7 Secret Ways to Get Influencers to Help your Small Business

Aimee Laurence

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As a small business, one of your main goals is to expand your audience and your reach, and a great way to do this is by using social media. It’s easy for small businesses to get overlooked in favor of bigger brands because the latter can put a lot more money into their marketing and social media strategies. A good way that you can fight this as a small business is by turning to influencer marketing, a powerful tool that you can wield if you’re able to get the right influencer for your business. 

What is Influencer Marketing?

Before we get into tips of using influencer marketing as an effective social media marketing campaign, we need to talk about influencer marketing and what it really means. It’s a powerful trend that’s developing all over the internet and it’s a good way for businesses to grow by connecting with experts or leaders in that field. 

As per Mark Grange, a tech journalist, “an influencer is a person that has a good reputation online and a large following on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Influencer marketing is when a business partners with an influencer to use their big audiences to promote a brand or product.” 

There are a lot of ways for small businesses to connect with influencers and increase their bran audience – here, we’ll cover 7 of these lesser-known tips. 

Consider Working with Micro-Influencers

Don’t immediately think you should work with only big name influencers with millions of followers. The mistake here is that those people may not have the pull you want with the right audience. Instead, consider working with some micro-influencers, who may have fewer followers but they’re exactly the people you want to reach. 

Outline Your Needs and Objectives

Before you set out looking for the right influencer for your business, you need to be clear about what your objectives are and exactly what your needs are. If you don’t clarify this information straight away, you may not end up with the influencer that matches your brand and your image. You need to understand who your target audience is before you can find the influencer that will reach those people.

Build a Relationship

The next step according to Margaret Carter, a marketing expert, “is building a relationship with the influencer that can be long-lasting and based on trust. Influencers are all about their image and their following, so they also want to know what they can get from the partnership, and that they will be supported by your business.”

Connect with the Right Influencers 

Afterwards, you want to be able to connect with the influencer that will be engaged and dependable for your small business. Unlike bigger companies, you can’t afford to connect with different influencers and try certain things out – you need to be able to connect with the right person right away. 

Find an Influencer Who is Engaged in Your Brand

This is an important point, and similar to point 4, you should find an influencer that is an authentic representation of your brand so that your audience can connect with that person and realistically see them as an ambassador to your company. For example, if your influencer is not known as a particularly athletic person, it wouldn’t make sense to choose them for some workout and fitness products. Find an influencer that is as engaged about your products as your target audience. 

Allow Them to Be Creative

Influencers also want a certain degree of free rein and flexibility in what they post and say about a brand, so don’t stifle their creativity by being strict about their message. As long as they are promoting your product or brand, you should be flexible about the way the message is sent, and you’re sure to appeal to more influencers that way. Even better, your audience will see it as a more authentic message than something that’s been pre-drafted by the company. 

Look at Your Audience for Influencers

A great place to find influencers is in your existing customer base as they are already supporters of your business. Look to see if any of your customers have an active and engaged following and are very active on social media. This can be a great place to start if you’re struggling to find the right influencer. 

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