How New MacOS Catalina Can Help You Get More Instagram Followers

James Dorian

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Is it there yet?

We’ve been asking this question ever since Apple announced macOS Catalina. Whenever we see a big upgrade announced, we don’t know what it’s going to be like. Some will love it, others will take time to get used to it. There were speculations, expected issues, and all the talk you’d expect from people passionate about Macs.

Apple finally got more precise about the macOS Catalina release date. It used to be Fall 2019, but now the official website says October 2019. The announcement already tells us about the main features of the upgraded operating system. We also got a macOS Catalina Beta version, so we already know what to expect. The developers and other users who tested it found a few macOS Catalina problems and thought of potential solutions. The upgrade will get to us all, and we should be just fine with it. 

But there’s one particular issue we’re interested in: how will macOS Catalina change the way we use Instagram? Does the system give us ways how to get more followers on Instagram? 

It’s an interesting talk, so let’s get right to it.    

How We’ll Grow Instagram Followers with the New MacOS Catalina

Notes are Getting Smarter

When you’re trying to build an Instagram tribe, you’re playing by the rules of Instagram’s algorithm. It emphasizes the importance of high-quality content. So you’re trying to share better photos, videos, and stories. But the captions matter, too. 

Each post needs a unique caption that people will actually read. Some people have a talent for making looong captions engaging. Instagram users read them and respond to them.

How do you get good at this? – You brainstorm. The idea for a great caption will show up out of nowhere. At that moment, you’re not ready to format it into a caption, pair it with a photo or video, and share it right away. A good post might need some time. So you’ll note down that idea and let it sit for a while. You’ll share it when it’s fully developed. 

What does macOS Catalina have to do with this? – It makes note-taking an effortless process. 


It shows all your notes in a gallery-view display. You see visual thumbnails, so it’s easier to find the exact note you need. There’s a new checklist option, so you can create to-do notes for your Instagram marketing campaign. 

The biggest change is the collaborative aspect of your notes. You can share entire folders with your team and include them in the idea-generation process. Together, you can work on an idea and develop it into better posts. That’s the perfect recipe on how to get more followers on Instagram.

It Will Be Easier to Choose Your Best Photos

When it comes to editing photos, nothing beats a Mac. The Retina display makes your work look beautiful, doesn’t it? We’re not here to argue about the benefits of macOS over Windows. Different people have different preferences. But Mac users know that their devices are great at photo editing. So they transfer all their photos there, and choose the ones they are going to share with the intention to grow Instagram followers.

That aspect is getting a bit easier with macOS Catalina.   


The users of macOS Catalina Beta already have great things to say about the new Photos tab, which shows your photos and memories through a beautiful browsing experience. The photos are well organized by day, month, and year. You don’t have to spend time creating any folders and subfolders. You can switch between views without forgetting where you were while browsing through the images. 

Catalina also gives us larger photo previews, so it gets easier to distinguish between similar files. Live Photos and videos are on auto play as you scroll. 

Here’s the best thing: Photos will choose the best shots in the library and it will automatically remove clutter and duplicates. The system is quite intelligent in choosing the best shots, so you won’t spend a lot of time figuring out what photo to share out of several similar ones.

You Can Share Important Moments

Your Mac will create Memory movies out of your best photos. You can edit their title, mood, and duration. If you’re using an iPad or iPhone, you know how cool this feature is. Since your Mac has better photos of high definition, the feature will be outstanding. 

You must be thinking: “I’m wondering how to get more followers on Instagram, so why should I care about these Memory movies?” You know how important consistency is when trying to grow Instagram followers. You don’t want to disappear from people’s feeds for days. If you don’t have something special to share, a fun Memory movie is a good option. 

Apple Pencil is Coming to Mac

This is the biggest reason why we’re impatient about the macOS Catalina release date. The upgrade will let you extend your workspace with your iPad as a second display. Since you’re able to use the Apple Pencil on your iPad, you know what this means! This is a wonderful tool that lets you edit photos to perfection in Affinity Photo. It’s great for graphic designers, who create 3D models and design Illustrator projects. 


With the Pencil, you can add more detail to your Insta photos. You’ll see the work on the large, beautiful screen of your Mac, so you’ll get into more detail. You’ll get more creative with your photos, and that’s the perfect approach on how to get more followers on Instagram. 

You are Getting Better Photography Apps

Sidecar is the special Catalina feature that lets you use your iPad as a second display. It enables you to use the Pencil, but it’s also compatible with cool photo apps. It will let you use Adobe Illustrator, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Sketch, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and several other apps on both screens. The number of apps will grow after the macOS Catalina releases date. 

The app from your Mac will take the entire iPad screen, so you can use the Pencil to get into more detail. 

We expect all these apps to get better. Their developers will definitely find new potential with this Catalina feature. 

The Tools You Use Help You Grow Instagram Followers

When a macOS upgrade is announced, people tend to get suspicious. They already got used to their operating system and they don’t want to get out of the comfort zone.

But when we realize that the new features make us more successful at what we do, we’ll welcome the change. Figuring out how to get more followers on Instagram involves a strategy. That’s your priority. But the tools you use to write captions and edit visuals also matter. Catalina will make that part of our work better.