7 Amazing Ways to Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

Henry Taylor

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If you are reading this article, you’re most likely fed up with the latest Instagram algorithm. You are most probably banging your head against a wall trying to figure out what mistakes you are making because your Instagram page just won’t take off.

The latest Instagram algorithm isn’t any secret, you’ve probably heard many people complaining about it continuously, as it is making it impossible for people to grow their Instagram presence. 

But the real question is, what is this new mysterious algorithm? And what does it do to affect the growth of your Instagram account? Well, in short, the infamous Instagram algorithm uses certain parameters to decide who gets to see your content. The purpose of this algorithm is to optimize your Instagram feed according to your personal preferences. The algorithm does so by making posts that it considers you to be interested in more prominent, and pushing other posts down the feed. 

Now, it may seem like an improvement from an average Instagram user’s perspective, but for people who are trying to increase their following and create a larger Instagram presence, this algorithm can be very annoying. 

No matter how much we complain, the algorithm is here to stay, and there isn’t much we can do about it, but there are certain strategies that you may follow to outsmart the Instagram algorithm. Here are some ways that you should try out: 

Be Consistent With Your Posts

If your posts aren’t getting the engagement you want them to, or they are being pushed down in the Instagram feeds of people, you should try to post more often and be more consistent with your posts. 

Posting regularly and frequently will increase the chances of your content being seen by new potential followers. You should be posting relevant and engaging content daily to maintain your followers while ensuring that you don’t run out of fresh content.

In short, you need to work harder if you want to maximize the traffic on your Instagram page.

Upload Instagram Stories As Well

Unlike regular posts, it is easier to get your Instagram stories in view of potential followers. Instagram stories engage a lot of users, and you can’t expect to improve your Instagram page if you don’t start posting more stories. 

I would suggest that you post stories every hour of your peak consumption time. This will ensure your story stays at the start of the story train, increasing your chances of engagement.

Another way to get your content maximum interaction is to use Instagram live. 

Create Quality Content that is Super Engaging

If you aren’t getting the results you wanted even after employing some of the other techniques mentioned on this list, you need to start thinking about what you’re posting and how you can make it attractive. 

You should aim to post aesthetic photos with attractive captions. Captions with questions or some deep thoughts are more likely to keep users engaged for a longer time. Upload fun and exciting stories and use all the different features that Instagram offers such as polls to retain your viewers.

Increase Your Overall Activity

Instagram is a social platform, and to be social, you need to connect with other Instagram accounts as well. You should not only reply to comments on your own posts, but you should also like and comment on the posts of other users. It will increase your presence on Instagram and help you grow your account. 

It is important to stay online and interact with your followers for at least the first 60 minutes after a post. To beat this algorithm, you will need to have a higher level of interaction in a short time span. 

Master the Use of #Hashtags

If you are trying to become an Instagram influencer and you want to increase the traffic on your profile, you will need to use hashtags properly. After the implementation of this new algorithm, hashtags are the only audience increasing method that is in your control. Thank God, Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags, which is more than enough if you know what you are doing.

The type of hashtags you use is also very important. You should use both generic and specific hashtags for the best effect. I have seen many people use hashtags like #love, #food or #fun. These hashtags may have a lot of tags, but that means that your post is going to drown in the millions of others that have the same hashtags. 

Specific hashtags have an increased chance of engagement. You can use hashtags to a specific location, like if you are using Instagram in LA, you can tag specific locations like Santa Monica pier, Hollywood Boulevard, or the walk of fame. 

Promote Your Posts on Facebook As Well

Since the outreach of your posts is significantly limited because of the new Instagram algorithm, another effective method to increase the visibility of your posts is using Facebook Ads to promote them.

In my personal experience, I got almost double the amount of engagement by using Facebook Ads instead of Instagram Ads. Posting an ad does cost some extra money, but it can be quite useful in the long run. Advertisement packages start from as little as five dollars a day on Facebook, so give them a try to increase the chances of your posts being seen. You can also upload Instagram posts on a Facebook account as well for maximum exposure. 

Work With Other Influencers & Brands As Well

Another helpful way to grow your Instagram page, in spite of the algorithm is to collaborate with other Instagram influencers. It can be quite advantageous for both parties, and it can help them get access to a whole lot of new followers. 

You have to consider that some influencers, who have larger Instagram accounts than your own, may ask for some payment to help you promote your page. You need to consider these payments when you are creating your marketing budget. 

All of these techniques can help you grow your Instagram presence, but the main thing that Instagram wants from you is to be as active as humanly possible. Promoting and managing an Instagram page can be very time consuming and challenging, but if it were easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it. So, buckle up and get ready for some hard work if you want your Instagram page to reach the top. 

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