10 Actual TikTok limits [Infographic]

Nick Baklanov

Marketing specialist at HypeAuditor. Connect on Linkedin.

TikTok has blown up the short video market and is now the leader.

TikTok is a social network where you can exchange messages, conduct live broadcasts and create short videos. The content of this platform is videos lasting 15-60 seconds, which you can like or leave comments. The application has a built-in video editor with music, effects, stickers and masks, so you can make unusual clips.

The social network was launched in 2016 in China and gained record popularity in record time: now an active audience of 800 million people worldwide.

In terms of the number of downloads, the application overtook all competitors in 2019.
But popularity is not equal to transparency, and most users do not know the elementary limits of TikTok, for example, how long the text can be placed in the profile description.
HypeAuditor tested and collected all the known limits and restrictions of TikTok in one convenient table.
Use it, and share it!

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