5 Ways to Drive Traffic with YouTube Call-to-Action Extension

Meggie Nahatakyan

Meggie is a marketing and local SEO expert and a data junkie with more than six years of experience in the field. Aside from being a marketing nerd, she loves taking her life to the extreme with bungee jumping and skydiving when she feels some freedom.

For online advertisers, especially Pay per Click advertisers, YouTube call-to-action extensions can be of great help in driving more traffic to their websites and landing pages. Even if the user skips your YouTube ads, the call-to-action button will still appear on the YouTube video page. Once you have selected your leads campaign goal, you can get started using the extension. Here are some tips to improve your video campaigns and make use of YouTube call-to-action extension to drive more traffic.  

Test Out Different Call-to-Action Messages and Headlines

Every audience or user reacts to an ad differently. There is no assurance that one call-to-action will work for all your target customers. This is why you need to test different call-to-action messages and headlines to see which ones will work for your audience. 

To test your call-to-actions, you can run an A/B testing for each of them. Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Gather data and analyze them – To gather data without a current CTA, you can look at your target customers’ profile and use analytics and heatmaps. This step will help you know your customers and prospects well.
  2. Use your data to make predictions – This step is more like brainstorming: assessing your data, thinking about your audience and making predictions based on the data you have gathered.
  3. Construct your experiment – For this step, you will need an A/B testing tool to run your test and read results.
  4. Run your experiment – When running your experiment, you have to make sure the test results are accurate to determine the winner. 
  5. Review and analyze the data – After the test is complete, it’s time to review your data and see which call-to-actions will work for your business goals.

Include a Clear Call to Action

What makes a good call-to-action is something that sends a clear message about the benefits of a product or a service. Your call-to-action should immediately deliver what you promise. Your call-to-action needs to be straightforward and easy to understand by your audience. Tell your audience what exactly you are offering and how they can take action. If you have a discount promo, include in your call-to-action how much discount you are offering. Focus on showcasing the specific benefit your target customers will get from taking a specific action such as signing up, subscribing or shopping on your website.

Capture Viewers Attention Quickly

When creating a call-to-action, words matter and you have to choose them carefully. The best call-to-actions use words that let the audience know the specific action they need to take next. To drive more traffic and capture your viewers’ attention quickly, use the right call-to-action words:

  • Use action words
  • Avoid friction words
  • Get personal
  • Create urgency
  • Create scarcity
  • Raise anticipation and curiosity
  • Show benefits and social proof
  • Focus on value
  • Invite readers inside
  • Minimize risks

Use Different Types of Call to Actions for Different Audiences

Different call-to-actions can have different effects on your audiences. This is because they have different interests and perspectives on online ads and call-to-action buttons. This is why you need to know your audience well, follow statistics and trends to figure out what makes them tick. If you think a single call-to-action is not enough to attract and encourage your audience, you can use different types of call-to-actions. For professionals, use a simple, straightforward call-to-action and for your younger audience, you can explore more on your words and get more creative. You can also experiment on colors, design, style and text size based on your audience. 

Guide your Viewers in your Call-to-Action Extensions

Using call-to-actions is not all about attracting customers but it is also about guiding them. In your call-to-action, you don’t just tell them what to do to reap what you are offering but you are also guiding them on how to do it. For instance, if you want them to subscribe to your email, your call-to-action button will guide and lead them to your subscription page. 

Don’t be too pushy and don’t brag about your products or services. Most people don’t like hard selling so you need to make your call-to-action attractive yet simple and clear. Show your audience that you are not there just to sell something but also to guide them throughout the process. Create a feeling of empathy and let them know that you want to help them address their needs or provide a solution for their problem. Above all, make them take action about your offer.


YouTube call-to-action extensions have helped a lot of advertisers drive more traffic to their website and increase sales. Hence, if you are considering this marketing strategy, you will be able to reap its benefits and eventually grow your business. When creating call-to-actions, just follow these simple and effective steps to keep you on track and achieve your business goals.