How to Make Money with HypeAuditor Affiliate Program: Tips and Best Practices from Successful Affiliates

Anna Komok

Anna is the Head of Marketing and PR at HypeAuditor, the most accurate and in-depth Instagram and YouTube analytics tool on the market. She is passionate about influencer marketing and Instagram analytics.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income without the need to develop your own products. 

But to achieve results, it’s important to understand what it is and how to do it right. Learn about the best practices that our most successful affiliate members use to earn a commission.      

Tips and Techniques from HypeAuditor’s Successful Affiliate Members

Affiliates use a range of channels to promote the chosen product or service and drive traffic to it. One of the most popular models is creating content that can be useful to the audience and describe the benefits of a promoted offer. To get started with HypeAuditor Affiliate Marketing, follow these five simple steps. 

1. Enroll in our free course 

First of all, we recommend you to enroll in our free course — HypeAuditor for Beginners. It covers all our reports and tools and gives you a complete picture of how to effectively use HypeAuditor data. The course will guide you through advanced Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok analytics so you can create helpful content about our products for your readers.

2. Choose your niche

First of all, it’s worth choosing a specific topic for your affiliate marketing program.

For example, the topic of “marketing” is too broad and highly competitive. On the other hand, “influencer marketing on Instagram” is a more specific topic that can help you attract a more focused audience. 

There are a few free keyword research tools that can help you find relevant topics and keywords. 

Keyword Generator by Ahrefs is an easy-to-use tool that finds up to 150 keyword ideas and provides basic information like search volume and keyword difficulty. It also shows a list of 50 question-based queries.

Keyword Generator by Ahrefs

Answer the Public shows you questions and related searches for your seed keyword and displayed the results as a visualization, but you can switch to a list.

You can also try Keyword Surfer, a free Chrome extension that allows you to see estimated global and monthly volumes for any search term you type into Google.

3. Create exceptional content

This is a key element of a successful affiliate program. You need to produce high-quality content to attract the audience. What’s more, your affiliate links should fit into this content organically.

Here’s a pro tip. Our most successful affiliates drive a lot of traffic and revenue with SEO articles that cover general topics. For example: 

We’ve noticed that the influencer fraud problem is still a relevant topic that generates much engagement. So, if you want to cover this topic on your blog, we can provide you with information about popular fraudulent growth methods and tactics on how to detect them.   

These two search terms attract the most traffic that converts well. We provide free access to HypeAuditor so you can create content with a review of our reports and tools. 

  • hypeauditor alternative
  • hypeauditor reviews

The following queries have a relatively low level of competition, so you may want to consider targeting them with your content:

  • hypeauditor free
  • hypeauditor instagram 
  • hypeauditor aqs
  • hypeauditor engagement rate

For example, regarding ‘hypeauditor free’, we have several free tools that are available even without registration. Also, the Influencer Discovery tool allows you to search for influencers for free with limitations: you can use all filters, but see only 3 results. However, if you play around with filters, you can get a list of relevant influencers for your marketing campaign. 

And here’re a few keywords that our most successful affiliates use in their content:

  • instagram influencer analytics: it can be a guide on how to analyze Instagram influencers with actionable tips and techniques;
  • instagram influencer list: influencer lists are very popular, either general rankings or lists of top influencers in particular categories.  
  • instagram good engagement rate: blog posts about engagement rate, its calculation and a good level of engagement always attract much attention because engagement rate can tell you a lot about Instagram influencers.  

And if you target the Southeast Asian market, TikTok is a highly trending topic there. You can create an article like “How to Work with TikTok Creators,” “How to Find Relevant Influencers on TikTok”, etc.

Gain a deeper understanding of what your audience needs and wants. Aim to create a piece of content that solves your readers’ pain points and resonates with them.

There are a bunch of free tools that can help you improve your content. For example, Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule gives you tips on how to improve post headlines. The Hemingway Editor is a great way to polish your grammar and style and focus on your message making it clear. And if you’re using the same words again and again, comes in very useful with synonyms for any term. 

Hemingway app

4. Choose an affiliate link destination

You’ve created engaging content. Now it’s time to decide on where to lead your website visitors. 

First of all, to create a link, just add your affiliate marker to any page. For example:

Besides HypeAuditor main page, there are many other options where affiliate links can lead your audience. Here are a few link destination ideas: 

  • Landing pages

We have landing pages for each of our reports and tools, so it’s always a good idea to show your readers where they can learn more about HypeAuditor. 

  • Free tools

As said above, we have a range of free tools for our users, and you can lead traffic directly to these pages. In this case, the conversion rate is usually very high.

  • Reports

Your affiliate links can lead directly to the reports of particular influencers, for example, when you create blog posts with influencer lists.

  • Influencer rankings

If you provide influencer lists in your content, another good destination of a link is our influencer rankings. In HypeAuditor, users can find the top creators on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok in different locations and categories (categories are available for Instagram and YouTube).

  • Engagement Rate Calculator 

If you write about the engagement rate of influencers, our Engagement Calculator is a great place to drive traffic to. It allows you to quickly check the engagement rate and a few other metrics of any account.

To get clicks on your affiliate links, be sure to balance them with the overall content to avoid making your links look spammy and out of context. The anchor text should be appealing, informative, and relevant to the linked source. 

5. Analyze the results

Like any other marketing channel, successful affiliate marketing is impossible without proper analytics. We recommend that you evaluate the performance of your efforts to better understand which strategies are more effective and which blog posts attract more traffic.

First, log in to your Affiliate Dashboard and create a channel. To do this, simply click the ‘Get link’ and create a Channel Name that will be inserted in the affiliate link. You can also add a parameter that looks like &marker=channel_name to any link.

Now you can keep track of how many visits, registration, and payments a particular blog post generated.

And if you need assistance or have any questions about the program and your dashboard, we’ll be happy to help!   

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