How Influencers May Improve a Brand’s Reputation

Harshita Agrawal

Harshita Agrawal is the Founder at eSocMedia. She is a social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

Can influencers help you create a brand? Influencers have been successful in the past with not just managing brand reputation but indeed, creating a brand from scratch. One of the best examples to learn from is Daniel Wellington. 

In 2011, a Swedish luxury watch brand, Daniel Wellington (DW), decided to hire Instagram influencers to post photos wearing DW watches. The posts created sensation on Instagram as every DW owner began sharing pictures of their watches too. The entire influencer marketing campaign helped DW build a brand with the help of micro influencers prioritizing engagement and quality reach. Such can be the power of influencers in creating and improving brand reputation once done right. 

In this article, we will learn how to take the right steps so your influencer marketing helps in improving your brand’s reputation. For those whose goal with influencer marketing is to grow their brand, this article will be a perfect guidebook. 

Step 1: Hire Influencers who will impact your Brand Positively: 

The first and the most important step would be to work with influencers who will amplify your positive truth and improve your personal branding. When you look for influencers, these are some of  the things that you need to check:

  • Is the influencer free of all controversies: You definitely don’t want to hire a controversial influencer. Before you hire an influencer, do a quick Google search with their name and check if they have not been trolled on Twitter or news for any wrong comments/actions. If the influencer has been involved in controversies, that can impact your brand negatively. 

For example, an Instagram influencer couple, Catalin Onc and Elena Engelhardt, asked their followers to help them fundraise $11,215 for a trip through Africa. The couple was highly condemned on social media and called as “shameful egotistical brats,” “pathetic,” “self-indulgent” and more. So, before working with any influencer, performing a background check is a must. 

  • Is the influencer relevant to your niche: Influencer marketing gives you the advantage of precise targeting. If your influencers are related to your niche, you can expect them to add a positive impact to your brand. 
  • Is influencer’s post engagement positive: Another important thing to check is see your influencer’s post comments and replies. If their fans like them and their content, it’s a good sign. But, if the influencer comments are filled with hatred and negativity, it would be better to sideline them. 

Step 2: Create specialized influencer campaigns focused on branding:

There could be several reasons why you want to hire influencers for improving your brand reputation. Maybe you want to create a brand or you want to cure any negative branding exercise in the past. Knowing your exact motive behind hiring influencers and creating campaigns is important before you move forward. Here are some tips to create influencer campaigns focused on branding: 

  • Use a simple yet powerful hashtag: Your campaign hashtag should be something that people would remember, share, and use. It should be easy to remember and something that has the potential to go viral. A campaign hashtag is important in starting the word. 
  • Find a theme behind all your influencer posts: Do you want to share a major festive discount? Is it about your new product launch? Make sure to have a common theme behind all your influencer posts so you can see the impact. 
  • Give influencers their creative space: it’s important that you do not dictate the campaign completely. Allow influencers to have their creative space so they can create content that their audience will like. If your influencer creates great content, it automatically means 100x positive branding for you. 

Step 3: Track your results: 

Last but important, tracking your influencer results will help you know if the influencer has helped you improve your brand reputation. Here’s how to measure your results: 

  • Are more people talking about your brand: If you’ve seen more conversation in terms of comments/shares/replies regarding your brand on social media, then your campaign has worked. 
  • Is the engagement positive: Check engagement received by every influencer and see the number of positive vs negative comments. If the overall feedback is positive, then your brand reputation is on the rise. 
  • Are you getting new mentions: Being suddenly mentioned in blogs, articles, social media posts after your influencer campaign means people have been attracted to your campaign. If you hear good words everywhere, your campaign is on the right track. 

Final Words:

Finding the right influencer that will impact your brand positively can seem like a tedious task with all the steps above. However, if you use tools like HypeAuditor Discovery to search influencers, you can make the process much easier. You can go through influencer reports and check their past collaborations, engagement rate, audience quality and make sure you only work with the best influencers for your brand. 

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