How to evaluate a Micro-Influencer with Hype Auditor

Anna Komok

Anna is the Head of Marketing and PR at HypeAuditor, the most accurate and in-depth Instagram and YouTube analytics tool on the market. She is passionate about influencer marketing and Instagram analytics.

Micro-influencers are the macro power of influencer marketing. They have the most important things for any marketing campaign — relevance and highly engaged audience.

There are thousands of micro-influencers in any niche and it’s not a problem to find them, but it’s much harder to evaluate them and choose the right ones to work with.

Today we will show you how HypeAuditor can help you to make your influencer marketing campaign more effective.

How to choose the right micro-influencer for your campaign?

Let’s say that you have a small bakery in Paris and you want to partner with bloggers to attract more customers.

You can work with lifestyle bloggers, coffee lovers and even with mummy bloggers if you have a kids room.

Step 1: Check AQS (Audience Quality Score)

Discard all bloggers who have less than 50% of real followers and AQS below 50. Only half of their audience is probably authentic.

Instagram Audience Quality

Step 2: Check follower’s geo

Next step is to check their followers’ geo. You need influencers whose core audience is from Paris.

Instagram followers demography

All bloggers have a different number of followers, calculate the Price Per Thousand followers from Paris to compare.

For instance, blogger A has 12K followers and asks for €70 per sponsored post. Blogger B has 14K followers and asks for €65 per sponsored post.

Blogger A has 3.6K followers from Paris, so the price per thousand followers from Paris will be €19.

Blogger B has 2.8K followers from Paris, so the price per thousand followers from Paris will be €23.

Step 3: Check Engagement Rate

You should choose influencers with higher Engagement Rate (ER). Give preference to bloggers with Good and Excellent Engagement Rates.

Instagram engagement rate

Don’t forget to check Engagement by type. This section in HypeAuditor will show you who likes and comments blogger’s posts: real people or suspicious accounts.

Authenticity of Instagram Engagement

Now you know everything about influencer’s audience and your sponsored post will meet your target audience.

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