5 Proven Strategies Brands Use to Promote with Instagram Influencers

Harshita Agrawal

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If you’re a regular Instagram user, I can bet that you have come across many influencer posts in your Instagram feed. Whether its brands sharing influencer posts with their products or influencer sharing branded content, influencer marketing has become a common phenomenon on Instagram. 

According to a survey by AspireIQ, brands turn to influencer marketing for brand promotion, increasing brand reputation, and content creation. Other reasons that make influencer marketing worth it is the promotion of new products, events, and high conversions. 

Why Brands Turn to Influencer Marketing

  • Brand promotion 79,2 %
  • Brand reputation 44,6 %
  • Product launch promotion 39,6 %
  • Content creation 61,9 %
  • Event promotion 19,3 %
  • SEO 13,4 %
  • Sales 44,1 %

Source: AspireIQ

Statista reports that the size of Instagram influencer marketing is going to be $2.3 billion by next year. This doesn’t include influencer marketing on other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or other social platforms. 96.5% of brands report using Instagram for their influencer collaborations. Hence, as a brand investing in influencer marketing, you should be well-versed on how to promote with Instagram influencers. 

Here are some proven Instagram influencer marketing strategies that brands use and you should learn from too: 

Create Videos with Instagram Influencers:

Videos have become the most-watched, most-shared, most-engaged content on social media. In 2019, 87% of marketers used video to market their products. When it comes to influencer marketing, more and more brands are seen collaborating with influencers by creating videos.

FIJI water bottles collaborated with the Instagram influencer Danielle Bernstein, founder of WhoWoreWhat to promote their home delivery giveaway. In an interesting promotion, Danielle created a video launching her new brand, BodyWoreWhat and promoted FIJI water bottles along with it. With this subtle video marketing, FIJI rightly placed their product without making it very promotional. 

Hire Influencers with Genuine Engagement:

According to research by HypeAuditor, more than 60% of influencers in the USA with followers over 100k are involved in fraud. With many Instagram growth pods increasing fake engagement on the platform, it’s essential for any brand to only collaborate with real influencers. 

Using tools like HypeAuditor can help you get authentic insights on influencers. You can learn an influencer’s follower growth, audience quality, engagement rate, like-comment ratio, and other metrics before hiring them.

Create Giveaway Posts with Instagram Influencers:

Giveaways work like a charm on Instagram when shared by an influencer. Influencers are often seen sharing discount coupons, free products, and trials to their followers on behalf of the brands. Here’s an example of Mac Cosmetics Peru collaborating with local influencers and hosting giveaways to attract customers. The success of the giveaway can be measured as the post received thousands of comments within a few hours. 

To launch a store giveaway it’s advisable to work with local influencers while to launch online giveaways you can work with influencers worldwide. You can also ask your influencers to create Instagram stories for the giveaway so they can add your product link to the story. 

Collaborate with Micro and Nano Influencers:

The more connected an influencer to its audience, the more valuable it is. Maintaining a solid influencer-audience relationship are the micro and nano influencers on Instagram. These influencers are known for a medium number of Instagram followers with high engagement.

An increasing trend is seen amongst brands to collaborate with nano and micro-influencers. An amazing example to look at is Daniel Wellington (DW). DW collaborates with micro-influencers wearing their watches to make a statement. They work with influencers across various niches to make sure they reach a diverse audience on Instagram. 

Invite Influencers to Attend your Brand Events: 

When you invite influencers to your events, they have a plethora of options to promote your brand on Instagram. They can live stream your event and get their audiences truly interested in your brand. They can post multiple Instagram stories, share photos and videos on their Instagram account. 

The best example to learn from when you want to invite influencers over is H&M. H&M turned their Instagram influencers to ambassadors by contracting them for a year-long partnership. The influencers are invited to their exclusive events and share the new upcoming collection. 

Key Takeaway:

Brands are merging e-commerce, influencer marketing, and event marketing to make the most of their advertising expenses. Hiring influencers who can resonate with your brand and help you reach new audiences is the aim of influencer marketing. Make sure to have a look at the influencer marketing lessons and Instagram marketing trends for 2020 before you begin your campaigns. 

If you have any strategies or examples to share regarding your experience with the Instagram influencers, please share them in the comments below.

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