How different types of content perform on Instagram?

Nick Baklanov

Marketing specialist at HypeAuditor. Connect on Linkedin.

July was the last month when there was a distinction between Video posts and Reels.

Since August, all new video posts under 15 minutes will be shared as reels. All video posts will also have access to Reels creative editing tools, to help make your videos more fun and engaging.

HypeAuditor analyzed 77.6 million Instagram posts to see how different types of content perform on Instagram.

The most popular type of content in July was Image posts (42.2%). Carousel is in second place with 26.2% of posts. 

Reels are in third place: 22.1% of posts made by Instagram influencers were Reels.

Interesting to see that Reels are in the first place by the number of received Likes (35.4%) and Estimated Reach (33.8%).

This data gives us an idea of how Instagram prioritized Reels over other types of content. 

Interestingly, that only 5.7M influencers posted Reels in Jule, which is only 41% of the total number of analyzed influencers.

It turns out that 59% did not take advantage of this opportunity, even though Reels gave more reach and engagement.


For this research we analyzed 77.6 million posts from our internal database, made by 13.6M global Instagram influencers in July 2022.

Estimated reach is the estimated number of people who see a post created by this influencer.

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