HypeAuditor and Register of Health & Wellness Influencers have launched new Awards

Anna Komok

Anna is the Head of Marketing and PR at HypeAuditor, the most accurate and in-depth Instagram and YouTube analytics tool on the market. She is passionate about influencer marketing and Instagram analytics.

Elevate your influencer status and join Register of Health & Wellness Influencers (RoHWI).

We are happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with RoHWI and launched the new blogger category award – Register of Health & Wellness Influencers. In order to get such an award, you have to be verified by RoHWI first to be enlisted under such a category.

What is RoHWI?

At HypeAuditor we stand for influencers authenticity and support such initiatives as Register of Health & Wellness Influencers (RoHWI). It is the first and only independent register for the Health & Wellness Influencers worldwide, recognizing the qualifications and expertise of influencers and bloggers within the wellness industry. Their primary goal is to provide public protection by ensuring that health and wellness influencers, work to high standards of practice when producing consumer content.

Social media scene is getting crowded with tonnes of newborn influencers who put their personal profit above the demands and needs of the audience. They tend to expose the various type of sponsored products to the wide audience, including Health & Wellness ones, without proper research and quality check. There comes the question regarding the trustworthiness of provided information and the recommended products. Luckily, with the help of HypeAuditor, it becomes easier to keep your Instagram account fresh and fraud-free.

The impact of misinformation can be outrageous since nothing is more important than our health and wellbeing. The main challenges in wellness by influencers are poorly delivered information, irresponsible communications, and forgery integrations.

While influencers take advantage of becoming pro-active players in brand chasing game with the aim to promote certain products, the consumer might its’ permanent loser.

What is the benefit to become one of the RoHWI official certified members?

While there is an infinite number of ways in which credible content can be curated RoHWI provides with the training and framework to which everyone can get along with ultimately raising existing industry standards and ensuring that the fundamental aim of all health and wellness information is achieved.

While certain influencers represent wellness industry, it automatically legitimates their right to promote products, services and provide lifestyle information to consumers, there needs to be a balance between the needs of industry partners, professionals and the rights of consumers to have credible information.

Stay ahead of the curve by joining the team of truly authentic influencers with RoHWI.

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