How to Create Great Video Marketing Content for your Brand on a Student Budget

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In today’s article, you will learn how to create awesome video marketing content for your brand on a small budget.

You will also learn why branding is important in marketing as well as the most effective ways to market your brand, the pros and cons of video marketing. We hope that after reading this post you will be able to create great video marketing content on any budget.

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These days, customers prefer video content when it comes to learning about products and brands. A study by My Assignment has shown that video accounts for 157% of the traffic coming from search engines (organic traffic). In fact, 51% of expert marketers around the world say video achieves the best ROI. This is because customers retain 95% of a brand message when it is presented in video content than in text.

However, for self-funded entrepreneurs, creating great video marketing content can feel like a costly endeavor, although it doesn’t have to be.

These days, video making tools are all over the Internet and can be accessed by any marketer with any budget. For that reason, any marketer or a small business owner can create great video marketing content for their brand.

If you have a little budget but also some spare time to dedicate to content creation, this article will show you how to create awesome video marketing content.

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Is Branding Important in Marketing?

If you ask any professional marketer this question, the answer you will get is YES!

These days, branding is more important than ever. Gone are the days when branding was seen as giving a name, slogan or combining design, slogan, a symbol to make a brand unique.

The Exact Role of a Brand

As seen above, branding isn’t solely about making yourself stand out from the competition; it’s about making your target market see you as the best provider of solutions to issues giving them sleepless nights. It’s about making them see you as a problem-solver and not a profit maker.

As a brand, you should:

  • Deliver the message in the best appropriate manner
  • Maintain credibility in your industry
  • Connect with your target market emotionally with your offers
  • Make the buyer want to buy your products or service
  • Enhance customer trustworthiness

The Most Popular, Effective (and Powerful) Ways to Market Your Brand

A study by HubSpot has shown that the lack of budget is the third most challenging aspect which self-funded entrepreneurs and expert marketers encounter when it comes to marketing their brand.

Here are several powerful and effective ways to market your brand on a student budget.

  • Influencer Marketing 75% of marketers use influencer marketing to create brand awareness. A better way to use influencer marketing is to take advantage of blogger reviews, get endorsed by reputable brands or experts, etc. Just make sure you focus on telling your brand story and have achievable expectations.
  • Social media 2/3 of the Americas are on social media. This is a huge number. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter are just a few of the powerful social media platforms you can take advantage of to make your brand known to the world.
  • Creating content that makes users salivate while reading These days, customers love great content. Stop writing for search engines, instead, focus on writing content for your target market and Google will reward you. There are plenty of ways you can share your products or services including blogging, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. Once you keep on updating your site with mouthwatering content, your traffic will increase tremendously, your revenue will go up, and you will become an authority in your field. 
  • Live streaming Yes, nowadays, you can go live on Facebook and YouTube to build your audience and deliver the message of your brand. You do not need expensive equipment to achieve that.
  • Helping your customers It’s not about carrying their problems on their behalf. Everyone for him or herself. But in this case, you need to concentrate on providing your target audience with useful information. Your prospects are searching for information to achieve something they don’t know how to do. If you can be a rich source of information, your brand will be known to the world. Whether it’s podcasting, creating awesome and authoritative blog posts, online webinars. Make ensure you are helping them achieve what they want. 

There are plenty of ways to market your brand. Here are just a few of the most powerful ones.

Pros, Cons, and Costs of Video Marketing

Video is here to stay and these days, video marketing is the most powerful way to market your brand, big or small. The good thing is that you don’t have to have a huge budget to create great video marketing content.

Here are some pros and cons of video marketing.

Pros of Video Marketing

Video is engaging – Try this today and you will see. When you reach home, try to switch on your television when having a conversation and see if you don’t have to sneak a peek over the shoulders of the people you are having a conversation with from time to time. Video is attracting and magnetic for eyeballs.

Video is simple Truth be told, you will feel bored to read a 30-page instruction guide, but you will be interested to watch a 30-minute video tutorial. It’s easier to demonstrate complex processes than to explain in text.

Video is emotional – Video combines music, images, and words and this can evoke emotions that can drive actions.

Video is memorable – According to Jane Cain, the author of 99papers review, people can better remember products or services they watched on a video rarther than when they read about them. However, your videos must be properly crafted.

Everyone is using video – Did you know that a big number of marketers is using video these days to promote their brands? YouTube receives more than a billion unique visitors every month.

Cons of Video Marketing

Video can be costly To make effective video marketing content, you might need to hire an expert for the creation and that could cost you more than the print or email execution would.

Video tends to be time-consuming – There is quite a number of processes involved in the production process of a professional-looking video since it includes scripting, casting, props, lighting, sound, shooting, editing, etc. and this may consume more time.

Video is not so evergreen – The reason why many marketers use blog posts in their content marketing strategy is that blog posts are evergreen. You can convert a blog post into infographics and other media which is not easy with video.

That said, let’s get into the meat of this article

How to Create Great Video Marketing Content for Your Brand on A Student Budget.

  • Have a Plan 

Don’t let your creative enthusiasm carry you away. Start your video marketing content creation by planning. This way, you will create great video marketing content quickly. Have the end goal in mind. Have a clear idea of what your video will look like before it’s created. This way, you will not waste your money on ideas that won’t work.

  • Decide the Purpose of Your Video

Every video you create has a purpose unless you are creating it just for fun. Are you planning to teach your target market about your products or services? Are you creating brand awareness? Are you planning to reach a huge audience?

Figure out your target customers and what actions you want them to take once they have watched your video, and the way you will measure the success of your video.

Ideally, the main purpose of your video marketing strategy should be to educate, entertain, and inspire your target customers.

You need to avoid turning away your viewers and so decide the purpose of your video before you start creating.

To decide the purpose of your video marketing content:

  • Know who you want to reach.
  • Know what makes them like, share your videos and buy and then.
  • Create video content they need.
  • Decide on the Topics and Format to Use in Your Video Content.

Once you know who your target customers are, the next step is to decide what format and topic to use in your video content that will educate and inspire them.

Should you create how-to video tutorials? Brand stories? Or narratives?

Your main aim is to create video marketing content that your target market will like, share, and get inspired to buy.

What topic do you want to discuss in your video? Make sure the topics are relevant to your brand.

To know the topics to discuss in your video, do a little bit of research in your niche. You can borrow ideas from videos that have been successful in your niche but make sure to create unique video marketing content and not imitations.

  • Make Use of Your Keywords

Your target customers use certain phrases when searching for a video on YouTube. If your videos can be found on those searches, it could be beneficial to your brand. Once you optimize your videos with the right keywords, you make your video content more visible and can help in creating budget-friendly videos.

To know the right keywords to optimize your videos, do your research properly. You can use Brain Dean’s advice on the types of keywords Google likes.

  • Don’t Complicate Your Editing Process

You don’t have to use high-end video editing software. These days, there are tons of low-cost video editing platforms that are powerful enough to create great video marketing content.

The platforms are also easy to use for beginners and professionals alike.

Take advantage of Filmora video editor, iMovie or Squaready for Video. These are free or low-cost video editors you can use to create professional video marketing content.

Are You Planning to Launch Your Video Marketing Campaign?

Start now!

As you can see, you don’t have to have a huge budget to get started creating great video marketing content. Use the tips we have shared in this post and you will produce awesome content that is engaging, educating, and inspiring.

Good luck!

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