Ecommerce Brands and Influencer Marketing in Ukraine

Nick Baklanov

Marketing specialist at HypeAuditor. Connect on Linkedin.

We compared 10 Ukrainian e-commerce brands to find out who works with influencers and who does it best.

Market Landscape, a new tool from analytics firm HypeAuditor, allows you to gain access to full analytics of the influencer marketing campaigns of competitors on Instagram, including in-depth analysis of the following criteria:

  • Engagement Rate
  • Audience Quality
  • Influencer Quality
  • Cost per Engagement
  • Reach

Rozetkaua takes a confident first place, both in terms of coverage of posts and their effectiveness.
In three months (October 1 – January 1, 2021) 87 influencers made 138 posts mentioning rozetkaua and a total reach of more than 2 million people.
The average ER of posts is 3.92%, which is a very good indicator of engagement.
In many ways, this result is the result of the joint promotion of rozetkaua and Visaua_official.
During the analysis, we found dozens of posts where influencers recommend buying a gift from a list of small Ukrainian brands on the rozetkaua and visaua_official New Year gifts marketplace.

Post examples:

The second and third places are epicentr_ua and allo.

Instagram posts with epicentr_ua mentions have been seen by 997K people in the last three months.
44 influencers made 55 posts mentioning epicentr_ua.

Post Examples

Instagram posts with allo mentions have seen 197K people in the last three months.
17 influencers made 45 posts mentioning allo. The main message in December was to deliver the news that the Mysterious Monoliths are an Allo delivery ad campaign.

Post Examples:

The rest of the brands are far behind the leaders, which means that influencer marketing among e-commerce brands is not yet so widespread in Ukraine.

The first companies that systematically approach influencer marketing, not as one-time collaborations with bloggers, but as a serious performnce channel, along with contextual and display advertising, will get very good results.

Market Landscape Ranking Methodology

Market Landscape allows you to compare the performance of influencer marketing campaigns of different brands within the same market. To get a list of relevant brands, we look at brands within a specific niche and their brand mentions in content posted by influencers on Instagram, taking into account only those brands who were mentioned by Instagram creators five or more times per quarter. All brands are assigned specific scores showing which of them achieve success and ranked in descending order based on the average of the two scores: the Total Efficiency score and the Total Reach and Visibility score.

Brands and marketing specialists can use the table to get industry benchmarks, perform a comparative analysis, and check the performance of several competitive brands at a time to understand who is winning and who is left behind.

Market Landscape Scoring Methodology

Each brand from the list is assigned several scores that represent the Efficiency and Reach & Visibility of their influencer marketing campaigns. The scores are relative, as we normalize them for each Market Landscape. We distribute the scores between brands based on their campaign performance metrics (you can see the metrics in the full report). It means that the highest score of 100 points is given to a brand with the highest metric value. The rest of the brands get their scores in proportion to their metric values.

The Total Efficiency score is affected by the following:

  • Engagement Rate: the level of engagement for each brand that shows how many people interact (like and comment) with the influencer’s content with mentions of the given brand.
  • Audience Quality: the quality of the audience that a particular brand reaches with the help of influencers.
  • Influencer Quality: a score which is based on the analysis of influencers who collaborate with brands and have good, very good and excellent AQS.
  • Cost per Engagement: a metric that shows how much a particular brand is paying for every like and comment on a piece of sponsored content that features their brand name.

The Total Reach and Visibility score is affected by the following:

  • Followers: the number of brand’s followers on Instagram.
  • Reach: the estimated number of people who see influencer’s content with mentions of a particular brand.
  • Organic Spread: a ratio between organic posts with brand mentions and sponsored content.

The rankings and scores may change, since brands optimize their strategies and invest more or less in influencer marketing campaigns. We update our metrics once per quarter

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