How to Perform Fake Follower Audit on Instagram Influencers

Harshita Agrawal

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Instagram influencers have been growing incredibly fast taking influencer marketing along the ride too. As influencers are growing rapidly, so are their followers and comments, making it hard to understand what’s organic and what’s not. In this world of Instagram, filled with fake followers and inauthentic engagement, it’s important to do a fake Instagram follower audit before trusting an influencer. 

How Fake Influencers have been Growing

According to research conducted by our HypeAuditor team, more than 50% of influencers on Instagram are known to be fraudulent. Most influencers are fraud-free in the 1k-5k followers category with 51.3% fraud-free influencers. Influencers with 5k-20k followers have the highest number of fraudulent followers with up to 71% fraudulent influencers. 

Fraud influencers amongst countries have also increased from 2018 to 2019. Countries like the USA, UK, France, and Germany have seen a decrease in fraud-free influencers, or in other words, an increase in the number of influencers using fraudulent growth techniques. Approximately, 40% of influencers in these countries are authentic and do not engage in any inauthentic ways to grow their Instagram followers or engagement.

Find out how to check any Instagram account for Fake followers and likes

The trend of growing on Instagram by inauthentic means is certainly on the rise. All countries tested saw an increase in growth anomalies in influencer accounts in 2019 from 2018. The highest growth has been seen in Germany with 38% influencers growing their Instagram with inauthentic methods. With many influencers spuriously growing their accounts, it’s hard to trust influencers with actual growth too.

Check any Instagram influencer for fake followers and likes

Given the statistics, it’s become crucial for businesses or individuals to check the genuineness of an Instagram influencer before collaborating with them or trusting them.

In this article, we will look at some ways to quickly spot a fake influencer. 

Free Fake Influencer Audit Step-by-Step:

Step 1: Go to HypeAuditor and enter the influencer’s handle in the search box and click on Check. 

Step 2: HypeAuditor will give you a free audit of the influencer that you can use to help understand if the influencer is authentic or not. In the free report, the follower chart can be very important in learning about the authenticity of the influencer. 

Step 3: If the follower growth chart grows steadily with no sharp growth at just one point, then there are high chances that the influencer is genuine. As it means the influencer has grown their profile with time. On the other hand, if the influencer has just one point of growth with otherwise a flat line, then it can signal bought followers. 

Step 4: If you want to get more details about your influencer to confirm their audience demography and brand mentions, then you can sign up with HypeAuditor. For a single report, you can simply pay $30 and get started. The paid plan can help you check the authenticity of all the influencers you want to work with before hiring them. 

Get Complete Audit of your Instagram Account for Free

As an influencer, it becomes your responsibility too to build your credibility by sharing your audience charts with a brand. With HypeAuditor, you can get a full audit of your Instagram account for free that you can share with potential brands and build trust. 

By a simple validation that an Instagram account belongs to you, you can get a completely free Instagram follower audit. With the audit performed by HypeAuditor, you can learn your:

  • Audience Quality Score:

One metric that combines your audience quality, authenticity, and follower growth. Rated from 1-100, the higher the number, the better the audience quality score. 

The audience quality score will also highlight the number of real accounts that follow you. Metrics like audience reachability and authenticity gives information on how well you are connected to your audience. When your growth says “Organic” it’s enough to let brands know that you are a trusted influencer. The “Audience Interest” metric can help you know the main interests of your audiences helping you better plan your content. 

  • Engagement Metrics:

Engagement metrics are quintessential for brands before hiring any influencer. Within your free Instagram follower audit report, your engagement metrics can be also seen. Metrics like engagement rate, like spread, and like-comment ratio can show how your account stands apart in your industry. 

For influencers with less than 10M followers, HypeAuditor also gives an estimated post price and story price that you can charge based on your audience quality and engagement metrics. 

To Sum it up:

Going through an influencer audit before working with them is a must in 2020. Even for influencers, it’s important to share their authenticity metrics with brands for a clear and transparent collaboration. 

HypeAuditor can make it much easier for both brands and influencers to create a trusted relationship. The influencer audit report gives details on influencers’ followers, engagement, and authenticity. It can help influencers know their worth and help brands spot the best influencers.  

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