How a Student Apprentice Can Help You Grow As An Influencer

Darcy Cudmore

Darcy is a Journalism graduate working in PR with GenM. In the past, he gained experience in Communications, Digital Marketing, and Broadcast. Find him wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey with a Stephen King book in his hands! Follow him on Twitter to talk about PR and hockey.

The life of an influencer knows no limits.

Your pages operate all day and night, through the weekend and over holidays. There is no checking out, and there is no day off. If you have found a way to put your channel on autopilot and still see steady growth with limited action by you, let me know because I have yet to find such a thing. All I know is the constant grind of creating content and pushing the limits to reach your goals.

The influencer world is one where new ideas and original creations do well, and where trends from yesterday are already ancient news. It’s a tough game, and only getting tougher.

But that’s where tools like HypeAuditor come in. New technology and tools can make the life of an influencer (among other fields) much easier and much more efficient.

One thing I believe in is the power of using a digital marketing apprentice to build your brand and to make things easier for you. Here is why an apprentice is worth looking into:

The little things

There are tons of things you could be doing on your channel but aren’t doing. Take a minute and think about it; I know you’ll come up with something.

It could be things like liking other page’s content, following similar accounts, filtering through comments, etc.

An apprentice is a perfect answer to getting to all those little things you don’t have time for. Completing a bunch of these little tasks, in time, will add up to big things!

Different skills

By taking on a digital marketing apprentice, you can benefit from their knowledge (even if it be limited). Their strengths will be different than yours so find out what their strengths are and let them do their thing.

If you’re looking for a certain skill, why not focus and hire for it! Students of today have grown up with tools like Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Video Pro; maybe these are skills you’re looking for?

Different hours

Want to quickly respond to your follower’s comments and messages, no matter the time, but need your sleep? Put an apprentice on the task. They could work different hours than you so you can see a movie or enjoy some quality time with your significant other.

It’s important to get away sometimes. We all know that. So, log off and give the shop keys to your apprentice. If you mentor them correctly, they’ll know exactly what to do when you’re gone.

Another perspective

Differing opinions? Need another eye to take a look? An apprentice can take a unique look at what you’re doing and offer their insight.

Working in your own little world means limited input from others. It’s not like a normal workplace where coworkers can collaborate and offer thoughts. An apprentice could be the perfect person to join your team and offer a fresh perspective.

I know the opinion of the right apprentice would be valuable in the content you’re publishing. Not so sure? Give it a try. It can’t hurt.

A different style

Keep it fresh! A different style, a new approach, and a creative mind can help with that. Encouraging an apprentice to use their unique style could be a great way to keep things exciting, and having them infuse their work every now and then should prevent things from getting stale on your page. We know how quickly things change on the internet.

A better product

In the end, all of this will add up to a better product. Especially in the long-term, as an apprentice helps you stay sane for longer by taking some of the load off your shoulders.

I have watched as students jump into an apprenticeship and blow their mentor’s away with their ambition to succeed. For people who have been grinding away for years at the same thing, a fresh mind might be just what you need to transform your brand from good to GREAT.


A good thing

We’ve all been there: students with no work experience who desperately want to take the next step in their career.

By taking on an apprentice, you are impacting a student’s life. You’re helping them launch their career by allowing them to gain valuable, real-life work experience. As a mentor, you will impact their life and the direction their career goes. That makes the opportunity to take on an apprentice a Win-Win for both sides!

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