6 Instagram Video Marketing Hacks for Creators and Influencers

Val Razo

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In the last few years, Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing into a great marketing platform for brands and influencers. Today, 89% of creators and influencers say that Instagram is the most important social media channel.

With the growing popularity of Instagram, it’s no wonder the platform constantly rolls out features like sponsored post tags, creator accounts, and branded content ads that help influencers make money in-app.

However, this also means that competition between influencers and creators of all sizes and shapes grows, so they have to produce eye-catching content that helps to get the attention of their target audiences. 

To make a long story short, give Instagram videos a try if you’re looking for a new creative way to hook your following, 

Why Should Creators and Influencers Make Instagram Videos?

At first blush, it seems that video creation isn’t the best idea for Instagram influencers as people upload a great number of posts daily which means your video posts can get buried in the feed.

However, making stunning videos help you become more influential. Here are three main reasons for creators and influencers to make Instagram videos:

  • Reach a wider audience: Over 53% of internet users are active on Instagram, so this platform has great potential for influencers who want to connect with like-minded people. Since modern users want to see more video content from opinion leaders, making Instagram videos allow you to reach a wider audience.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Video creation isn’t easy as it requires time, knowledge, and effort. Thus, not all influencers and creators make Instagram videos that help you give your followers what they want to get from you and therefore beat your competitors.
  • Keep your audience engaged: Videos are dynamic so they allow creators to include information and keep viewers engaged. With the love for video content, influencers and creators get an opportunity to increase Instagram engagement when they upload videos to their feeds which means more followers, potential collaboration offers, and growth.

Ready to give Instagram videos a try? Pay attention to the following six Instagram video marketing hacks that can help you create better videos with ease.

6 Instagram Video Marketing Hacks for Creators and Influencers

1. Experiment with Instagram Video Types 

The days when Instagram was a platform for sharing photos are long gone. The popularity of video content has increased, so Instagram allows users to upload videos from 3 seconds to 60 minutes in length which helps them create videos that suit their needs and wants.

Currently, there are five main ways to post videos in-app:

  • Video posts: Videos are between 3 seconds and 60 seconds in length
  • Video Instagram Stories: Videos are between 3 seconds and 15 seconds in length
  • IGTV: Videos are between 15 seconds and 60 minutes in length (To upload long-form videos, you need to post on Instagram from a computer)
  • Live stream: Allow Instagrammers to record 60 minutes of uninterrupted live streaming.
  • Instagram Reels: Give users an opportunity to upload 15-second multi-clip videos

Obviously, it’s nearly impossible to invest time and effort into all video types at once. As an influencer, you should know what video type works well for your audience, so it’s a good idea to experiment with video creation and track video performance. 

Here’s how Ashley Strong uses a mix of different Instagram video types to keep her audience engaged and hooked:

2. Make the Most Out of Instagram Video Tools

To come up with stunning video content ideas for your Instagram account, it’s important to develop a social media video strategy. However, a killer video content strategy requires lots of experimenting and iterating which means spending much time on video creation. Moreover, amateurs often make video editing mistakes.

As an Instagram influencer or creator, you should also make Instagram posts, write captions, communicate with your following and potential collaborators, and make sponsored posts…

So, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could add motion effects, layering and superimposed elements to your images and clips ? With the right Instagram video tools, it’s no longer a dream!

Let’s take for example, VideoLeap (iOS). This intuitive and user-friendly video editor has everything creators and influencers need to create stunning videos on-the-go.

Not only does this tool have a great variety of movie editing tools and cinematic compositions, but it also has over 100 video and sound effects, so every creator can make unique movies with ease.

For example, check out how Justin Wood used VideoLeap to create a funny video for his Instagram profile. As a juggler, Justin cloned himself to turn his video into a magic trick. How? The layer-based editing allowed him to mix two videos in one post:

3. Collaborate with Other Influencers and Creators

Whether you’re just starting out with Instagram videos or you simply want to attract more viewers, it’s also a great idea to team up with other influencers who can help you create marvelous videos with ease.

Every Instagram influencer has his or her loyal following in-app who trust influencers’ recommendations. When you collaborate with other users to create videos and tag each other in posts or Stories, your followers are more likely to check out and follow this influencer’s account. In short, this means higher engagement rates and more followers. 

Any example needed? Check out how Stephanie Jakubek (29k followers) made a video in collaboration with Caitlin Eliza (10.9k followers) to cross-promote their profiles, increase user engagement, and attract more followers:

Creating a video post with another influencer is not the only one option when it comes to collaboration opportunities. Here are some other ways to create Instagram videos in collaboration with creators or influencers:

  • Create a video tutorial with a niche expert
  • Organize a Q&A session with popular influencers
  • Invite an influencer to join your live video on Instagram

4. Repurpose Instagram Videos

If you start creating Instagram videos, that’s great. But if you repurpose those videos for other channels, that’s even better as it allows you to save time and effort and get your Instagram videos in front of a new audience.


Once a nano influencer becomes more popular among users, new business opportunities occur. Thus, it’s no wonder that most Instagram influencers seek out new alternative ways to monetize their influence and set up a business.

Since most businesses need a website, influencers can repurpose Instagram content for their websites.

Case in point:

Jeffrey Star is an American make-up artist with a solid Instagram following (14.4M), so it’s no wonder that he constantly produces high-quality video content for his Instagram feed to keep his audience engaged. 

As the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, he also repurposes popular Instagram posts for his website, just like in the example below:

5. Create Video Branded Content Ads 

Over the last few years, influencer marketing has become one of the most effective promotion strategies for brands of all sizes and niches. 

Not only do influencers help brands reach their target audience fast, but they also help to improve brand reputation as modern customers trust influencers’ recommendations as much as their real-world friends. When a company offers collaboration, an influencer gets an opportunity to make money and grow their following.

When it comes to Instagram video creation, brands can also help you grow. How? Branded content ads! With this ad type, brands get an opportunity to deliver their brand messages through creators’ voices. For influencers, this means a possibility to promote themselves and create high-quality video content.

Let’s take a look at Glamnetic

When the company decided to boost brand awareness and increase ecommerce sales, they created an Instagram video campaign with their co-founder Ann McFerran where she explained how to use the eyelashes and it gave wonderful results. Since people pay close attention to authentic stories, featuring an influencer helped the company get a 24-point lift in ad recall and a 16-point lift in brand awareness.

6. Keep an Eye on Instagram Video Trends

Social media consumption is constantly changing, so new trends appear and encourage users to jump on the bandwagon. If you create Instagram videos and you want to beat your competitors, it’s important to keep an eye on video trends. When Instagram introduced its Tik-Tok in-app (Instagram reels), no one could have predicted this video content type went viral.

In short, keeping an eye on Instagram video trends is a must and the best way to do it is to read recent reports. Check out the latest from eMarketer:

This website constantly analyzes the market and asks users about their preferences, so you can read their reports and predict what video content trends are going to take the world by storm. After all, if you know what video content type is popular among your followers, you can create content that goes viral and therefore improve your influence.

In a Word

Instagram video is taking the world by storm, so influencers should create stunning videos for their feeds to keep their followers engaged. From short entertaining video clips to long-form videos, there are many ways to produce video content for Instagram that allow you to deliver your message, interact with followers, and help you expand your reach, increase engagement, and get more brand collaboration opportunities.

In short, video content is the future of Instagram, so we need to make the most out of it.

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