8 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands in 2019

Kavita Paliwal

Kavita is an Outreach Specialist cum Content writer. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen :wink: Connect with Kavita on Twitter @dreamerkavita

With 75 million people, which is almost 6% of the population of India using Instagram, we know how powerful this tool is. Instagram is one of the biggest marketing tools for all. It is a creative and visual medium that helps you connect with the global audience easily.

But simply having an account on Instagram won’t help you sell your products. You have to work on your content, your feed, your strategy and find out what works best to attract your customers and get them engaged with your content. These marketing tips can help you promote your product better and on a large scale.

Here are some tips that help you market your product better on Instagram.

Once you make an account on Instagram, it is time to start posting content that is engaging for your users. But simply posting content won’t help if you are not making the best of IG and its tools. These marketing tips can help you with that:

Use an Actionable Hashtag for Building a Community 

If you want your content to reach more audience you need to build a community around your account. For that, a business should use hashtags for their product or service that encourages people to take action. Like, Nike came with a new range of sports shoes, and use the hashtag #choose your winter. It will target people who go for a run even in the cold winters early in the morning, who love their fitness regime and nothing can deter them from that. Their another hashtag for the same was #snownotslow. These types of actionable hashtag help attract more audience and is a great marketing tactic.

Use Free Tools that Instagram Provides 

When you have a business profile, you get to use various tools that will help you understand whether your content is working or not. Tools like insight help a marketer see how much engagement your content has. Also, you get to see how users are interacting with your posts and if there is something that you can do to change it.

Promote Your Instagram Posts on Other Social Media Platforms

Another easy way to get more consumers and promote globally is by posting your Instagram content on other social media platforms. Your brand must have some or enough followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you promote your Instagram content on these platforms, it will be easy for you to attract these people to follow you on IG. 

Post Content which is Relevant to Your Audience but also Stay True to Your Brand

To appeal to your target audience, you have to post content that they find relevant and important. But it also has to be relevant to your company, brand, and its goal. For that, you have to learn the interests and dislikes of your demographic audience and then curate your content.

For instance, if your firm deals with finance and your customers one interest is art and craft, you don’t just take photos of artifacts, you do that with a caption that says ‘Love exquisite art, then our finance company can help you buy it without burning a hole in your pocket’ or something which also appeals to the audience, but also promotes your brand.

Overwhelming Your Audience is Never Good

To get loyal followers, you need to post consistently. It helps people stay connected to you, and your brand also stays relevant. But at the same time, you have to make sure that the user’s feed is not occupied only by your posts as it will overwhelm them.

So, post twice or thrice a day, but don’t post every hour as it will irritate the user and you will lose followers.

The number of times you should post a day depends on your industry, your audience, and how they react to your content.

Post Product Teasers without Pushing People to Buy

Another great marketing gimmick is posting teaser about your product or services to get people excited. It is a great advertising tactic because when you post a long content telling people how good their product is and how it can help them and pushes them to buy by continuously posting about it, it hurts them. This tactic will make you lose followers quickly.

Thus, use Instagram stories or post a simple picture of your product and ask users to swipe up if they love what they see. Have a website or an app where the user can see the full range of products. To enhance the image of your product, use the Canva tool.

Take Inspiration from Your Competitors and Other Brands

Millions of brands are on Instagram, and some of your competitors are on it too. If you are at a point where you have a roadblock on what to post and how to post, then check out the Instagram of your competitors.

It will inspire you and show you various ways to creatively use Instagram, and also see what content is most popular amongst your audience.

Use Instagram Stories Like a Pro

Instagram stories are a great feature because they engage the audience more than any other content. They last for only 24 hours and it makes the user excited to see what the brand has posted. By using stories, you can launch your product or show a teaser about your services.

It is also a great platform to ask an opinion about your brand from the consumers and let them ask questions about your brand to know more about you.

With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram is a great marketing tool and you should use it before it’s too late.