How to Make Your Own Instagram Mask

Eliza Medley

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What’s the point of creating an Instagram mask? Creating one for your business page may seem like too much hustle for nothing, but creating one may open up a huge opportunity for you.

Essentially, an Instagram mask is a form of viral content marketing. If it’s really good and people take interest in it, it can spread like a wildfire, promoting your brand in the process.

Interested in how you can do that? Here’s a quick guide on how to create an AR mask on Instagram.

1. The scheme of creating a mask

The first step to create a map is to download Facebook’s AR toolkit, SparkAR. It’s free to use for everyone and allows for different levels of creativity. You can create a mask with this software if you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned 3D artist.

When you download SparkAR from the official website, it’s time for step one.

1) Add face trackers and objects to SparkAR

Create a new project for your Instagram mask and add a face tracker to it. You’ll have to go to the menu, click on Add Object, and select a Face Tracker.

alt=”Face tracker in SparkAR”

Once you have the face tracker in the project, it’s time to add some objects. Here, you’re only bound by your creativity and design skills. You can add all sorts of objects to the mask you create.

You can add textures that work as filters to enhance the picture, masks that synchronize with the face, floating particles, and 3D objects. To create a mask like this, you won’t need more than basic design skills and adding a filter to the image. You can do it by using SparkAR’s Face Paint Materials.

alt=”2D SparkAR mask”

Creating a mask like this one would require adding 3D objects to the project. That’s not a skill an average person has, so you’ll need to learn a lot before you can make a mask like this.

alt=”3D SparkAR mask”

The most important thing here is to remember to make the object you add a child of the face tracker. This will make the object move with the face.

Drag the object to the face tracker on the menu, and you’re done. You can then adjust the position of the object on the face using manipulators and face landmark patches.

2) Connect your smartphone and computer via USB

When you’re done with your project, you can see how it would look like on a phone screen in a simulator.

alt=”SparkAR simulator”

However, if you want to check how the maks will work on your device, you need to download the SparkAR Player app for testing and plug in your device with a USB cable.

3) Mirror the mask on your device

When you do this, click on the device tab in the SparkAR. Select Send To Connected Device in the menu, go to your device and confirm by clicking Send.

Now, you’ll be able to work with the mask you’ve just created to troubleshoot any possible problems.

2. How to upload a mask to Instagram

When you’re positive the maks works as intended, it’s time to share your creation with the Instagram community.

1) Export the mask from the program

The first step is to download the project. Export it from SparkAR and download it on your computer. Now, go to Facebook’s SparkAR Hub and log in with your business account if you want to post the mask on the behalf of your business page.

Upload the exported file, mark Instagram as the destination of the maks, and go to the next step.

2) Create a preview icon 480x480px

Create a preview icon in the SparkAR Hub. You can use your own face with a mask on it or create a custom icon. Upload that file to the mask creation page.

3) Come up with a description of the effect and the scheme of its work

The next step is to describe your mask in a couple of sentences. There’s no magic to it, really, just be very clear with your language and don’t get too carried off by your new creation. Nobody want’s to read a whole page of description before trying on a mask.

4) Download a preview of the work of the mask

An icon is a small image that represents your mask. The preview is a snapshot or a short video of what this mask would look like on a person. Record one with the SparkAR Player and upload it on the page.

Now, you’re all set. You can go on and publish the mask.

3. Advantages of creating masks

The best thing about Instagram masks is that they have a bigger potential of becoming viral than a regular post or a story. One person tries it and loves it, they share it with friends, and it carries on forever.

But what if your business is too boring to be promoted with an Instagram mask? There’s no such thing as a boring business! With a bit of creativity, you can make a mask that would highlight any business.

If you run a roofing company, you can create a mask effect where a user’s face becomes every shingle on a roof. If you’re a pro essay writer, create a mask with sheets of paper falling on the user’s head. If you create jewelry, make 3D models of jewelry a user can put on themselves in AR.

The only thing that limits you in this respect is creativity.

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