Creative Female Empowerment Accounts to be Inspired on the International Women’s Day

Anna Komok

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Ahead of the International Women’s Day I have prepared a bunch of remarkable accounts for you to start following right now. Filled with cretive images and humanistic quotes, they aim to help women get rid of imposed misconceptions and accept themselves as they are. Go down the article to see some absolulety inspiring and joyful posts helping to forge a genuine female community.


Recipesforselflove is an account of the Amsterdam-based illustator Alison Rachel. Her feed is all about being gentle with ourselves and people around us. The content covers such important issues as chronic illnesses, the role of a woman in a sociey and the need for women to support one another.


Gurlstalk founders model Adwoa Aboah and Holly Gore describe it as “a safe space to share and listen without any judgement or stigma.” This feed is filled with enouraging memes and illustrations, as well as advice, social commentary, and advocacy for women of all backgrounds and identities. If you like the profile, check out their podcast for more in-depth discussions.


Girlboss profile celebrates strong and successful women whatever area they work in and equally respects different interpretations of the notion of success. Being rather sassy and very humorous, their feed strongly advises you not to give up on the path to your goals and dreams.


Colorful Picasso-inspired works of the Brazilian artist Camila Rosa efficiently address several important issues related to the way women define themselves. Each of her painting sends a joyful yet very clear message to every woman about the need to cherish her inner female power.


If you need regular self-love reminders to boost your spirit, check out this feed. This self-care platform works closely with artists to spread messages promoting improved self-care practices and the destigmatizing of mental illness. What’s more, if your values strongly resonate with the mission of the profile, you should check out their apparel emblazoned with inspirational messages.


This profile is the UN entity for gender equality and women’s empowerment. In their feed you will see regular statistical updates about the representation of women in various areas of activity. These images serve to raise awareness around the insufficient participation of women in many of those. So if you want to see educational facts of this kind in your feed, susbscribe to unwomen.


In this profile you will find plenty of videos with confidence inspiring speeches of famous women from actresses to astronauts. They also stick to telling the stories of bold women in the format of motivational quotes and memes. In their feed you will definitely find a couple of nimbly quotes to save/share.

How do you like those?

These profiles are ones of the most artistically remarkable and female empowerment oriented. For those of you who support the movement, we also have a publication about the pay gap between male and female Instagram creators which is definitely worth to have a look at.

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