6 Instagram Growth Hacks For Every Blogger


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The algorithm change of Instagram has been a matter of concern for many. As soon as Instagram pulled some algorithm strings, nothing remained the same. The competition increased, and people had to be really on point to crack open this nut game. 

While many could do it, problems were faced by small business owners, who found themselves caught in limbo with the algorithm mesh. 

To that end, some foolproof Instagram strategies might be of some help. 

Yes, it is true, there are in fact some fantastic strategies which can help you get your content popularised even within this stiff algorithm game. If you follow certain strategies properly, you can boost the visibility of your content, increase the engagement rate and of course increase your follower base. Additionally, don’t forget to use Instagram growth hacking tools to save your day. Here’s an amazing list of popular growth hack tools by Kurve, do check them out.

Instagram is a growing platform which is multi-layered. This makes it crucial for you to incorporate creativity at each stage.  The bloggers using Instagram are very crafty and they know the results their actions will produce. 

So here is a list of the 6 strategies that you can use to ensure the growth of your Instagram profile. 

Engaging with fellow Instagrammers

Think about Instagram as a social situation. How would you feel if you are talking to someone in a social setting and the person is not even replying to you, or even reacting to what you are saying? Very weird, right?

Well, that is how it is with Instagram, you need to react and talk to people, especially other fellow Instagrammers who follow you or have regrammed your content. 

Once you find our that you have been regrammed, bookmark that particular post and keep checking for its progress. Make it a point to interact with people who have commented on that photo. 


Well, there is a thick chance that if they have commented on your photo, they like your content. Use this point to talk to them more often via the comment thread. Also, get them to follow your profile if they are not doing it already.   

Following a schedule and being consistent:

When you post good content to your account consistently, it sends a signal to the Instagram algorithm that your account is a quality one. 

Consistent and frequent posting has yet another benefit- it allows your followers to engage with you. Since they know that you will be posting in that certain time, they might be waiting for your post eagerly, and they might want to engage with you. 

But the important question becomes, how often should you post? 

Well, that will depend on the kind of business you run. The ideal time for posting really depends on your business goals and objectives and of course on how much time you are willing to dedicate to Instagram marketing. Here’s an effective guide to the best times for posting on Instagram.

However, once you have determined your frequency, you have to do it consistently. Thus it’s important to stick to a posting schedule that you can maintain. 

Leveraging the power of hashtags:

Hashtags are the power that fuels the Instagram engines! Thus it’s important to leverage its power as well, and if you are good at it, you can gain some mass popularity and grow your follower base in no time. 

However, to make good use of the hashtags, you have to know a few of the best practices. For instance, Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post. You can add a bunch more in the comment, but do not do that if you don’t want to seem needy. 

It is important that you conduct a research on the Instagram hashtag. Spend some quality time to split up hashtag as per various categories. Choose some in the million range, some in the six-figure range and some in the five-figure range. 

So the bigger the hashtag the more people you reach, but you might get lost in the shuffle. This is where the smaller hashtags come in. It gives you a targeted market and better opportunities to be discovered. 

Creating partnerships with micro-influencers:

In many situations, people tend to trust micro-influencers because they curate their own content and that makes it authentic and real which Instagrammers like to read, 

Thus, if you wish to grow your Instagram follower base, make sure you connect with a micro-influencers in your niche to post content which your followers can really use. 

Promoting your brand hashtags:

In addition to the popular hashtags that you will be using with your Instagram posts, make sure to add a few brand name hashtags. Though they will not give you immediate results, they are great in the long run. 

By using brand hashtags, you give your followers a chance to connect with your brand on a personal level. In that light, make sure that your brand hashtags are easy to spell and creative. Make your own research before you select one for your company. 

Optimizing profile for search:

Now that you know all that you need to know about hashtags and the right keywords, how can you make use of these to create a visible and optimized bio? 

Instagram helps one add profile links and hashtags in the bio section of the profile. Thus make use of the opportunity to insert the right keywords and hashtags on the bio so that people can associate with it. 

After the changes are saved, the hashtags and keywords become clickable and your users can actually use them to see your content on other platforms. 

The keywords and hashtags will make your followers understand how relevant is your profile to them, or what you have to offer to them.

Make sure you use these strategies well, to create an engaging Instagram profile. 

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