore, if you are putting behind all the efforts, you better make sure the influencer is worth the time and money.

This article is all about evaluating influencers before you hire them and after you’ve worked with them. If you follow the tips below, your influencer campaign would definitely be scam proof and serve you right.

How to Measure Influencer’s Authenticity before Hiring them:

Many influencers put long hours in organically growing their Instagram accounts. But, there are quite a lot who have resorted to using third-party apps and websites to grow their Instagram accounts. Such influencers may have a fancy account with high follower and engagement numbers, but none of it is real. 

Here’s a stat of 2018-2019 of influencers using comment pods to boost their Instagram engagement. 

To make sure your influencer’s growth is authentic and not inflated by third-party apps or techniques, go to HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor gives a complete authenticity report on every influencer for you to make an informed decision. To get a detailed report:

  • Go to HypeAuditor and search for your influencer by typing their handle in the search box. 
  • HypeAuditor will give you a free audit report of the influencer. In the free report, the follower chart can help you know if the influencer has grown followers organically or not. With the paid report you can get access to influencer’s engagement rate and audience quality score. 

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to gauge your influencer’s credibility before you hire them. It is very helpful as it saves you from investing your money on fake influencers. Understanding an influencer’s audience with the HypeAuditor’s report can also help you understand how well the influencer resonates with your brand.

How to Track Influencer’s Campaign:

Once you’ve found genuine influencers to work with and they have submitted their content, the next step is tracking. Tracking an influencer campaign is a necessary step to know if your campaigns are working as expected or not.

There are several metrics that you need to notice while tracking your influencer campaigns:

  • The reach of influencer’s post. How many people have seen or have come across the post.
  • Post engagement or interaction. Meaning how yours and influencer’s audiences have interacted with the content.
  • Cost per engagement means knowing the amount that you are paying for every interaction. 
  • Influencers with the best engagement and cost per engagement. 

These metrics can be hard to track if you are not using any tool. With influencer tools like HypeAuditor, you can track these metrics in a matter of seconds. HypeAuditor collates all information for you with their campaign tracker.  And, presents the information with beautiful charts and easy-to-interpret tables. 

With the campaign tracker, you can track: 

  • Learn impressions and engagement metrics for all your influencers in one dashboard. Information like clicks for each post helps you understand the conversions of your campaigns. DMs let you know how much an audience was interested in the content. 
  • Understand overall engagement, audience reach, and total spendings. The engagement vs spending chart gives quality data on how your engagement changes with the spending. 
  • Compare the performance of all influencers with the influencer list. The influencer list highlight’s influencer’s audience, total engagement, engagement rate, posts, and price per post. If you like an influencer’s performance, you can add them to the campaign again with the “add to campaign” button. 

Final Thoughts:

If you spending thousands of dollars on your influencers and not validating the influencer or the campaign, it’s the money going down the drain. Any successful influencer campaign needs to be tracked efficiently to make the most out of it. Tracking influencer campaigns can also help you collaborate with the right influencers in the future. And, avoid influencers who are not worth it. 

If you have any questions regarding using the campaign tracker or generating an influencer report, you can let us know in the comments below. 

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