Four Reasons To Invest In Instagram Advertising

Michael Dehoyos

Michael Dehoyos works as a content marketer and also does editing work at Academic Brits, since he loves assisting companies with their marketing strategy concepts, as well as contributing to the Origin Writings blog in his free time.

There is absolutely no doubt that you should be using Instagram in order to advertise your business, so why aren’t you doing it? Of course, there are many reasons and many different situations, mainly relating to doubt about the platform’s reliability and effectiveness and often a simple lack of knowledge around this social media giant, but don’t let this stop you accessing the modern advertising gold mine which is Instagram. There are four main reasons why you should be using Instagram in order to market your business to the millions who use it daily, and these four reasons will all be explored in this article, making advertising on Instagram accessible to everyone.

Reason 1. An Expanding Platform

“Instagram has five hundred milllion users, actively on that site every single day. Let that number sink in for a moment – five hundred million, every single day!” Exclaims Matt Stafford, a social media writer at Brit Student and Write my x. “But not only that; Instagram is expanding every single day as well. New users are signing up all the time, and every single user is an audience for your advertising. There’s a reason why the term gold mine is applicable here: every single person will see tailored ads, and that makes them more likely to click on yours. Five hundred million potential customers, just waiting to see your sponsored posts or stories on Instagram – why would you not want to tap into that potential and find your audience on Instagram?”

Reason 2. Connections Between Instagram And Facebook

Facebook has owned Instagram since 2013, so naturally the two platforms are now co-existing and connecting on a level which you simply won’t see with other social media platforms. This has led to the availability of linking together Facebook and Instagram accounts when you sign up for their advertising, which broadens the range of your advertising massively. Facebook is a social media giant, so having Instagram under its wing means that this advertising platform is going places, and its getting to them faster than new users are signing up – well, almost.

In short, if you want to advertise with Instagram, then you also get access to Facebook’s unrivalled database of information and ability to pinpoint your audience, making sure that every single bit of advertising is impactful and reaches the right thumb scrolling down their timeline. More relevant audiences means even more potential customers, which is guaranteed to boost your business.

Reason 3. Increasing Engagement

Instagram is practically a God at generating income, and this does not stop when it comes to advertising. It has been suggested that Instagram helped to generate six billion dollars this year through its advertising of other businesses, meaning that their sales will have gone through the roof due to its extensive advertising program. Five million business profiles on Instagram – and more everyday – are benefiting from the engagement that Instagram enjoys with its ads, due to an unrivalled formula which means that the right people see the right content, so you generate more and more clicks from like-minded and interested individuals. This is amazing news for you, the advertiser, since you are finding your audience without having to do nearly any work at all!

Reason 4. Brilliant Formatting

“There are so many different ways to display your content on Instagram, so the advertising hits your audience on so many levels, and the name of your business will definitely be in their mind as they finish watching all their stories or scrolling through their timeline,” says Mary Miller, a marketer at Australia 2 Write and Next Coursework, “because you get that many options to impress and engage users. Your post could appear as they browse from one story to the next, or when they go through their timeline, or on their explore page – the opportunities are endless, and so are the sales when your audience finds your content, which is made as practically a guarantee with this many different formatting options.”


In short, why wouldn’t you advertise with Instagram? It gives you many different ways to advertise to exactly right audience, and has connections with Facebook, a long-time social media giant. Now that you have the right information about why you need to advertise with Instagram, all that’s left is to set up a business profile and watch the numbers skyrocket as people see your content, engage with it, and are led to your websites. And after all that, all you have to thank is the advertising magic of Instagram.