Top 10 Growing Instagram accounts in Ukraine

Nick Baklanov

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The number of followers is still the main measure of popularity on Instagram. At the request of Dentsu Ukraine, the analytical tool HypeAuditor compiled a list of the top 10 Ukrainian Instagram accounts that gained the most subscribers in 2020.

All of these accounts gained over 1 million subscribers in 2020. Among them are Dr. Komarovsky, the host of popular tv show Regina Todorenko and the account of a facial gymnastics coach.

  1. sofia_stuzhuk

Sofia Stuzhuk is an influencer and one of the most famous “instamoms” in Ukraine.

Number of followers: 5.5M
Followers’ growth 2020: 2.9M

  1. verbaaa

Influencer Julia Verbinets maintains a popular lifestyle account on Instagram.

Number of followers: 3.4M
Followers’ growth 2020: 2.5M

  1. doctor_komarovskiy

Evgeny Komarovsky is a pediatrician of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences, writer and TV presenter. Amid a general increase in interest in the topic of health, his account grew by more than 2 million users in 2020.

Number of followers: 9.1M
Followers’ growth 2020: 2.2M

  1. n.stadnyk

Nastya Stadnyk is a popular influencer and young mother, she calls herself “top family influencer”.

Number of followers: 2.7M
Followers’ growth 2020: 1.5M

  1. alana_venum

Alena Venum has a popular lifestyle blog on YouTube, where she has 5.5 million subscribers. In 2020, her Instagram account has grown by over 1.4 million subscribers.

Number of followers: 4.3M
Followers’ growth 2020: 1.4M

  1. lianayel

Liana Suleimanova is a famous Ukrainian influencer at Tik Tok, a member of the “Dream Team House” since August 2020

Number of followers: 1.3M
Followers’ growth 2020: 1.1M

  1. prilepab

Bogdan Prilepa is the founder of the blockchain startup Prof-it. He generously shares luxury life on his Instagram: helicopters, exclusive cars and first class flights.

Number of followers: 1.1M
Followers’ growth 2020: 1.1M

  1. reginatodorenko

Regina Todorenko is a Ukrainian TV presenter, singer, composer. Best known as the host of the TV show “Heads and Tails”.

Number of followers: 8.4M
Followers’ growth 2020: 1.1M

  1. nataliya_ran

Natalia Romanyuk is a business woman, influencer, owner of the Ran line sportswear brand. It is worth noting that of the 1.1 million subscribers acquired in 2020, she has already lost 381 thousand in January, which can indicate either the purchase of subscribers or a huge unsubscribe after participating in the Giveaway.

Number of followers: 0.7M
Followers’ growth 2020: 1.1M

  1. face_gimnastics_nakonechnaya

Natalia Nakonechnaya is a trainer of facial gymnastics and facial rejuvenation. Conducts rejuvenation marathons on Instagram.

Number of followers: 2.1M
Followers’ growth 2020: 1M

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