Best Music Sites to Safely Add Background Music to Your YouTube Videos

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Before you add music to your YouTube videos, it’s very important to make sure if you can use the music or not. The music composer owns the license of the music he produces. So, before you use any music composed by someone else in your YouTube videos, you need to make sure that it’s royalty-free. 

There are several royalty-free music sites available that you can use to add music to your videos at any time. The right music can totally change how your video appears to your viewers. Right selection of background music and adding it to your videos is something that every YouTuber should be familiar with. 

In this article, let’s learn everything about adding music to your YouTube videos. 

What’s Royalty-free Music and is it Free?

As indicated by the name, royalty-free music is free of royalty but may not be free of charges. Many users confuse royalty-free music with free music. Royalty-free music means that it’s free of license and you can use the music unlimited number of times once you have contributed towards it in terms of money/attribution. 

There could be some royalty-free music that’s available for free, while many would either expect a monetary compensation or attribution in return. If you use a claimed music, the copyright holders can decide if your videos can be available on YouTube or not. Learn more about using copyrighted music on YouTube here

Music Sites to Find the Perfect Music for your YouTube Videos

YouTube Audio Library:

Pricing: Free

Licensing: Royalty-free

The safest and simplest place to download background music for your YouTube videos is the YouTube Audio Library. YouTube has a huge collection of free royalty-free music that you can add to your videos. 

The YouTube filters allow you to sort music by genre, mood, instrument, duration, and attribution. You can simply download the music to add to your video. If your YouTube video has copyrighted music on it, you can also use the audio swap tool by YouTube and replace it with the track from YouTube Audio Library. 

To use the YouTube Audio Library, go to your YouTube channel, from the menu, click on YouTube Studio -> Other Features -> Audio Library. From the free music tab, you can select the track of your choice. 

Free Music Archive

Pricing: Free

Licensing: Royalty-free

Free music archive is another amazing free site to download royalty-free music. You can search for free music or search for filters like genre, mood, tempo, and energy. There are also filters that allow you to select how you want the licensing of the audio. You can select the license and usage of the audio before downloading it. 

Audio Jungle

Pricing: Music starting at $9

Licensing: Royalty-free

AudioJungle is a royalty-free music website by the Envato market which is a huge community creating themes, videos, photos, music, and more. You can browse categories to find the perfect track for your video. The filters like music categories and sound categories help you in shortlisting. The lower price of the audio starts at $9 with the highest crossing $400. You can also shop the most trending audio kits with Audio Jungle. 


Pricing: One-time fee of $29

Licensing: Royalty-free

EnovoMusic has a simple pricing plan that makes it very convenient for regular YouTube users. The one-time payment plan saves you from the regular hassle of finding audios as per price. You can access amazing soundtracks with EnovoMusic based on your requirements. The music downloaded here has no usage limits and can be used an unlimited number of times for your projects.    

Amazon Music:

Pricing: Starting from $0.99

Licensing: Royalty-free

This list is incomplete without Amazon Music. Amazon Music has an enormous collection of royalty-free music that you can buy for as low as $0.99. For regular Amazon shoppers, this is an amazing opportunity as they are extremely familiar with the process. You can check reviews for the available tracks before buying it. 

Final Words:

The sites above are some of the best options to find your YouTube music and add them to your videos. They are affordable, royalty-free, and easy-to-use. You can pick any of these sites as per your convenience. 

When you need to attribute any music, you can attribute it by adding a small text about it in your YouTube description. You can also attribute the audio track in your end credits. Make sure to read about the licensing and usage of the music before adding them to your videos. 

If you have any queries regarding adding music to your YouTube videos, please share them in the comments below. 

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