5 Ways to Make Your Influencer Collaboration Successful

Shawn Mack

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You want to upgrade your social media marketing game to a whole new level? Do you wish to collaborate with leading influencers and give your brand or business a major? But perhaps, you find yourself clueless about how exactly you will successfully execute this.

In that case, we’re happy you found this page. Below, you might as well find the lead that you so direly need.

Well, before proceeding further, we feel it’s necessary to confess an essential reality. Although some of you may not agree, we reside in a weird world as of today – both good-weird and bad-weird.

The constant here is weird, and that is exactly why you ought to know this rather hidden reality. Without a unique and out-of-the-box approach, you may not reach anywhere at all. 

We know. You don’t need us to convey that. We know you know how to stand out. But even so, it’s not working the best for all of us. Is it? For that very reason, we bring you the top five best ways to make your influencer collaboration successful.

Choose the Right Platform

Perhaps, the very first measure that you ought to take to make your influencer collaboration successful, is to choose the right platform or medium. And, of course, this isn’t a matter of choice but calculations.

You need to assess the nature of your clientele and the nature of traffic you get. Depending on these, you need to choose a channel or platform where you wish to invest.

Your potential options include:

  • YouTube.
  • Instagram.
  • TikTok.

Of course, there are several more and newer platforms that keep sprouting up every other day. But as per our statistics, these are the top three best influencing platforms.

And well, your work doesn’t end here. In actuality, it just begins. Your next major step is to hunt down the most promising influencer of all. You can easily determine this by tracking down the engagement, following, reach, and authenticity of the influencers. Also, you must ensure that the influencer is relevant to your brand, industry, and niche. For example, you cannot expect an influencer dedicated to fashion and makeup to successfully promote educational campaigns. Plus, the collaboration might as well be an epic failure because it’s just not their thing, you know!

Plan Yourself Out 

Once you’re through with choosing the right platform and have also shortlisted promising influencers, it’s best to design a strategy rather than approaching them with nothing in mind. It gives a negative impression and dulls their interest! Naturally, the collaboration wouldn’t yield much.

So, first things first, gather all your content ideas. Be it a visual series, advertisement, videos, pictures, textual, or anything at all – jot all it down somewhere. If files and papers are not your things, then make use of the handy digital task management tools we have these days!

You can even find specific task management tools, such as influencer management tools. It helps keep track of campaign analytics and assists in further planning (such as that of budget), and will also keep you organized. Naturally, the calculated approach will make the collaboration ten times more successful as you can utilize your time and resources most effectively.

Another tip that we’d like to give here; invite the influencers to participate. Once they feel a part of the team, you will witness much better results, because you know, a sense of ownership always fuels interest. Also, their input will ease your struggles of generating newer content ideas.

Befriend Micro-influencers 

According to statistics, micro-influencers are only small as an entity but huge in terms of impact. Can’t see what that means?

Well, consider the engagement rates if the following:

  • Influencers with a following of 1000-5000: 6.3 percent.
  • Influencers with a following of 10000: 3.6 percent.

Now, that’s quite the reverse. Isn’t it? Hence, the claim above wasn’t an opinionated one. Micro-influencers truly are doing much better without that big figure in their followers – without that blue tick.

Hence, if your list of shortlisted candidates comprises a micro-influencer, then go for it! Don’t cater to your second thoughts – the survey math above says enough. Doesn’t it?

Plus, the big bonus that you will get upon collaborating with a micro-influencer is the fact that their word on your brand or business will sound 10x more original. Thus, attracting a greater audience and convincing people of your authenticity.

Take a Step Further & Maintain Relationship

When you collaborate with an influencer, you are not only aiming to establish a stronger relationship with your clientele. You also want to establish a strong relationship with the influencer themselves, especially macro-influencers. Even when you are through with the campaigns, we would advise you to take a step further and still send them occasional gifts. 

Or if that’s expensive, give them an occasional shout out and support them virtually. You can even send in random gifts for their partners or pets. Although you will be going the extra mile, we assure you it’s going to be truly worth it. It develops a bond of trust, care, and love between your brand and the influencer. Thus, encouraging them to promote your brand with or without a settled campaign.

Stay in – Stay Exclusive!

We’d say our very last suggestion is perhaps the most effective way to yield quick results and make your influencer collaboration not only successful but an absolute hit! Collaborate with your partnering influencer to make a viral video. (In case you still think that videos become viral by mere luck: snap out of it!)

There are teams of social media marketers and influencers working together to generate content that’s bound to gain massive attention. They follow the interest of the masses, predict the eventual direction of general interest, and produce content accordingly. Naturally, it receives the attention that they expected!

If you are a brand that sells products and not services, then you should rather invest in creating a hype of your products than crafting a viral video. You can do so by introducing your products in limited quantities and marketing them with the influencer as exclusive and limited editions.

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