5 Ways to Use Instagram to Market to Millennial


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Instagram is no more just a photo-sharing platform. It’s the place of business. Not only are big companies using it for their development and growth, a lot of millennials too are in the game.

Since the interface of Instagram is easy and there is fewer number of ads it becomes very easy to use the powerful social media platform. While most of the other social media platforms can be chaotic, Instagram is the only place in which the millennial can seek some sort of solace.

Millennial are our future economy. Around 34% of Instagram users are millennials. Thus it is important for brands to reflect the view of the youth. The brands need to harness this youth energy to move forward. This is where Instagram comes in. Millennials have the desire to share their experience online and that is where you can reach them for more.

So how is this exactly done? Let’s look into the 5 ways:

Get Real:

While it’s easy to get past the older generation with a bunch of old print copy ads, millennials will not give you that option. You need to give them something interesting and something real.  They do not want to see pictures of just anything. It must be of some actual experience to draw their attention.

Now that the pathway has been cleared, in order to attract the millennials, the brand must use real photos that too high-quality ones to tell the saga of the organization. To explain the mission of the firm, the brand needs to show that it cares about the places they have been to and have touched upon. It’s important to display pictures that focus on the lifestyle of the brand. The pictures posted must be genuine. It must seem real at the end of the day.

Get Viewers on Their Good Side:

Millennial are anything but superficial. They are not satisfied with things they can only see on the surface. In that light, a brand must take the message and give them an inside look into whatever they are presenting!  Millennials love it when they can delve inside something to get a better understanding of the product or service that is on offer.

They always like a private tour. They might love your brand, but if you fail to lure them with your adventures and secret stories, you will not have their attention for long. Millennials need to feel exclusive.  Thus brands must give out such information which readers can latch onto.

Cultural Elements:

Millennials are the harbinger of various trends. They always bring something new on the platter. Currently, their focus is on something cultural. Off late, most millennials have started a pop culture trend on Instagram.  There is a lot of variety. For instance, Throwback Thursday, or Monday Motivation. These are accompanied by complimentary hashtags which millennials share on their feed very much.

For brands which want to get through in the world of the millennials and harness their energy to boost the company’s growth, they must be aware of these trends and their relevance. In order to do that, brands must conduct research and stay with the new and upcoming ideas that the millennials are bringing in the market. They have to make use of these pop culture trends while marketing their own product and service if they wish to attract the audience or the millennials.

Other’s Platform:

In the current times, the social web is very complex and is extremely connected. In that light, marketers must cross-promote their products and services. Talking strictly about Instagram, you need to post pictures on other’s platform as well for the purpose of cross-promotion.  In addition to that, you have to create Instagram graphics and share your brand pictures on other social media platforms as well and get others to follow your brand and its story on Instagram.

While you are focusing on Instagram, do not forget social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You must run ads on these platforms to maximize attention as well. When millennials come across the brand ads on other social media sites as well its strengthens the brand image.

User-Generated Content:

The content that you share on Instagram must tell a story of your brand, better yet it if it’s user-generated. Millennials like stories told by real people. They want to see whether or not the brands or product does what it says.

So keep it real on Instagram to attract the millennials. Remember, though they may be hard nuts to crack, they are real and like it raw.

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