How To Reach Out To Influencers: 6 Actionable Tips


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The last decade saw the explosive growth of the influencer business. No longer a small niche within the marketing industry, it has grown exponentially from around $500 million in 2015 to an astounding $15 billion projected for 2022

According to the report by Influencer Marketing Hub, almost 60% of the surveyed companies have a dedicated budget for content marketing. Today, it can’t be denied that we’re witnessing the rise of this titanic industry.

Given how in-demand such individuals are, getting them to collaborate with you can be quite a process. It can be challenging to successfully reach out to influencers. Some of these popular personas receive hundreds of emails daily, only a fraction of them work-oriented, and as such, your own message might get lost in the crowd. 

However, you should also know that there are some tips and tricks that can help you contact and maintain a good business affiliation with influencers. Read on and enjoy a mutually beneficial professional relationship for years to come.

1. Look For Promising Influencers

If you could describe the influencer market in one word, it would probably be “enormous”. On YouTube alone, there are thousands of influencers of all kinds, each with a dedicated following numbering in millions; and that is just one social media platform among dozens of others. 

These individuals almost certainly receive thousands of business-related offers every day, so most likely, your email will be either ignored or the price tag deemed too small.

The situation is quite different if you take into account those below them, especially the “rising stars”. Such influencers are only starting to gain traction, and their audience is much smaller than those on the top. Most likely, these “rising stars” are not as stable financially, and as a result, they might be much more eager to form a long-term partnership with you.

Furthermore, it might be a good idea to scout out a few of the nano-influencers. These creators have a very limited audience, usually less than a thousand followers, but often focus on a specific niche in which they have very high credibility levels. 

If that niche aligns with services or products your company provides, you might be looking at a very profitable relationship. Given their relative obscurity, finding them may require using influencer marketing tools.

2. Research Your Chosen Candidates

Once you have a group of potential business partners selected, try to delve deeper into their social media. 

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As Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power”, so analyze their aesthetics, type of materials they add, and whether they suit your needs. In essence, if your company presents itself as an exclusive high-class business, then collaborating with popular meme creators might alienate your customers.

Moreover, try to determine if the sponsored content on their sites, and their values as creators, match those of your company. Influencers are anything but uniform in their views or actions, and being associated with someone whose beliefs are the polar opposite of yours might prove costly to your company’s image.

3. Check Influencer’s Statistics

Now it would be a good idea to compare the statistics of your influencer target group. You might be tempted to simply choose those with the highest number of followers, but this can be deceiving. 

  1. Reach. On platforms like YouTube, there are cases where a lot of people follow the influencer, but the actual traffic on their channel is much smaller. To put it simply, people subscribe to them but don’t watch their content.
  2. Engagement. Another important thing is to check the potential levels of audience engagement. Influencers traditionally earn their keep from ads and sponsorships, but some of them are just unable to convince their viewers to choose things they market. 
  3. Topic relevance. Therefore, it might be best to choose an influencer whose content coincides with your company’s offer. The audience of a technology-oriented influencer might be much more responsive to quality PC parts than those who follow a beauty-themed blog.

4. Understand What Drives Them

Everyone has an underlying motivation in what they do, and influencers are no different. There are those for whom financial gains and fame are a priority. Such content creators might feel more inclined to agree to your requests as opposed to the influencers valuing creative freedoms and authenticity.

On the other hand, the former might collaborate with highly controversial figures and thus tarnish your company’s image by association.

Try to discover if they are passionate about a specific social issue and whether it aligns with your brand’s beliefs. 

Say, if your company produces school supplies and your chosen influencers focus on the issue of poverty, later on, you can devise a campaign that’ll benefit all of you financially as well as help their audience purchase school bags and notebooks at a significant discount.

5. Reach Out To Influencers You Chose

Now that their qualities have been analyzed and verified, it’s time to start contacting them.

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Start Small

Follow their social media accounts and give them positive feedback. It may sound obvious to the uninitiated, but even giants like Adidas and Pepsi write appreciation posts under influencers’ content to get their attention and show a willingness to collaborate.

Once influencers you chose are aware of your brand, they might be more responsive to your offer.

Formulate a Special Email Aimed at Them

First of all, it might be a good idea to fluff their ego a little. 

Influencers are constantly at the center of attention, and depriving them of that might make them less receptive to your offer. After all, we all love to be praised, and a few good words like “Hey XYZ, your blog is amazing” might make the difference.

Provide Them an Incentive to Cooperate

Next, focus on detailing why your company is a good fit for them and why your business partnership will be mutually beneficial. Unlike the situation above, appealing to their ego is only a tiny reason as to why you should focus so much on them. 

The main idea is that just like your company, influencers have an image to maintain, and helping them understand how you’ll fit this image is an important step. After all, a pacifist influencer can’t be seen in a partnership with a firearms accessories manufacturer.

Try to list what you expect of them in an easy-to-understand manner as any future misunderstandings as to their role might strain the relationship.

Focus on Them, Never on Yourself

Avoid centering the email on your company. Some details are required to help them make sure your company fits their image but don’t overdo it. After all, anyone who’s being scouted for a job wants to know why they were chosen and not why they have the privilege to join a particular company.

Also, note that many people become influencers as it is the only way they can flourish creatively and give their 110%. Such individuals will have even more disregard for typical corporate pitching than an average person.

Use Different Methods to Ensure Successful Contact

For maximum visibility, apart from emails, try to send them direct messages on their social media like Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok. After all, such social media platforms are very often at the center of their creative careers, and contacting them through these implies that not only you’re serious about working together, but that you’re also perfectly aware of where lies their main reach.

Once you’ve sent your emails and DMs and got some positive responses, it’s time for the last part.

6. Make Sure to Maintain Good Working Relationships with Influencers

Everyone wants to develop professionally, and influencers are no different. As such, try to cooperate with them on numerous campaigns where they’ll market your services or products. 

Besides that, regularly reach out with opportunities for them to engage with their audience as a middleman, e.g., give your influencer partners serious discount codes for your products to offer to their followers.

Your healthy relationship should extend to social media too. Share their content (it costs you nothing but increases their reach and, indirectly, your profits) and try to treat them as you would ordinary people, so congratulating them on a new car or getting married would be a nice touch.

Start Building Relationships

As you can see, reaching out to an influencer is not as hard as it seems. There are a lot of steps involved, and some of them take time and effort, but it’s all worth it in the end. 

Remember, these people have dedicated audiences, each hundreds of thousands or even millions strong. Even if only a tiny part of their followers choose your offer, the profits you’ll make will still be enormous, so waste no time and start scouting out the influencers you need!

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