5 Simple Steps To Fast-Track Your Instagram Ads Success

Nancy Howard

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms at the moment, so advertising on this website is becoming more and more common among big and small companies alike. However, it is not always possible to succeed at this if you don’t know how to manage such ad campaigns. Here are five simple steps to fast-track your Instagram ads success.

#1 Promote Your Best Content

As a business owner, you will probably want to put out as much content on your social media as possible. But even if you try hard enough to make the quality of your content consistent, there will inevitably be something better than anything else: a video that goes viral, a post with tons of useful information that gets shared a lot, and so on.

Likewise, you will need to use your ads to promote only the best of the best of your content to make your campaign more efficient and more effective in the long run. Try to focus on the pieces that you feel might be the ones that ultimately get more attention than anything else. If you have a good ad that promotes great content, the ad will inevitably perform well.

#2 Actively Use Video

Video content is by far one of the most in-demand types of content at the moment with advertisers and content creators alike seeking to create as much video content as they can. Obviously, with this craze comes the abundance of bad videos, but there is also the positive side: marketers are starting to use videos in ads more actively.

The thing is that a good ad is not only the one that looks cool and has an interesting “hook” to it, but also the one that engages the audience. Consequently, ads that contain videos are more interactive and encourage your audience to participate in the process by first viewing the video and then possibly even sharing it. You could say it’s something like a TV brand ad.

Try to think of smart ways that you could include videos into your ads. For example, game advertisers like creating ads that make the viewer complete a small task “within” the game or pass a level. Then, the viewer is asked to download the game to continue playing. If you could do something similar with video ads for your brand, you would get more traction.

#3 Improve Targeting

Audience targeting and segmenting have become an integral part of any social media ad campaign. However, you need to improve your targeting even more. In other words, segment your audience better and dedicate more time to the types of users you want to attract. This way, you will start creating more personalized content that will appeal to specific groups.

For instance, if your target audience consists of both males and females of an age group that spans several decades, consider creating ads for the segments of a certain gender and smaller age range. Because Instagram is owned by Facebook and putting ads to Instagram can only be done through Facebook, you will be able to control who has to see the ads through the controls provided on Facebook.

#4 Tell Stories and Personalize Your Ads

This tip is obviously directly tied to the previous one because segmenting your audience better will lead to the creation of more personalized ads. However, there is also another side to this: you need to start telling stories with your ads. In other words, you will need to create sequential ads that are shown in a specific order and tell of specific things chronologically.

For example, you could start by introducing a problem with one ad and then following it up with another ad that gives the viewer several possible solutions. Then, the third ad would show the solution you are offering which should be, supposedly, better than the solutions offered before that. So, it would go: 1) problem, 2) possible solutions, 3) best solution.

At the same time, don’t forget about establishing a bond or an emotional connection with your audience. The stories your ads tell will be a huge part of it because they will help you empathize with your audience and show them that you genuinely understand what they are struggling with, so you are here to provide them with a way out of the situation.

#5 Don’t Make Ads Look Like Ads

Last but not least, most marketers often forget about the most important aspect of advertising on social media: ads that look exactly like ads. They try to sell, sell, and sell again instead of being more user-friendly and less corporate. There is a lot of great content on Instagram, so what is stopping these users from scrolling past your ad immediately once they see it’s an ad?

This is why you should seriously think about how you could make your ads less salesy. When you are promoting your posts, this would be much easier to do, because you will probably show something that looks like a regular piece of content. But when it comes to actual ads, try to make them less pushy and more light-hearted.

Final Thoughts

All in all, making your Instagram ads campaign successful is much easier than you might think as long as you know what you are doing and you have a detailed plan of action ready at hand. Use the tactics and techniques in this article to improve your strategy and make your Instagram ads performance even better. 

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