TikTok Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2020

Melisa Marzett

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How to set up advertising in TikTok? How profitable is this social network for business? Which topics are suitable for advertising, and which are better to put away?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network where you can exchange messages, conduct live broadcasts and create short videos. The content of this platform is videos lasting 15-60 seconds, which you can like or leave comments. The application has a built-in video editor with music, effects, stickers and masks, so you can make unusual clips.

The social network was launched in 2016 in China and gained record popularity in record time: now an active audience of 800 million people worldwide.

The popularity of TikTok is explained by the following factors:

  • the phenomenon of mosaic thinking;
  • the growing popularity of video content;
  • short, entertaining and funny videos that attract young users (approx. 70% of users of TikTok are generation Z (16-24 years old);

According to Spiegel CEO, TikTok content is based on talent, not on the desire to demonstrate their social status.

Features of TikTok social network

Young audience, video production inside the application, integration with music content – this is the fundamental difference between TikTok and other social networks. The platform has become the absolute record holder for the number of downloads. Subscribers enter this social network seven times a day on average, and among its main features it is worth highlighting:

  • the opportunity to realize creative potential – users not only watch videos, but also create videos (this can be done in minutes thanks to the imposition of music and the presence of filters);
  • positive emotions – most often the audience enters the application to relax and recharge with a positive;
  • integration – the application integrates into other social networks.

Many videos from TikTok become viral, subscribers massively share them on other sites, videos fall into the recommended section for viewing and gain a huge number of views in a short period of time. Such advantages of the social network began to use business advertising in TikTok has become an effective tool for promoting goods and services.

TikTok Audience

It is believed that the main audience of TikTok is Generation Z (age 16-24 years old – 70%, over 25 years old – 30%). Representatives of many brands are sure that advertising in TikTok is one of the most effective forms of communication with young people.

Promotion with the help of TikTok

Before you start advertising in TikTok, you should understand that the video should not be too complicated or pretentious. This application was created for fun content, and those videos that intrigue, motivate to action and make you watch until the end will be most popular. Now there is no competition on the site – Generation Z appreciates strong and familiar brands. It is worth noting that here you do not sell goods, but introduce the company to your target audience, thereby helping it to become a brand in the eyes of TikTok users.

Also, SMM experts say that the application has several quantitative indicators that directly affect how many users see your videos:

  • percentage of viewing (completion rate) – a numerical indicator that indicates whether users are watching the video to the end (for example, if all users watched until the last second, the coefficient will be 1);
  • profile rating – video creators are assigned a figure reflecting how popular the previously published content was;
  • the number of subscribers – it is logical that a large number of fans of the profile increases the chances of getting a lot of views;
  • performance rating ratio – a performance rating coefficient, considered the most significant indicator and is associated with the volume of involvement.

Representatives of the social network say that only one day is enough to determine the interests of users. During this period, the algorithms understand the preferences of the person and begin to offer relevant content.

Advertising opportunities of the TikTok social network

Speaking of this social network as a platform where you can successfully promote a business, marketers often draw an analogy with Instagram. A few years ago, few used Insta-account to promote a business, and now the majority of players in the market listen to social network trends.

If you need advertising in TikTok, the price will directly depend on the method of promotion. There are four of them in TikTok Ads:

  • Brand Takeover – a full-screen banner that appears when you enter the application;
  • In-feed Native Video – an ad that pops up in the feed;
  • Hashtag Challenge – a banner appearing in the search section;
  • AR (Augmented Reality) – promotion using stickers, masks, lenses and other elements that are used in the application.

An input banner can be implemented as a static advertisement lasting up to 3 seconds or as a video with a maximum duration of 5 seconds (no more than 5 seconds). TikTok advertising in the feed becomes longer – up to 15 seconds.

Regarding the Hashtag Challenge, this format is suitable for announcements of new activities. Challenge launch price is 60 thousand dollars. Promotion using augmented reality involves the creation of branded content, for example, stickers with the company logo.

Using this social network as a tool for promoting a business, it is advisable to choose the face of the advertising campaign – the person who will represent the goods or services. Young people are unlikely to like video reviews of the benefits of products, but options for fashionable onions, funny stories from the life of the company, and videos with an accelerated recording of the process, for example, cooking delicious dishes, may be interesting.

There is also a stereotype that only representatives of small and medium-sized businesses should do promotion in this social network, while it is better for owners of large businesses to abandon this idea. Nevertheless, there are many cases proving that almost any subject and any scale of entrepreneurial business can find a response in TikTok if given competently.

How to promote an account in TikTok?

TikTok is an application with impressive engagement (averaging 90%). In addition to official advertising, there are other effective ways to promote accounts:

  • traffic from other accounts – if you already have pages untwisted on other social networks, tell TikTok subscribers and make it clear that you can find alternative content there;
  • collaboration – cooperation with other bloggers will allow a larger audience to learn about the account;
  • hashtags – the correct selection of hashtags in the subject gives your publication all the chances to get to the top;
  • compliance with trends – as in any other social network, trends related to the use of certain music or filters appear in TikTok;
  • advertising with creators – mentioning a page in promoted accounts is an effective way to quickly find a large audience.

Also remember that any account must be prepared for promotion. An attractive avatar, an easy-to-remember nickname and the presence of a unique trading offer in the description are important points that you need to pay attention to. It is advisable to place a link to your site (if any) and put the page in pro-mode.

Quality content is another decisive moment in the promotion. Diverse images, unusual ideas and the lack of commonplace are what will lead new subscribers, including future customers.

Despite the fact that TikTok seems to many a frivolous social network, a full-fledged strategy should be prescribed for promotion on this platform. First of all, decide for whom you are creating content: what the age and gender of the audience are, at what time subscribers are most active, and what they are interested in. It is equally important to decide for what purposes the promotion will be used, perhaps it is an increase in sales, traffic growth on the site or strengthening brand positioning.

