How To Increase Brand Reach By Customizing Your YouTube Videos

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Social networks have revolutionized digital marketing and become the most powerful promotion tool of our era. This is particularly the case with YouTube since video marketing is dominating the content creation sphere these days.

According to the report, over 70% of users would rather watch a product-related video than read textual posts about it. Motion pictures are way too entertaining and you should take advantage of this fact to generate new leads and drive more conversions.

But how exactly can you do it using YouTube?

In this post, we will show you six practical ways to increase brand reach by customizing your YouTube videos. Let’s take a look!

Complete Your Channel Info

A YouTube channel is an anchor of your video marketing strategy, so you need to complete it and add relevant information. First of all, you must upload a profile and cover images that clearly reveal your brand. Most businesses use logos as a profile photo. Besides that, you should include the following details:

  • An official trailer to get the audience acquainted with your business and the channel in general.
  • A description of your business.
  • Video playlists sorted by similar topics.
  • Links to other social media accounts.
  • Contact information.

Research Keywords

Video optimization follows pretty much the same rules as plain textual posts, which means you ought to conduct keyword research before creating new content. A frequently-used tool is Google Keyword Planner, a platform that will help you to filter and select the most relevant keywords only.

Using Keyword Planner, you can find hundreds of terms and phrases and learn how they rank in engine searches. You can see the frequency of searches, competition, and keyword trends, thus gaining enough insights to fine-tune your videos and boost content visibility.

Optimize Videos

Now that you know the right keywords, it is easier to optimize videos and make them discoverable in YouTube searches. A digital marketer Jake Gardner says YouTube optimization is all about handling the three basic elements:

  • Titles: A headline should be up to 55 characters and contain a primary keyword. 
  • Descriptions: Users are likely to see only the first 160 characters of video description, so make sure to add the most important information to the beginning.
  • Thumbnails: As video consumers, YouTube users will notice a good thumbnail instantly. This is why you need to make them attractive and eye-pleasing, thus showing the audience that there is some real action going on in the video.

Create Quality Content

You can perfectly customize a YouTube video and take care of all the surrounding details, but it won’t make a big impact on users if you don’t create high-quality content. Each video has to be relevant to your target group, so make sure to answer the following questions before publishing new content:

  • Does it fulfill production quality standards?
  • Can my video really help users to solve a specific problem?
  • Is it educational, funny, entertaining, or informative?

If you answer all of these questions honestly, you will know that the video is or isn’t good enough for your YouTube fans.

Interact with Your Audience

The next thing you need to do is start engaging in conversations with the audience. After all, YouTube is a social platform and one of its primary purposes is to help you build relationships with viewers. You should keep an eye on users’ comments 365 days a year, ask questions, and answer their comments.

Another very effective tactic is to shoot the so-called response videos to answer frequent inquiries. It’s a great way to show appreciation for their engagement and answer in a format which perfectly suits YouTube communication.

Promote Your Videos

The only way to improve brand reach is by growing the number of followers. In order to do that, you should promote your channel as well as each video individually. Generally speaking, most YouTube marketers use the following promotion tools:

  • Website: If your website is generating a lot of traffic, you must take advantage of it to promote new content.
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and similar networks can give you exposure to millions of viewers, so don’t forget to share videos on social platforms.
  • Email: You can keep the audience informed about your latest videos through email newsletters, too.


YouTube marketing is not a novelty in the business realm, but it is getting more complex due to the sheer number of competitors in every niche. This is why you need to optimize video content in a way that can earn you more views long-term.

In this article, we analyzed six practical ways to increase brand reach by customizing your YouTube videos. Which tactic do you consider to be the most relevant here? Feel free to share your ideas in comments – we would love to see your experience with YouTube marketing!

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