4 Hassle-Free YouTube Video Editing Apps and Tools

Harshita Agrawal

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Creating amazing YouTube videos requires not just great camera work and content, it also requires the right YouTube video editing apps that can make your videos flawless. Several times, finding the right video editing app can be a big pain because many apps are not user-friendly.

Using a YouTube video editing app can help you fix the following aspects of your YouTube videos: 

  • Crop and trim videos
  • Merge videos
  • Add sound to the videos
  • Add subtitles/text to the videos
  • Include animations to the video frames
  • Add your brand logo/watermark
  • Change dimensions of the video
  • Change brightness/contrast of the video
  • Add video effects
  • Change the speed of your videos
  • Add images to your videos

YouTube video editing apps may cover all or some of the features that can make your YouTube videos better. In this article, we will have a look at some of the easiest video editing apps that you can use. 

Clipchamp Create:

Pricing: Free plan available. Upgrade at $19 per month.

Devices: Windows/Mac 

A very easy-to-use video editing app that’s packed with features that can help you edit your videos in a few seconds. You can use Clipchamp as a site and it doesn’t require you to download or install any files on your computer. With Clipchamp create, you can perform the following video editing functions:

  • Create square/widescreen/social/cinematic/portrait videos with Clipchamp. The widescreen format is used for creating YouTube videos.
  • Import videos/images from your devices to their media gallery. You can add as many images and videos to the gallery without any limits. You can also use their stock photos and videos if required.
  • Add text to your videos with their super animated text formate. You can customize the color and position of the text.
  • Add overlays and transition to your videos.
  • With the paid plan, you can also add music and logo to the videos. The paid plan also allows you to download the video in the highest quality of 1080 px. 

The tool works perfectly and is highly recommended for non-designers to use it to edit their videos. You can directly share the edited videos from Clipchamp to your social media profiles. 


Pricing: $59.99 for lifetime

Devices: Windows/Mac 

Filmora is another feature-packed YouTube video editor that can help you create amazing YouTube videos easily. You can download the Filmora app and install it on your PC to use the app. With the Filmora app, you can perform the following actions:

  • Crop/trim/rotate/split videos with Filmora app. 
  • There are many ways how you can manage the audio for the videos. Audio can be edited, adjusted, mixed, and detached.
  • Filmora lets you play your videos in reverse which is a unique and cool feature provided by the app.
  • It can let you stabilize unstable videos and enhance your videos. 
  • You can do pictures-over-pictures or create mosaics within the app. 

You can take a free trial of the app before purchasing it. They also offer a 30-days refund policy if in case you are not happy with the app. 


Pricing: Free plan available. The premium plan starts at $4.99 per month. 

Devices: iOS/Android/Windows/Mac

Magisto is the perfect app to create your YouTube videos on the phones. If you like to work on-the-go, then you need this app for video editing and creation. This app is available on Android devices, Apple devices, and desktops. With Magisto, you can create and edit your videos in the following way: 

  • You can select the video style from the app that you want to incorporate in your video. 
  • Once the style is selected, you can upload your photos and videos to the app. You can also select the soundtrack for your video. 
  • The app’s A.I. will then create your edited video within seconds.
  • Once created, you can download the video or share it on your YouTube and other social apps. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

Pricing: Free plan available.

Devices: iOS/Android/Windows/Mac

This is a new app that has been launched by Adobe as a better replacement for their Adobe Premiere Clip app. The app is excellent for video editing on your desktop and mobile devices. Your videos are synced via cloud making it available on all your devices at any time. Here are the YouTube video editing features available on this app: 

  • Edit your videos by easily moving your frames and trimming/cropping the videos as required.
  • Add text to the videos as required by selecting their text templates and styles. 
  • Enhance color with the simple color presets.
  • Change orientation of the videos to fit different social media devices. 

Final Words

All the above-listed apps are the best apps to edit YouTube videos at the utmost ease on different devices and with better pricing. If you have any issues using the apps, you can share it with us in the comments below. 

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