How Brands should be Picking their Instagram Fashion Influencers?

Harshita Agrawal

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You are eager to hire the perfect Instagram fashion influencer for your brand but not sure whom and how? Choosing your ideal influencer might be challenging and confusing. If you remain strategic and follow the right steps, you will definitely find an influencer worth your time and money. 

When it comes to fashion industry, the major players have been spending heavily on Instagram influencers and receiving high engagement with influencer marketing. As per research, this is the engagement that the top fashion brands received in their sponsored posts in Q1 2018:

Image Source: Newswhip

Since Instagram is filled with fashion influencers and fashion posts, it could be slightly harder for fashion brands to shortlist their perfect influencers. At the same time, fashion brands have abundant options to select their influencers as per the requirement. Here are some of the best ways to pick your Instagram fashion influencers:

Is their Style coherent with your Brand?

First thing would be to look at the influencers’ pictures and to see if their fashion sense would resonate with your brand. Some influencers find inspirational the colorful and vibrant style, some stick to monochrome tones, while others prefer sharing casual style looks. 

So, first step would be to analyze their profile posts, Instagram stories, and check if they may become a meaningful contribution to your brand. Their content quality is also something you would want to focus on to maintain your brand image. 

Is Influencer’s Engagement genuine?

Thoroughly examining your influencer’s followers and their engagement is an important element in selecting your fashion influencer. With many free tools at your disposal, you can easily analyze the authenticity of any influencer.

You can use HypeAuditor to check if your influencer is genuine or not by learning their follower numbers and follower growth. Apart from this, you can also use HypeAuditor to know your audience quality, engagement, demographics, and more. 

Detailed data like audience interest and the like-comment ratio of your influencer can help you shortlist influencers that will create maximum impact in the minds of your consumers. 

Previous Brand Collaborations of the Fashion Influencer

Knowing other brands that your preselected influencer has collaborated with can be significant information in understanding their impact. If they have previously partnered with major brands or your competitors, then you need to discuss their pricing and their interest in promoting your brand.

If you use HypeAuditor to get data on an influencer, then you can check their brand collaborations and mentions. You can even check the engagement rate of their sponsored posts and the categories in which they have collaborated so far. 

Some Famous Fashion Bloggers and their Brand Collaborations:

Alexa featured the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and represented brands like DKNY and Mulberry. Her distinctive personality and style make her Instagram account vibrant and joyful. She has more than 3M followers on Instagram. 

Ellen V Lora is a fashion influencer and style icon who partners with famous brands like H&M, Nike, Puma,  Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, and more! Her followers adore her with her casual yet stylish posts. Her engagement rate is 1.94% with average views of 34.3K and average 8.8K likes. 

Her Instagram stories also feature impressive brand videos making the collaborations more real and engaging. 

Are you Ready?

Taking inspiration from famous fashion brands, influencers they collaborate with and their posts can help you elaborate a perfect marketing campaign with a fashion influencer. Using tools like Hypeauditor can help you know how genuine the influencer is and if their followers are aligned with your brand’s target audience. 

Feel free to share your opinion on working with influencers and what approach helps you to select your ideal influencers.

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