Micro-Influencer Marketing Strategies for Brands in 2020

Influencers marketing has come up as one of its kind marketing tactics that involve social media, influencers, and audiences.

Brands have taken to influencer marketing over traditional marketing since it expands on social media hence more reach, more impact, more exposure, and more benefits.

Influencer marketing companies are much in demand since they now manage and connect influencers to relevant brands and create the marketing pact between them.


Micro-influencers in specific is one of the 4 types of influencers who run the course on different social media platforms.

Micro-influencers are influencers with 10000-100000 followers and are considered to be a top choice for brands since they offer visibility to a considerable audience in a specific niche. 

Since micro-influencers have a good number of followers and tend to have close relationships with their audiences, the impact of micro-influencers is considered a lot. The impact can be measured via the engagement rate. The engagement rate of micro-influencers is often higher than in others.

They are also known to be authentic and pose an organic following. Some are influencers in a particular field and hence brands of that field can benefit a lot from them as well as market directly to their most appropriate target audience.

They not only boost sales for a company, but they also help build a company’s image and a loyal customer base.

There are a couple of strategies brands must keep in mind when getting into micro-influencer marketing, these are:

1. Approach the Right Influencer

One of the perks of influencer marketing is that a brand can choose the most appropriate influencer. Since the influencer will become the primary endorser of the company, it is necessary to choose someone who goes in sync with the brand’s vision and mission and one that can be an effective marketing agent.

Another key to choose the right influencer is to see their engagement with their followers. Micro and Nano influencers have an added advantage over these factors. Quite a lot of agencies for influencers make this job easy and connect brands with the most suitable influencers for their campaigns. This in turn makes the campaign more effective and successful.

Influencer marketing companies are hence a big help to get relevant brands and influencers acquainted.

If the influencer is right, the marketing goal will go through more effectively.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing is done to create an image and identity for the brand apart from increasing its visibility among audiences and raising awareness. While a good part of this marketing type includes promoting the product/service, it is important to let people know about the brand, its ideas, vision, mission, and goals.

Quite a lot of companies may fail to put forth themselves and their product in an orderly fashion, in a way that may benefit them. Hence it is important to list down the goals of the company and all possible details that a consumer should know.

Since influencer marketing is an intimate form of marketing, audiences will most definitely indulge in what brand story the influencer brings to them. These goals can be incorporated in the content and to create trending campaigns and are hence an important tip to consider when developing an influencer marketing campaign especially a successful one. This puts the entire brand in the frontline and the impact and worth of influencer marketing are utilized to its core.

3. Create Impactful Content:

Influencer marketing enables a brand to play with the kind of content they want to put out which as compared to traditional marketing, is a huge benefit. Since brands that go for influencer marketing will deal with their target audience coming through the influencer, it is necessary to keep a check on the influencer’s content. 

While influencers create their content to market the product, the brands should not overlook what’s going to their audiences. It is also important to constantly review what content goes out and if it does not give out a wrong message. 

Content is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the audience’s positive responses to the brand and hence the type of content can make or break the deal. Content can be vlogs, blogs, posts, videos, tweets, hashtags, and just anything the influencer used to incorporate the brand. Hence if the content is on fleek backed up by the charms of the influencer, the campaign can very easily go successful.

What to keep in mind?

Influencer marketing is as direct as any form of marketing can go. The brands having a social media presence while also having influencers market them opens portals for communication.

Any customer would be interested in a company that is open to communicating with their customers and is readily taking feedback.

Hence through an influencer, a company should try to create direct channels for them so customers know you are reliable.

Brands need to put themselves out there while an influencer promotes them, this creates more trust in the brand and the chances of good profits are always high.

Influencer Marketing is a booming marketing strategy that can prove rewarding to your brand. It can upgrade your commitment like never before, yet for that, it should be done well. For that, a prime suggestion would be that you take the help of an influencer marketing agency like confluencr.com, who can guide you the right way.


Micro influencer marketing has shaped up multiple brands and brought them to success through social media posting, youtube videos, viral content, and more.

While brands using influencers as key marketing tools have increased, so have the number of influencers and influencer marketing companies.

The industry as a whole has grown to great heights and has become an otherwise productive part of what social media offers to the world.

At this point, a brand not using influencer marketing is missing out big time.

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