The Most Interesting and Relevant Influencer Marketing Stats

Harshita Agrawal

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Before you hire influencers or find your ideal ones, understanding influencer marketing stats is very important to make the right decision. Knowing some facts regarding influencer’s engagement and credibility can help you pick who’s right for you. In this article, we have curated some of the best influencer marketing stats for every marketer and influencer. We hope you enjoy them!

Pro tip: Before you move to the stats, it would be helpful to look at the influencer distribution chart below to understand the stats better. 

Influencer Demographics Stats:


  • There is an equal number of male and female influencers on Instagram. There are 50.5% female influencers and 49.5% male influencers on Instagram worldwide.
  • Micro-influencers are the biggest group of influencers representing 50.5% of all influencers. Micro-influencers are influencers who have between 5k-20k followers. 
  • 54% of influencers on Instagram are between 25-34 years. 31% influencers are between 18-24 years and 11% are between 35-49 years. (Source)
  • Majority of the influencers create content on niches like Beauty & Fashion (19.2%), Fitness (8.6%), Music (7.3%), Art & Design (5.6%), Movies (4.3%), and more. 

Influencer Engagement Stats: 


  • Instagram influencers from the niche How-to & Style receive the highest engagement of 3.86%. Followed by Photography (3.30%), Sports (3.08%), Travel (2.93%). 
  • Influencer engagement has decreased overall from 2018 to 2019. The biggest drop has been for macro influencers who lost 42% of the engagement as it went down from 2.15% to 1.42%. 
  • In the US, nano influencers have the most active audience with an engagement rate of 4.66%. 
  • Hiding likes brought down the number of likes in each country where hiding likes count was tested. Amongst influencers with 100k-1M followers, Brazil saw the highest decline in likes followed by Australia. 

Influencer-Brand Collaboration Stats:


  • 5.1% of influencers post sponsored posts daily while 19% post weekly and 25% post monthly. A majority of 35% influencers post only a few times a year. 
  • Influencers prefer to work again with the same brand. 46.5% of influencers worked with the same brand 2-4 times and 24.1% worked with the same brand more than 5 times. 
  • Both stories and posts are used by influencers when collaborating with brands. 59% influencers prefer a mix of stories and posts for their sponsored content while 25.9% prefer to use posts more often.
  • 53.9% of influencers are reached out by brands for an influencer collaboration. 20.8% influencers find brands to collaborate with while 14.2% use influencer tools.

Influencer Payment Stats:


  • 67% influencers earn less than $500 when working with brands. 22.4% influencers earn between $500-1000 per month and less than 0.8% earn over $10,000 per month. 
  • Average price for the male influencers per post is $1,411 while average price for the female influencers per post is $1,315.
  • For Instagram Stories, on average, male influencers are paid $809 while female influencers are paid $633. 
  • Women influencers receive lower remuneration than their male counterparts for all forms of influencer posts on Instagram. The difference is highest in the 1M+ where men receive $8,842 per post while women receive $5,915 per post. 

Top Influencer Stats:


  • In 2019, an American actress, Jennifer Aniston, joined Instagram and gained from 200k to 21.9 M followers with the highest growth % of 10850 on Instagram.
  • A climate activist, Greta Thunberg gained from 200k to 9.9 M followers, with a growth rate of 4850%.
  • Out of the 100 top Instagram accounts, 4 are owned by football clubs, 5 are owned by the Kardashian sisters, 13 are owned by Indian actors, and one is owned by a DJ. 

Influencer Fraud Stats: 


  • Japan has the highest quality influencers with more than 54.7% fraud-free influencers. 
  • Germany has the lowest rate of fraud-free influencers with 35.55% influencers free of any fraudulent activity. 
  • 48.21% influencers between 5k-20k followers have growth anomalies and have grown their followers by buying them. 33.5% of influencers between 20k-100k have growth anomalies. 

Influencer Instagram Verification Stats:


  • Every fifth macro influencers (followers ranging from 100k-1M) has a verification badge on Instagram. 
  • The number of nano influencers (10979) who are Instagram verified are comparable to the number of  mega influencers (14491) who are verified.  
  • There are 77996 verified influencers with followers ranging from 20k to 100k. 
  • The USA has the highest number of verified influencers. 32% of the verified influencers come from the USA followed by 5% from Brazil and UK each. 
  • Verified influencers have higher engagement compared to non-verified influencers. 

Final Words:

Above mentioned are some of the most interesting influencer marketing stats that we could collate for you. Using the stats above, you would understand a much better picture on influencers of Instagram and their behavior. It would also help in collaborating with the influencers in the long-term.

For more stats, you can refer to our blog section. If you have any questions, please share them in the comments below. 

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