4 Best Ways to Promote a YouTube Channel in 2020

Harshita Agrawal

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400 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. And, YouTube videos are watched 1 billion times on mobile each day. With such a high supply-demand of videos on YouTube, it can sound like a task to promote your YouTube channel. 

Unlike social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you cannot get yourself at the top of search results on YouTube by paying for it. Promoting a YouTube channel is about getting ranked organically and gaining views on YouTube. Other than that, there are many other ways to promote your YouTube channel and grow your YouTube subscribers with some meaningful efforts. 

Let’s look at some of the best tips to promote a YouTube channel:

Make your SEO strong enough to rank in the search results:

Easier said than done, but some of the best ways to promote your YouTube channels are to appear on YouTube and Google search results. For many topics and keywords, the Google algorithm shows YouTube videos over their other search results. If you can appear in the Google search results, this would be the best way to promote yourself without paying a dime. 

How to make your YouTube video SEO ready?

  • Use the Google “Keyword Planner” tool to find keywords for your video title and description. The Keyword Planner is a free app that anybody can use and get the right keywords for their niche based on user searches.
  • Once you have found your ideal keyword, create a title and try to keep the keyword in the beginning on the title.
  • Also, add your primary and secondary keywords in the description of your YouTube video.

Start Contests and Challenges:

When bodybuilding.com launched initially, they started a 12-week transformative challenge on YouTube. The challenge was that the best transformation video/photo gets $100,000. The challenge required participants to use products of the website for the transformation. The contest became a huge success and the website started ranking in “transformation challenge” which was a highly-competitive keyword on Google.

They keep creating such challenges even now to gain more popularity and reach more people on YouTube.Contests are a great way to promote on YouTube. You might not always need a big marketing budget to start contests on YouTube. Sometimes, you might even start funny contests that many people can engage in without promoting your video or having a marketing budget. 

Create Social Media Ads for your YouTube videos:

If you’re new on all social media platforms without many followers, then the fastest approach would be to create Facebook ads. You can promote your best videos via Facebook ads and ask users to subscribe to your YouTube channel for more. If you’re already popular on some of the social media channels, then it should be easy for you as you can share links to your new YouTube videos on your social channels.

English with Lucy, a popular YouTube channel with more than 2.8 million subscribers, shares all their videos on its Facebook page too. They receive high engagement on their Facebook posts taking users to their YouTube videos. Instead of embedding all of their videos on Facebook, they post the thumbnail with the video link.

Pro Tip: To increase engagement with your followers, it would be really amazing to go live during your video creation. Whether it’s backstage videos or funny things happening during the shoot, share them with your users. 

Collaborate with Other YouTube Channels

Another quick way to promote your YouTube channel is by collaborating with other YouTube influencers and popular channels. You can also collaborate with channels that have complementary content to your channel to gain popularity. For example, if you’re selling baby products, you can collaborate with sites selling mommy products to get your video views. 

How can other channels promote your video?

  • You can both work together to create a video and mention your YouTube channel in that video. When they share the video on their channel, your channel would get famous too.
  • They can mention your brands or products in their video and your link in the description.
  • YouTube creators can add a YouTube card to their video linking them to your YouTube channel. 

To End With:

Other than the above practices, it’s important for every YouTuber to keep away from the common YouTube mistakes. You should also make sure that your videos are top-notch even if they require you to use video editing apps and tools.  

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