How do micro-influencers and mega-influencers compare in Instagram engagement rates

Anna Komok

Anna is the Head of Marketing and PR at HypeAuditor, the most accurate and in-depth Instagram and YouTube analytics tool on the market. She is passionate about influencer marketing and Instagram analytics.

This week we’ve taken a closer look at more than 36,000 influencers, checked in Hype Auditor and found the average engagement rate that can be used to evaluate influencers.

First of all, we divided all influencers into six Tiers, depending on their followers count.

Why did we divide them

While an average engagement rate might be easy to understand it’s also extremely misleading. Because looking at influencers average ER is like measuring the average temperature of a hospital. All influencers have different followers count and it’s unreliable to compare ER of micro-influencers with 20K followers and ER of celebrity with 20 million followers.

So we set six groups of influencers:

    • Tier 1 — Celebrity over 1 million followers
    • Tier 2 — Maven Influencer — 100K — 1M followers
    • Tier 3 — Prosumer Influencer 20K — 100K followers
    • Tier 4 — Up-and-Coming Influencer 5K — 20K followers
    • Tier 5 — Rookie Influencer 1K — 5K followers
  • Tier 6 — Instagram User 0–1K followers
Instagram Engagement Rate benchmark 2018

As you see on the graph, the more followers influencers have, the less engagement they get. It’s also noticeable that bloggers with 20K and those with more than 1 million followers don’t have any significant difference in ER. Their average ER is between 1.54% and 1.62%.

How to use this data?

If you evaluate influencers, use this data to compare their engagement rates. If that metric for a given blogger is below the average value, take a closer look at their content and activity. Maybe not all of their followers and likes are quality and authentic.

It’s time-consuming to measure each influencer ER manually, so you can use HypeAuditor. It will show you engagement rate of any influencer and also the authenticity of likes and comments they receive.

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