7 Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2020

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The greatest thing about Internet is that it allows to forge communities. It gives a platform to people who share common interests and allows them to exchange information and sometimes celebrate their preoccupations. 

This creates multiple business opportunities. Nowadays, it’s not just cosmetics brands that are earning profit from the internet’s obsession with looking perfect but beauty vloggers are getting a slice of pie as well. 

Most of these online makeup artists work as affiliates with major makeup brands. They promote a certain product and earn a commission in return. 

But it isn’t just folks creating Ariana Grande eyebrow tutorials on YouTube that are making their livelihood through affiliate commissions. There are plenty of affiliate marketing opportunities for anyone who can build an audience on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. 

So if you’re an aspiring influencer seeking profitable affiliate marketing niches for the year 2020 – look no further. 


The latter part of 2019 saw an interesting sub-culture emerge associated with popular photo-editing app. VSCO girls, known for their minimalistic lifestyles and the love of metal straws became subject to a number of parodies on the internet. 

However, it turns out these environmentally conscious teenage girls sent a shockwave to the makeup industry due to their bias towards skincare rather than makeup. VSCO Girls were among the most Googled trends of 2019 and they’ve influenced a cultural shift from heavy makeup towards skincare routines. 

Currently, the beauty industry is valued at $532 billion and the share of skincare is increasing by the day. Influencers have a lot to gain by teaming up with some of the emerging skincare brands -especially the ones that provide organic and herbal solutions. 

Do you have a skincare routine that works? Put it out there and try your hand at being a “beautuber”. 

Plus Size Clothing

One can call this a niche within a niche as plus size clothing is a prominent category of the entire fashion industry. But with supermodels such as Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence showcasing garments for plus-size women, retailers are putting out more collections to target a previously ignored market. 

The global apparel market is expected to reach $1.5 trillion in 2020. With such a growing demand, there is a slew of opportunities for anyone with a knack for style.  All you need a YouTube channel or an Instagram profile. 

Retailers who create plus-size clothes are always on a lookout for diverse individuals to model their products through coupon marketing and other affiliate marketing methods. With the high demand for this apparel –plus size clothing will be an important affiliate marketing niche in 2020.


What if I told you there was a Fortnite World Cup in 2019? You will find this information somewhat intriguing. But what if I follow this is up by telling you that the accumulated prize money for this World Cup was $100 million? Now, that’s something to think about.

Turns out that eSports is a booming industry. And it’s replicating the success of conventional sporting tournaments. Investopedia estimates eSports’ worth to be around $138 billion. 

As it happens, an entire industry has spurred around online gaming which includes gaming platforms like steam, software that reduce lags and of course, the games themselves. Many of the companies behind these programs offer exceptional affiliate programs. 

So to any gamers out there, this is probably good times to start a twitch stream or a YouTube channel. Just make sure to bring something different to the table as there are plenty of aspiring Ninjas on the internet. Who knows, you might be able to turn your hobby into a lucrative business. 

Van Life

Van life is a category of vlogging where people pack their stuff into a van and travel around the country. As one would expect, all of this is documented on Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. 

Channels like Exploring Alternatives on YouTube are dominating this category. Their Van Life playlist currently has 44 videos with each averaging around 250,000+ views. 

Most of the van life content is focused on buying portable equipment for the road and keeping the van in the best possible shape. This creates opportunities to market items like instant pots, portable refrigerators or replacement parts for the vehicle. 

Since this is an entire lifestyle and not a hobby you can follow on the side, van life might not be for everyone. But for those who wish to take this path, the opportunities are aplenty. 

Online Counseling and Therapy

Twitter trends often indicate the subjects which are in conversation. And mental health trends have dominated this social media site for years now. 

Popular hashtags such as #MyMentalHealthin3words indicate that stigma around this issue has very much disappeared. People are now openly discussing anxiety, stress and depression. 

Of course, it’s ideal for anyone facing such issues to seek one-on-one therapy. But some people tend to avoid individual sessions due to a myriad of reasons. These people would benefit from online therapy and you can guide them to it through a YouTube channel. 

But remember that mental health is a sensitive matter. If you’re not qualified to talk on this subject, keep your discussions around researched material. 

Another way to approach this niche is by inviting experts on your channel and have them discuss matters like PTSD, bipolar disorder and everything else that impacts a person’s mental wellbeing. 


Merriam-Webster describes a biohacker as “somebody who uses science and technology to make his or her body function better and more efficiently.”

It’s a concept that raises quite a lot of eyebrows but for many individuals, biohacking implies making minor diet and lifestyle adjustments. Some of the popular biohacks include enhancing brain function and losing weight in a short span of time. 

If you’re into fitness and lifestyle then it’s only natural for you to team up with companies that operate within this niche. Use your social media to discuss everyday topics like sleep and exercise and intertwine these topics with occasional reviews of some biohacking supplements.

Online Dating

Queen’s famous lyrics “Find me somebody to love” still resonates with millions today who’re searching the internet for their next date. In fact, in a survey conducted by eHarmony – 20% of couples said their relationships began online. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that online dating is an evergreen niche of affiliate marketing since the need for love is essential for people and Internet may serve as a perfect bridge between potential lovers. 

Influencers who are seeking to promote online dating services can establish their authority by making videos and promoting Instagram posts on subjects about relationships.

You can interview couples that have been together for decades and encourage them to discuss the secrets to maintaining successful relationships. There are plenty of areas of romance if you chose to be a love guru of sorts.


Growing number of brands are leveraging affiliate marketing to bring in a larger volume of web traffic. And it isn’t just brands who benefit from this promotional activity, influencers can earn commissions whenever they’re responsible for a sale.  

But it’s important for anyone trying to make a living as an influencer to find an appropriate niche. And as trends indicate, the following niches will be most profitable in the year 2020. 

  • Skincare
  • Plus-size clothing
  • eSports
  • Van Life
  • Online counseling and therapy
  • Biohacking 
  • Online dating

Remember, affiliate marketing is more than just selling products. It’s establishing your credibility and guiding your audience towards the right solutions. You are more likely to prosper at something that you personally find intriguing. And lastly, you need the patience to be successful at this venture. Approach things in a systematic manner and don’t expect to become an overnight success. Success will surely follow. 

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