Advantages of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

Anne Griffin

I’m Anne Griffin, a digital marketer and a technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms that displays images and videos in the most vibrant manner. What all you see when you open Instagram is termed as Instagram feed. 

This ever-evolving platform has features like stories, IGTV, Instagram music, filters, geo-tagging and other which make it a successful marketing space. This all makes Instagram feed much more interesting and engaging.

Embedding your Instagram feed on the website is an effective marketing strategy. Through this strategy you can make your Instagram feed be visible on the website too.

This can be done by using social media aggregator tools like Taggbox, through Instagram itself or by using plugins and widgets. However, will the embedded Instagram feed on your website be beneficial for your business as a whole? To clear your doubts about this marketing strategy, here are some of the advantages of embedding Instagram feed on website.

10 Advantages of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

1. Increase brand awareness and reach

Integrating the Instagram feed on website can increase brand awareness and reach to a large extent. 

While visiting your website, a user may also access your Instagram feed without leaving the website. If the content appears to be interesting and attractive to the user, he/she will start following your Instagram account. 

This will result in increasing brand awareness and reach automatically.

2. Enhance website vibrancy

Several social media aggregators not only help in embedding of the Instagram feed on the website but also help in moderating and customizing the feed to make it look more vibrant and appealing. 

When displayed on your website, this feed increases the website vibrancy and the user is induced to stay on your site for longer.

3. Build social proof with UGC

UGC or the user-generated content is known best by marketers to spread the word about the brand. Creating a user-generated Instagram feed and embedding the same on a website increases the authenticity of the content. 

This, in turn, makes it easy for users to trust your brand and increases its credibility. Real-time or live Instagram feed on the website enables users to better accept your social presence.

4. Increases user engagement and interaction

When UGC is displayed on the Instagram feed, it lets the user click, explore and visit your website too. 

Once a user visits your website, he/she is more inclined to explore it and find more relevant posts. When users share your Instagram post with hashtags related to your business, this may also compel other users to have a look and share it further. 

This enables user engagement and builds chain interaction.

5. Increases dwell time

As the visitor of your website does not have to leave it to view the Instagram feed, it makes the user linger on your page for a little more time.

This increases the dwell time when you embed Instagram feed on your website. You may even make visible the whole Instagram feed through website only.

6. Transactional marketing

Embedding Instagram feed on website focuses more on transactional marketing rather than relationship marketing. 

Transactional marketing is a marketing strategy or approach that focuses on increasing sales without developing any permanent relationship with the user. 

This has the benefit of creating profits easily and steadily. Transactional marketing is initiated through user-generated content as the user chooses to act as a marketing agent for the business without having to previously build any relationship with them.

7. Amazing visual hub creation

Instagram is undoubtedly the most vibrant and appealing social platform when it comes to its feed. 

When you add this lively Instagram feed to your website, it makes it vibrant too. The interface of your website which previously lacked engaging colors gets suddenly enriched with attractive and eye-catching content. 

To refine further the Instagram feed displayed on your website, the social media aggregator tools curate and personalize it with beautiful backgrounds and themes. This adds life to your website and makes it brighten up.

8. Link social to commerce

Building your online social presence is the best way to increase your reach. Linking your social presence to commerce increases the chances of creating demand and turning it into sales. 

Further, by bridging the gap between your social presence (social media platforms) and online presence (website), it makes easier for the user to trust your brand and be aware of your move.

9. Enhance conversion and sales

As embedding Instagram feed on a website enhances user engagement and reach, this results in enhanced conversion and sales. 

With increased brand reach and awareness, users are more likely to be willing to connect to your brand. 

This is beneficial when your Instagram feed is augmented with relevant and meaningful posts that capture users’ attention.

10. Deliver a superb consumer experience

By embedding Instagram feed on the website, the user’s interaction with the website interface gets ten times improved. 

When you are able to make the user increase their average time spent on your website, you are automatically ahead of many other websites. 

Embedding Instagram feed on website delivers a superb consumer experience and induces them to stay longer on your website.