3 Types of Content Brands Should Leverage on TikTok

George Mathew

George is a writer and SaaS marketer who has worked with several SaaS brands over the last few years. He now blogs at thinkingne.com.

TikTok is the next biggest thing on social media. If you’re a brand, you should be on TikTok. First, here’s some context. TikTok is barely more than a year old. The platform lets you make short videos with some music in the background. Despite its recency, the platform has great appeal and shows great promise. Infact, TikTok swelled to over 500 million plus monthly active users within a few months of launch. Most users are young adults. There are lots of opportunities for brands on TikTok.

Every social media channel has a defining nature. Instagram is inherently visual (think quality pictures and UGC) and LinkedIn all business—where long-form articles work.

What’s TikTok’s nature? TikTok is quirky. Creativity wins attention at TikTok. Specifically, TikTok is about quirky, fun and short videos.

Here’s how brands can find success with TikTok.

For influencer backed advertising

Ads that directly endorse a brand announcing features and benefits aren’t going to make it here. A creative approach to branding that incorporates quirkiness is what you need.

Here’s what I am talking about:

Mucinex came up with a highly creative influencer campaign to promote its OTC pill by working with influencers during Halloween.


The looks we got while filming this ? ##BeatTheZombieFunk ##twitch ##zombie ##tiktok @lizzyrichyo DC: @twitchtok7 @allisonholkerboss @ellendegeneres

♬ #BeatTheZombieFunk – DJ Nightshift

In the videos, influencers wake up dressed as zombies. The next thing you know, they grab Mucinex. Promptly the video cuts to these previously zombie-looking people now looking smart and freshened up for a party. The idea they wanted to convey was Mucinex helps you recover no matter how ill you feel.

Brands in the FMCG space like Colgate partnered with TikTok celebrities and reached a 2.3 million strong audience thanks to the content that TikTok stars produced. Brands like Colgate roped in TikTok stars like Mrunal Panchal, Nagma Mirajkar, and Awez Darbar to promote their music competition online. The influencer powered posts reached 2.3 million people.

Image source: Vidooly

Myntra and Brand Factory ran influencer marketing campaigns to drive footfall to their #endofreason sales. The influencer fuelled campaigns boosted sales.

Before you go all guns blazing note that the user’s follower numbers, like counts and other metrics need a look. Also important is their content. See if they post interesting quality content that’s relevant to your brand. While you’re at it, also take stock of past sponsored collaborations to understand how creatively they tie in brand endorsements with their content.

For posting user-generated content

On National Avocado Day, Chipotle, a popular Mexican eatery posted The Guacamole song’s music video on their Instagram profile with the caption, “TFW guac is free. Online/in-app only 7/31”. 

The offer was apt for the music video. The post additionally announced the launch of the #Guac challenge.

The post went viral and became one of the highest grossing branded viral campaigns. As part of the Guac challenge users posted videos of them dancing with avocados.

Here’s an example.


you know I ❤️ @Chipotle & 7/31 is national ? day which = FREE GUAC online/in-app! ##guacdance ##ad

♬ The Guacamole Song – Dr. Jean

The above campaign epitomizes what works on TikTok. Funny, quirky, silly videos that borrow a beloved score in the background.

Another example is Guess. Guess has only 35000 fans on TikTok. But they were the first to launch a challenge on TikTok.

After the app’s launch, TikTok partnered with Guess to bring the #InMyDenim challenge that challenged users to film themselves at interesting places wearing Guess the new denim wear.

And when users participated they had to do so by overlaying the song “I’m a mess”.


##inmydenim ##sponsored ??@madison_willow

♬ #inmydenim I’m a Mess – Bebe Rexha

The challenge went viral on TikTok precisely because it tugged at the heart of what TikTok embodies. A platform like TikTok only needs a quirky challenge in the spirit of TikTok to go viral and generate loads of brand awareness.

The challenge is good for brand awareness because it shows off clothing from the brand. And serves as social proof for others who may like to buy those and try out for themselves.

For posting behind-the-scenes content

NBA’s TikTok channel is a world apart from its Instagram channel. The focus isn’t on game highlights but on what happens behind the scenes.


“Music gets you through anything and right now it’s all I need, love learning new tunes?. Stay home and stay safe everyone!” – Jamal Murray

♬ original sound – nba

Most content is around players working out with some background music, or team adventures.

Another example is Chipotle that shares exclusive behind-the-scenes content on its TikTok brand page.

Here’s an example where they share how they make guacamole for the day.


Come back for chips part 2 ##foryou ##guac ##chipotle

♬ Pump – Valentino Khan


Ultimately, TikTok is a place to embrace a different side of your brand. And showcase the same. TikTok is full of humor and creativity. A personal tone, behind the scenes content, poking fun makes your brand more relatable and worthy of trust.

The app is new. On platforms like Facebook, there’s no saying what will work and what won’t but with TikTok, quirk is the norm. To that end come up with video ideas, challenges, duets that have the singular goal of engaging people.

The more you engage people the more growth you drive. Try a number of funny and silly things and see if some of that sticks. Very soon you will have your own campaign that goes viral.