9 Actionable Instagram Marketing Tips

Brennan Valeski

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Within the last decade, Instagram has become one of the best marketing tools available. Out of all the other social media platforms, it allows you to reach your audience in unique ways. In order to drive the best results from your efforts, we’ll take a look at 9 actionable Instagram marketing tips.

#1 – Register For A Business Account

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed” – Dan Zarella. By setting yourself up with a business account on Instagram, you get access to loads of advanced metrics and data about your account. This one’s an easy one to do, so make sure that you’ve got it! To make the switch all you need to do is go to your settings, then account, and hit “switch to business account”. It’s that simple.

#2 – Connect With The Right Influencers

There’s no doubt that influencers can create powerful results for marketing your business. With that said, it’s all about finding relevant influencers to work with. Before paying for any shoutouts, you’ll want to make sure they have a dedicated audience in your niche. To check this you can go through their comments section and use your best judgment. Or you can also choose to use a tool like HypeAuditor. It’s not a perfect science, yet many brands can create great long-term partnerships with the right influencers. This is an excellent way to build your own audience and generate revenue.

#3 – Post Interesting and Valuable Content

Would you like the post? Is this interesting to you? Ask yourself these questions when building your posting strategy for Instagram. So many companies post boring uninteresting corporate jargon that gets no likes or engagement. Instead, you’ll want to go for something that catches people’s attention. Consider what you look at Instagram for. It could be informative or entertaining. Regardless it should match your brand message and provide value.

#4 – Utilize Video Content

Beyond only photos, Instagram also allows you to post video content to the platform. Be sure to take advantage of this and create engaging content for your followers. One company that uses this effectively is BeyondTheTreat. This is a company that’s based around providing strictly informational content on their website, but on their Instagram account, they post funny, entertaining pet content — mostly videos. This contrast between website and Instagram content is necessary to keep an audience engaged and entertained.

#5 – Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories allow you to create disappearing content for your followers. The best ways to use this feature is to tease new posts on your page and promote limited time offers. This post format gives a sense of urgency to the content. To make the best use of this feature, you can promote relevant sales or discounts you may be offering at the moment. In addition, it’s a place where you can post polls for your audience for even more engagement.

#6 – Understand That Instagram Works Best As A Return Channel

A return channel is a place where your audience comes back to search for more content. They can choose to follow you after they’ve already found and heard of you somewhere else. This is excellent in order to market new offers to people in the future that already show a direct interest in your brand. However, Instagram does not have the best discovery features in comparison to SEM (search engine marketing) or YouTube. This is something to keep in mind with your overall marketing strategy.

#7 – Place Hashtags At The Bottom Of Your Posts

Climbing the hashtags can be another great way to gain more followers. To do this, dig deep and find the most relevant hashtags in your niche and place them into your posts. You can either do this in the description or as a comment on the post once it goes live. If your post gets a lot of engagement, it may get featured at the top of the hashtag where more people can discover your page. I’ve had a few posts that manage to rank at the top of a hashtag for a very long time.

#8 – Look At Your Competition

This one should go without saying. Look at your competition to see what’s working, and emulate what they’re doing. This way you can see what type of content does well in your niche. You can also see what is most helpful for your potential audience. It’s not that you should “copy” your competition, yet rather as a source of inspiration.

#9 – Maintain A Consistent “Look”

One company that does this very well is REI. Their Instagram page looks like it’s right out of National Geographic with wild nature shots. For their product promotions, they also maintain that same level of quality. In addition, they tend to feature many people doing outdoor activities. Regardless of the type of content they post, you know when seeing one from them. This helps create a consistent feel and vibe for your followers to identify with.

To Conclude

Instagram is a great place to build a following. It allows for direct engagement with your brand and company. For the potential ROI, it’s well worth your marketing time and energy. Be sure to implement these tips in order to get the best results from your efforts.

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