10 Ingenious Hacks to Get Trending on Instagram

Amanda Jerelyn

Amanda Jerelyn is a professional digital marketer. She has worked with many firms to get the hype of social media trends and content marketing strategies as well. She is currently working as a Content Specialist at King Essay UK.

With the launch in 2010, Instagram has instantly outgrown its first impression on users and has proudly become a powerful platform for content marketing, networking and business by bridging the gap between brands and individuals. Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. It has over 1 billion active users monthly sharing 1.6 billion likes on around 60 million pictures daily.

What statistics have to say?

For most of the social media sites, the engagement rates are less than 0.1%. However, Instagram has blown that all away. According to a Forrester study, the average Instagram engagement rates for Instagram are 58 times higher than Facebook. The numbers sound excellent to get you to perform better on Instagram than other platforms.

Hence, if you are a growing brand or an established brand, and wondering how to get yourself trending on Instagram, then don’t just strive for average. Reach for the stars and be an Instagram icon with your brand. Be a digital unicorn which is rare, magical, and outperforms with magnitude.

Below are 10 Ingenious Hacks to Get you Trending on Instagram

1. Get creative with the hashtag

When it comes to getting trending on Instagram, you need to look beyond caption ideas with some unique hashtags. Instagram is all about playing with customized hashtags. Hence, you have to use them well and much. Mix them up with the content to tell the story and convey your message. Be ironic, funny and outrageous with collaborative and dull content to make sure your followers like them.

2. Cross-promotion

It’s good to create unique and customized hashtags for your business. However, to let users know trends share with them your content, place it on your profile everywhere. Also, take the game offline. Use them all over your print media and stationary. Get it on your cards, letterheads, receipts, print ads, envelops and much more. Integrate offline and online campaigns to maximize the impact of your buzz. Use websites, social media, emails and every available medium to make sure your prospect finds you quickly.

3. Participate in popular conversations

Use a mix of most relevant hashtags, including your specific one with your industry or niche during conversations. Try to get the most popular and trending hashtags along with long-tail keywords to show more depth and intend of discussion. This will help your business to find the right customer. Specific to the business along with general to the niche, both hashtags are equally needed for you to get on Instagram’s noise list.

4. Make the most of bio URL

Don’t forget to include a URL into your bio section and posts that get your customers to your website. Also, keep that section updated regularly with a fruitful clickable link to your newest and most popular content. It’s your only way to get free and organic traffic.

5. Get descriptive with captions

As mentioned above, captions play an essential role to reach your audience and raise awareness about your brand. Use storytelling approach alongside your photos to engage users and to boost sharing. This is something you have to be committed and dedicated to work with your strategy. Use different tools to generate unique, fresh and plagiarism free content for your descriptions.

6. Go on influencer marketing

To get yourself the authentic and most suited marketing influencer, visit profiles of every person that you have identified as an influencer for your business. Then turn on their post notifications to get updated every time they share something. By this, you can judge and interact with them to choose a perfect marketing influencer for your brand.

7. Remove unwanted tagged photos

If you want to showcase only specific and best user-generated content on your Instagram profile, then you can use the “hide from profile” feature of the app.  It will not remove the tag, but it will prevent the post from being shown on your profile. Go to edit tags menu and select the photo and then click on hide tag button by confirming to get it away from your page.

8. Approve photo tags

Just like the hide tag option, you have the control to choose which tag to approve and which not. You can find this under the “Options” section with “add manually” and “photos of you”. Hence select those images you want to be displayed on your profile and skip those you don’t want. This will save your image from some potentially embarrassing situations.

9. Develop your own Instagram style

Humans are adaptable by nature. They fit in every style and trend. However, if you want your Instagram profile to stand out, develop your own style that people will recognize. It will give you an edge to be unique and different from your competitors.

10. Get local

Go to your search page and choose place tabs to see what’s going on in specific locations in which you operate your business. This will help you to design targeted ads and keep you updated with competitors and influencers activities. Hence, you can make your marketing strategies accordingly.

Bonus tip: Remember your calls to action!

Just like other social media networks, Instagram is a conversation platform, not a broadcasting one. Hence, if you know what you want your audiences to do after they get your posts, then it is a great way to include a compelling CTA (call to action) to get the best possible ROI. Generate engaging content that cleverly gets people to share your content to make it viral and trendy. It will benefit you in unexpected revenue.

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