How do Instagram Growth Services Work and Are they Worth it

Harshita Agrawal

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“Get 100% organic Instagram growth”, “Automate targeting on Instagram and get real followers”, “Real-time growth on Instagram” are just a few examples of what thousands of Instagram growth services promise and sell. 

Small businesses, brands, influencers, individuals – everyone is lured by these services to grow their Instagram accounts which otherwise is a challenging task. It can take weeks and months to build a following on Instagram and gain consistent engagement. Many who fail to dedicate that time and effort or fail to grow followers resort to simpler ways to grow their Instagram account.

It sounds like a great deal, right? You pay a few dollars per month and you can see your Instagram followers growing and it feels magical. It feels worth every penny. Until, you stop using these services and see that none of it was real. Summarized too easily, but that’s actually what happens when you put your Instagram account at the mercy of these growth services. 

Here’s how the Instagram growth services work and how they affect your Instagram account.

Working of Instagram Growth Services:

Instagram growth services are third-party apps that engage from your Instagram account on your behalf. They follow other accounts, comment, and like to boost your account’s presence on the platform. The purpose is to like-follow-comment from your account so others like-follow-comment on your account. 

How do Instagram Growth Services Work and Are they Worth it

Majority of these services have bots that automate engagement from your account. Basically, when you pay them and share your account details with them, you leave your Instagram account at the disposal of few bots and algorithms who decide who you follow-unfollow, what you like and what you comment. 

How do Instagram Growth Services Work and Are they Worth it

Results of Instagram Growth Services:

Using these Instagram growth services can definitely get you more followers as they promise. But, the followers, may/may-not-be real. They could/could-not engage with your account. As soon as you stop using these services, you would notice that your followers have stopped growing for your new Instagram posts and your engagement is the same as before.  

We tried using one of the services to promote a few posts and then we stopped using the growth service and created a post to check if there’s any increase in engagement, and there wasn’t any major difference. 

How do Instagram Growth Services Work and Are they Worth it

It could work for some accounts who use them consistently for months, but in a nutshell, you would still be dealing with fake engagement and accounts for a majority of the time.

Other consequence of using these services would be your posts being less discoverable on Instagram. Instagram rules prohibit aggressive behavior on the platform. As stated by Instagram:

  • Users should not participate in any like, comment, share, or follower exchange programmes.
  • Ensure your comments are uniquely tailored on Instagram. Don’t post unauthorized commercial communications or spam on Instagram.
  • Instagram may limit or block apps that make a large number of calls to API that are not in response to direct user actions. 

Continuous usage of growth services and third-party apps may also get your Instagram account shadowbanned in the near future.

Should you use Instagram Growth Services?

No. It’s always a no to buying Instagram followers, gaining fake engagement, and boosting quick growth. If you truly want to reap the benefits of an Instagram account with thousands of followers, then build that account. Only when you gain real followers and real interaction, you can reap benefits out of it. 

If you don’t want to be tricked by fake follower numbers on Instagram or growth services boasting genuine followers, then check Hypeauditor and detect real followers from fake followers. Hypeauditor will help you get an in-depth audit of any Instagram account and help you take the right decisions. 

If you have any tips on building your Instagram account from scratch that you wish to share, please add them in the comments below. 

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