Advertising with bloggers on TikTok

Targeted advertising in TikTok allows you to find your target audience. Targeting can be customized based on geography, interests, gender, language, age and devices used. But one of the most effective ways to advertise a brand is advertising with bloggers. The most beneficial will be cooperation with official partners of the social network. Opportunities for promotion with the help of bloggers are becoming even broader, given these advantages:

  • exclusive tools – some tools have not yet become publicly available and only those bloggers who are official partners of the application have;
  • open information – in TikTok, advertising is first confirmed, and then platform managers select bloggers for your activity indicating contacts, cost and reach;
  • quick answer – partners have a direct relationship with managers, so the process of launching an advertising campaign will be faster.

It is also important that the cost of advertising for bloggers remains budgetary and is in the range of 1-10 thousand rubles, depending on the popularity of the page. Be sure to ask that your brand is not only advertised, but also noted in the description or in the video itself.

When choosing a TikTok user, be guided not only by relevance to the topic, but also by feedback from other advertising campaigns. Such information is published on social network analytics services (for example, Popsters).

If you order advertising from several bloggers at once, then it’s better to evenly distribute the impressions of the videos, since without the systematic placement it will be difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Many application stars do not yet have much experience in the field of advertising, so it is advisable to handle a ready-made and clearly-defined technical requirement. However, the fact that advertising by bloggers of TikTok is only gaining momentum has obvious advantages: firstly, even on the most popular pages there is not much advertising, and secondly, such promotion is affordable.

TikTok new trends for video

Among the latest trends in TikTok are non-standard video effects and visual processing, as well as funny scenes for shooting. Have you thought about how to make a trend in TikTok? Consider the most interesting solutions that have become incredibly fashionable and interesting for most people on the planet to take them into service.

Video: effects and processing

The application allows you to impose a variety of effects on videos. So, the most popular types of processing this season:

  • Slowly, or slow down: you can slow down the video 2-10 times or speed up 2-3 times. Today you can find the most top-notch “slowmo” and adopt these methods for your own creativity and self-expression.
  • Masks and other effects. The processing tools are located in the lower left corner of the menu. In this mode, you can add any details to your image – a mustache, glasses, a hat, create a sepia effect or age a video.
  • Without hands. If you want to remove your own dance or movement, you can choose the mode for creating a clip in automatic mode. An item with an alarm in the menu on the right will help.
  • Intermittent recording. Putting the filming on pause, you can restart it, if at this moment you change clothes and change your position, you can play new roles and demonstrate the entire wardrobe.
  • Screen fragmentation. The special effect helps to break the image into elements – this is convenient for recording dialogue or a video together.
  • Duets. So you can record a duet singing or run another video concurrently. It is important to choose an interesting person with whom you have an excellent tandem – the opportunity to agree on the simultaneous voice acting of a song or film. First, one person writes his half of the text, and the second then adds this record to his duet and voices the remainder. The result will be an impression of synchronism, although the recording was made at different times; just find any video you like, add to your duet, then do whatever you want. You can mimic the “partner”, do replays, synchronize, for example, a duet with a Bingo kitten – these stories are often seen in the recommended videos.

Video Ideas

It is important to shoot a high-quality video, to mount and process it in a high-quality and competent manner. However, the basis of any shooting is a curious idea. Here, too, there are trends that are worth paying attention to:

  • Just a dance. Moving well, you can get to the top positions in views.
  • Dance on the stairs or on the table. Stretching on the steps looks interesting, but it is important to be careful not to get injured.
  • Adele Challenge. The popularity of the song Adele (hit by Someone Like You) is simply phenomenal, today there are many options for video making for this song. You can post your version under the special hashtag #adelechallenge.
  • Sudden change of image. You can take unusual cosmetics and clothes, change your image completely and completely.
  • Humorous miniature. Take and voice your favorite joke or play a funny scene.
  • Re-sounding a movie or a cartoon – on your own, it can turn out funny and unusual.
  • Dance of the hands or fingers. A more complex or simple option is for you to decide, but it looks very funny.
  • Tricks training. To remove a few small master classes and train the audience in tricks is to intrigue and interest them.
  • Game with a shadow. If the installation skills allow, you can remove your shadow at different times and combine in one video.
  • Bad duplicates. A collection of mistakes and bad moments during the shooting is also a good find. All falls, coughing, sneezing, stuttering – this is ridiculous, you get something like a backstage.
  • Kaleidoscope of excerpts. The movements can be different and unrelated, but there must be some common connecting idea for the entire video. It is worth remembering the limit of 60 seconds.
  • Frame animation. When you have drawing skills, you can draw a character and make a small cartoon with a plot or mood.
  • TV series. If you make several stories with a sequel and spread them with a certain frequency, you get an interesting series. The plot may be a detective investigation, the passage of a computer game, various life hacks or melodrama.
  • Live Stream. “Live” ether disposes of free action. If there is enough time, then you can speak as much as you like. The minus is the limitation of the service, because you can start the broadcast only if there are 1000 or more subscribers.

TikTok Advertising Launch: Conclusions

No matter how positive or negative you feel about the TikTok social network, you have to admit that this platform is becoming a trend, and promotion on it is a profitable investment. To be popular, you need to be simple, creative and concise.

Hopefully, this article will be useful for you and will contribute to the popularization of your account in TikTok. The most interesting trends today are video experimentation. The funniest videos in TikTok become popular – they focus on this social network. Do not be afraid of new experiences, use all the technical capabilities of TikTok – and rejoice at new subscribers and fans!