Instagram Marketing: 7 Posts That Perform

Lidia S. Hovhan

Lidia S. Hovhan is a part of Content and Marketing team at OmnicoreAgency. She contributes articles about how to integrate digital marketing strategy with traditional marketing to help business owners to meet their online goals. You may contact her on LinkedIn.

Instagram is an effective tool to market your products or services. There are many ways you can use it for marketing and promotion. You can post different kinds of content such as videos, photos and stories. The quality of your posts is also very important in getting the attention of your audience. Here are 7 different kinds of posts that will produce the results that you want.

1. Product Posts/Teasers

You need to be very creative whenever you are posting anything on Instagram, especially if you are promoting your product. Being creative in your product post will spell the difference between success and failure. 

If you have the same type of product as your nearest competitors, you should present it differently than the others. It is very important for you to investigate what it is that makes your product very different from the others. Make sure that that feature is functional as well.

After this critical analysis, you should place your product in an interesting but attractive setting and take an HD-quality photo that emphasizes the thing that makes your product different and functional. 

If it’s a new product that you are promoting, create a photo teaser that will incite the interest of your audience. The teaser should include the most important feature of your product that will urge your audience to buy. 

2. Motivational Posts 

Majority of people like to read stories that can motivate them. You can use this human proclivity to your advantage by regularly posting feel-good stories on your Instagram account. 

Make sure that the motivational stories that you will post are highly relevant to your product and your business. So, scour the internet for these stories. Or if you come across a story on the internet in your daily work, take note of it and store it on your drive. You can use these stories in their appropriate time.

In this connection, take advantage of hashtags. When you use them on chosen key words and key phrases to relate them to your content, your audience will read the motivational stories that you have collected. 

3. User-Submitted Photo Posts

Your audience is a rich source of photos that feature your product. Some people love to post pictures of themselves using their favorite products. If it is your product that is featured in their photos, then repost that picture in your Instagram account and then tag the original poster. 

This will please them well and that will even result in a good engagement between the two of you. If your other followers see that you have shared the photos of your customer, they might be encouraged to post their photos of your products in their own Instagram accounts. 

4. Day-in-the-Lives

There are customers who would like to know the men-behind-the-scenes of the products that they are using. It would do you good if you cater to their wishes.  If you would feature your employees as they assemble or work on your products, your customers will have more confidence to recommend your products to their families and friends. 

Featuring your workers in your Instagram account will also show your customers that they are not doing business with a soulless company. They are doing business with other humans – you and your people. You can even show photos of your employee while they are having a company party.

Or you can schedule an employee day each week, where you feature a particular employee doing his work. Your audience will like it because you are virtually letting them see what it’s like to work in your company. 

5. Short Tutorials 

Providing short tutorials on how to use your products or how to get the most out of them will surely get the attention and following of your target audience. This strategy is good for restaurants, companies selling power tools, or paints or anything under the sun.

 Tell your audience that in just 30 seconds you will show them how to make a great tasting pizza or cake that everybody will love –  and you will be able to hook them. To be truly effective, the posts should be lively, compelling and just about 30 seconds or so.

6. Influencer Instagram Posts 

You should take advantage of the posts created by Instagram influencers. These influencers are part of a new marketing strategy that was created unintentionally because of the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram. 

Companies who want to make their products acceptable to a greater number and classes of people often choose to use the posts of these influencers as they relate to their industry and their products. These people can even make your product or company go viral on Instagram if they influence their audience to do so. Some high-profile Instagram “influencers” have a following of millions equal to the populations of small countries.

These influencers can also be an effective way for your company to connect to a new set of markets. But you need to play according to their rules if you want their valuable opinions to go your way. You can connect with them through what is now called Instagram Influencer Marketing. 

7. Instagram Video Content 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video of your product could be worth a million. Moving pictures, which a video is, is much more effective in presenting your product to your audience. Almost 96% of all customers watch social videos at least a few times each week.  As it seems consumers love video and instagram videos have more than three times the amount of comments than sponsored photo posts. 

Enough said.

Yes, you can use Instagram to heighten the desire of your target market for your products. But you should use it wisely if you want to produce positive results. The 7 posts discussed in this article will surely help you get the results that you want.

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