How to find Influencers in your Niche: 3 Quick Techniques!

Harshita Agrawal

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Influencer marketing is a 1.7 billion dollar industry and social media influencers have been revolutionizing social commerce. Finding ideal influencers in your niche is crucial to make sure that your product is reaching the right audience.

Before you go ahead finding influencers in your niche, here are few questions that you need to answer:

1.Where is your target audience?

You have to know where your target audience is looking for your products before you begin influencer marketing. Is it Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest or blogs or any other platform? Write the top platforms where your audience is more active.

2. What is your influencer marketing budget?

According to the research by Liniqia, 75% brands spend more than $25k on influencer marketing. Having said that, there are also nano influencers who can be happy to promote your product in exchange of a product or negligible amount. So, set an influencer marketing budget and then find influencers who fit within your marketing budget.

Given the prerequisites of beginning an influencer campaign, let’s look at 3 quick techniques of finding influencers in your niche:

Find Influencers in your Niche using Hashtags:

Hashtags is one of the simplest ways to find influencers on any social media platform. For example, if you’re on Instagram and you’re looking for jewelry influencers, this is what you do:

Type #jewelryblogger on your Instagram search. You can also check for other hashtags like #jewelryinfluencer, #jewelrlover, etc. Click on some of the recent posts and analyze if the Instagram account belongs to an influencer or not.

How to find Influencers in your Niche: 3 Quick Techniques!
How to find Influencers in your Niche: 3 Quick Techniques!

If the account has hashtags like #ad, #sponsored or they have “in paid partnership with” on their posts then you can learn that they are influencers. You can shortlist accounts and send them collaboration emails.

Pro Tip: Before you hire any influencer, remember that 38.23% of influencers use suspicious methods to grow their IG accounts, so check for their follower authenticity before hiring them.

Pinpoint Top Influencers in your Niche using Google Search:

Many bloggers and articles have the updated lists of top influencers in every niche. For example: if you just type “top fashion bloggers on Instagram” you will get several articles with the best influencers in the fashion industry.

How to find Influencers in your Niche: 3 Quick Techniques!

If you’re only willing to hire influencers who are most followed on social media, then this could be the easiest method for you.

Pro Tip: While you’re checking for follower numbers of any influencer, you should also look at their engagement rate. Their engagement rate can help you understand how well an influencers’ audience connects with their posts.

Use Influencer Marketing Tools:

Unlike the methods above, an influencer marketing tool can actually help you find ideal influencer by analyzing thousands of influencers at the same time. Because every influencer tool has filters to shortlist influencers by follower numbers, engagement, geography, and niche, the process becomes relatively easier.

How to find Influencers in your Niche: 3 Quick Techniques!

Using influencer tools also make it convenient for you to create lists, contact influencers, and track your influencer marketing campaigns. There are specialized influencer platforms as well each social media platforms, for example, Famebit is for YouTube, HypeAuditor is for Instagram, and Buzzsumo is for bloggers.

Pro Tip: Some influencer tools have monthly packages while others are based on commission per influencer campaign. So, pick the tool that’s more affordable based on the number of influencers you want to hire.

Final Words:

Influencer marketing campaigns are gaining traction because people are more likely to trust recommendation of influencers over random ad campaigns. So, go ahead and use the methods above to find influencers in your niche. If you have any queries, you can let me know in the comments below.

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