7 Current Trends on Instagram to Keep You on Top

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Instagram is one of the most used social network platforms with more than a billion users each month. What started as a photo-sharing app is now one of the leading commercial networks with around 25 million business users trying to engage followers through stories and daily multimedia posts. However, Instagram is not only a place where brands promote their products and services, the original idea of giving regular users a place to store and share their vacation photos, cherished memories with their loved ones, and casual selfies still live on and grow stronger by the day. 

Simply put, Instagram is a network for everyone and all purposes which brings fort the question of staying on top and reaching out to gain more views and obtain more followers. Each year different trends dictate the success of your Instagram activities, and this article is going to let you in on top 7 trends for 2019.

IGTV Finally Making Sense

When IGTV was introduced, the online community was quick to show dissatisfaction with some aspects of the feature that were incorporated in Instagram latest addition. However, in 2019, we’ve seen the rise of IGTV usage, mainly because the platform developers added landscape video option. Vertical videos are somewhat difficult to edit and, even more important, don’t look too good when published on platforms that allow horizontal videos. 

Moreover, since users can now promote their IGTV content within news feed, it can reach the audience easier. It’s irrelevant if you, for example, promote the latest gaming equipment, IGTV is on fire with business users this year.

Instagram Stories are Taking Over

This year was all about adding new Instagram stories features, many of which allow interactive story content. Both brands and private users increasingly create stories with polls, questions, countdowns, and other types of content that allows the viewer to interact with the story. More engagement means higher visibility and more chance for increased revenue.

For regular users, stories are now the primary tool in their Instagram activities, while posts tend to showcase more enhanced content designed by brands to promote their products or services. You’ll probably see more photos and videos posted by some business account than your eighth-grade crush, however, if you checkout Instagram story bar, you’ll gain access to daily activities of all your friends and families.   

The takeaway here is: if you’re a brand, publish regular posts and if you’re a regular user trying to get more attention then you should publish more stories.

Spark AR Open for Business

Until recently Spark AR allowed only a few selected beta testers to publish their augmented reality videos on Instagram. Since publishing Spark AR content on Instagram became available to everyone, influencers, business users, and regular folk have been reshaping our conception of Instagram videos. The reason why videos with AR effects are so welcomed is because video production is expensive and business owners don’t want to miss a chance to create a stunning video for free.

Gif and Branded Stickers

This year’s announcement of the introduction of GIFs and custom stickers that users can post within their Instagram stories spread across the social network like wildfire. Users are now able to attach all sorts of fun and engaging graphics to their stories so that the audience could get a better insight into what each story is about.

The ability to upload custom gifs and stickers is most useful to business users, especially startups and small brands. Business users that were aiming to reach more audience were struggling to make a visible footprint, but now the audience can enjoy their Instagram story and memorize the company logo or catchphrase through custom gifs and stickers. The use of branded stickers and gifs is easy to analyze, all you have to do is take a look at your Instagram story feed and notice the amount of branded content. 

Supporting Global Causes

Viral content sharing is a trend since the beginning of the internet, however, this year we’ve seen a worldwide use of Instagram as a platform for popularization of global causes like supporting Pride, promoting global warming issues, and other globally regarded topics. True, global causes are always popular, so it’s not a surprise this trend is still growing strong. All signs suggest that 2020 is also going to include social activism as a strong, continuous Instagram trend because it reveals company culture, creates a union with the audience, helps an important cause, and it’s simply a good PR.

Shopping on Instagram

Product tags and stickers increased the number of clicks for branded content on Instagram, which triggered the need for a direct purchasing option. In the spring of 2019, Instagram introduced the Check out feature which allows direct shopping for users. However, this option is not available for all brands at the time but the positive trend of Instagram shopping feature usage shows the prospect for expansion very soon. 

Shopping through Influencers

Instagram influencers like Chiara Ferragni and Kylie Jenner often publish photos wearing branded clothes. This year’s top trend includes tagging each piece of branded clothing which allows users to shop directly for the garment which their beloved model is wearing. It’s essentially a unique promotional content that doesn’t simply increase website traffic but allows direct sales without ever leaving the app.  


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing networks when it comes to the number of new features and ways to interact with the audience. It’s no mystery why it’s the most popular online platform for both business and private users. However, with all the changes and updates, it’s difficult to stay on top of things, which is why we all need to keep up with the latest trends. This year was all about Instagram stories and how they can increase rating, revenue, and overall brand influence.

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