What does the Coronavirus Pandemic Mean for Influencer Marketing

Gregory V. Chapman

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Two months ago, it seemed like a good storyline for films about the apocalypse, and today it has become a “new normal” for the whole world. The first outbreak of panic and an oppressive sense of uncertainty is behind us, so it becomes possible to look at our new way of life with a sober mind.

Of course, it is quite difficult to make unambiguous predictions about how COVID-19 will affect our future, however, there are already some obvious shifts in branding and marketing. In this article, we decided to find out how coronavirus will affect influencer marketing. Fortunately, these changes will be positive for their most part. 

Consumer Behavior Changes

In addition to the pandemic, it has become very difficult to breathe for small businesses. Coronavirus did not spare the economy – now Americans have lost more than 10 million jobs, and there are predictions that by the time the pandemic ends, this figure will grow by almost five times.

It is already obvious that a lot of people find themselves in a difficult situation during the lockdown. Mostly, customers will buy essential goods and those that will make their stay at home more comfortable. What does this mean for influencer marketing?

This means that now these are the goods that will be advertised and sold. An influencer telling that he orders ready-made food sets and home delivery of groceries will become normal. However, there is also another category of users.

These are people who practically did not feel the influence of the pandemic – for example, those who worked remotely before events, or those whose business went up due to the pandemic, for example, suppliers of masks and antiseptics.

Their buying habits also change, and nevertheless, this is the segment that will buy “what I have long wanted to buy” subject to a favorable discount. The hint for business is the following – if you are targeting people who are not on the brink of survival, make a discount on your product, and ask the influencer to talk about it. For example, this approach might work with clothes or gadgets.

People Want Even More Support and Help From Influencers

Each of us feels uncertain now. And it is logical to seek support and help from the people whom you trust – even if you do not know them personally.  They want even more clear solutions to their new problems. On this basis, it is possible to assume that users of social networks will become even more involved in content from influencers – and by the way, the time that users began to spend on social networks in the lockdown period also increased (by 21%, according to research).

Thus, those businesses that have remained afloat but have not previously worked with influencers, for example, due to a different competitive structure or rather high prices against an unpredictable result, are likely to decide to try this strategy during a pandemic. This is just the case when users want advice and ready-made solutions, influencers are the same hostages of the situation as all other users, and business can make life easier for each of them.

There Will Be More Live Streams From Influencers

The reason is simple – more time at home is the synonym for more free time. Influencers will use this opportunity to communicate with their followers more closely and listen to them more attentively. Closer communication always means being able to get to know a person better (and an influencer is the same person as others, just with a large number of subscribers on social networks), as well as form your opinion completely – for the worse or for the better.

In this context, we can talk about improving the quality of the target audience of influencers. In simple words, those users who understand that they really share the values ​​of the influencer will stay with him or her, and the rest will unsubscribe by themselves.

Plus, video and lifestreams perfectly attract a new audience, which, as we already said, began to spend much more time on social networks. And here is the important thing. Lifestreams are a great opportunity to show a product or service and do it as organically and natively as possible – without intrusive advertising. That is, it is an opportunity to use the best feature of influencer marketing.

And this is again a great opportunity for a business that has remained afloat because it will be able to work with influencers and strengthen its reputation, expand its audience consisting of high-quality leads from influencers, and support sales even in conditions of lockdown.

Those Who Catch Trends will get a Chance to become Influencers

In other words, those users of social networks who have a fairly large audience, and who even before the pandemic offered content that is relevant to current trends, have a great chance of becoming influencers. This assumption was made by Business Insider.

The simplest example is fitness and yoga trainers – and by the way, in response to this trend, most retailers note that their sales of fitness products have grown several times during the pandemic. The same is true for users who previously taught subscribers to work from home productively, advised on how to raise children, shared the secrets of happy family life, interesting ideas for home, and so on.

That is, when it is all over, we will have more “middle managers” influencers, but with sufficiently lively and involved target audiences. And this is another opportunity for businesses to start implementing influencer marketing strategies.

Instead of Conclusion: Influencer Marketing will Remain Powerful

So, to summarize this article briefly, the main points will be as follows.

  • People still trust influencers.
  • They want more digital content during isolation.
  • We will get more “pandemic-born” influencers that we able to catch the trend and give the users the content they want. 
  • Brands that will be able to adapt to changes and find the right influencers to collaborate with will stay afloat as well. 

So, it’s definitely not worth giving up influencer marketing in 2020. Even before the pandemic, experts made predictions that the share of influencer marketing in the marketing budget of companies would increase. The coronavirus pandemic is not a reason to abandon this strategy, but a good opportunity to review some approaches and get even more.

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