6 Instagram Marketing Tips: How to Use Instagram For Business

Victoria Greywing

Victoria is a content manager at Movavi. She specializes in writing user-friendly content and researching complex topics of marketing, social media, and blogging to make them easy to understand for other people.

Instagram is now an integral part of most business owners’ social networking strategies. It has recently passed Facebook in terms of daily active users, and its commercial potential has been recognized by businesses large and small. In fact, according to a recent estimate, more than 1.16 billion people use Instagram for business and personal purposes.

To capitalize on the rapidly growing online community, business owners have adopted several strategies, including creating Instagram accounts, engaging users in conversations, and publishing quality content.

This article covers the six key ingredients that add up to success for businesses on Instagram.

The Importance of Instagram for Business

Digital marketing now includes the relatively new kind of social network marketing of promoting your business on Instagram. This micro-blogging platform helps over 200 million brands connect with a huge audience, enhance brand recognition, and increase sales through user-driven communication.

Instagram also facilitates consistency in interactions with prospects and clients. It puts a face to your brand.

In fact, 81% of Instagram users research products and services and keep track of the companies and individual entrepreneurs they like, and 50% of those who click on your profile are likely to continue to get to know you and visit your site, too.

This makes Instagram another important way to boost traffic to your website and drive more sales.

However, to be successful in this marketing endeavor, you must have an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

Ingredients for Instagram Success

Instagram is a highly competitive space and requires businesses to put in a lot of work and effort, however, the outcome is worth it.

We’ve collected six components of a successful Instagram strategy. If you combine these ingredients, Instagram can deliver tremendous results for your business.

Coherent Marketing Strategy

You need to make sure your Instagram promotion correlates with your overall digital marketing campaigns. For example, is your target audience on Instagram at all? What content do they expect to see from you? These are questions you need to ask yourself before creating an account.

Though the tone of voice you use on Instagram may differ from the one you use on your website, don’t stray from it too much. You can use more informal language there, but don’t try to overcompensate with slang or be overly casual with your customers in comments or DMs.

A coherent marketing strategy also involves consistent brand colors across all social networks. It helps with brand recognition and raises trust – people will know it’s you and not some other company with a similar logo or name.

Another tip here, probably the most important one, is to identify your goal. What do you want from your Instagram promotions? Do you need more traffic and more clients? Do you want to bring your vision to a broader audience? Or do you just want a corporate Instagram account to develop your HR brand? Answer these questions, then you can move on to the next stage.

Instagram Business Account

First of all, you will need to set up a business account. A business account will give you access to deep analytics and lead generation tools but, unlike a personal account, a business profile can’t be private. But then why would you want it to be if your goal is to expand your online presence?

To change your existing account to a professional one, you need to go to “Settings.” There, you can choose another type of account – business or creator. Then, fill out the forms, and you’re ready to start.

Instagram Marketing Tips: Setting Up Instagram For Business
Source: Instagram for Business

Now you have more functionality to help you develop your account and track post activity. And here’s how to use these valuable tools:

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  • Instagram Insights. This deep analytics tool shows metrics like total followers, audience demographics, reach, impressions, and content interactions.
  • Instagram Ads. This tool works great for expanding the reach of your posts. Set a budget, and select a target audience – your ad will be shown to relevant users.
  • Communication. Instagram makes it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you. Place a “Contact” button that can lead to your website, email, or phone number allowing your customers to interact directly with you. Plus, you can take advantage of the “Quick replies” feature to provide a one-click answer to the most popular questions.

The “Who We Are” Message

When you have a small business without a wide customer base, you need to be very clear about who you are, where people can find you, and what you do. That’s why you should pay extra attention to your bio.

Instagram Marketing Tips: Account Bio
Source: Instagram
  • Basic information. Say who you are and what you do. If you’re an individual entrepreneur, you can introduce yourself as well.
  • Links and address. Add links to other social media, your website, or your personal Instagram account.
  • Emojis. A themed emoji or two is a nice touch in a company’s bio. For example, if you make clothes, you can add a dress emoji, and if you make flower arrangements – a bouquet.
  • Vertical spacing. This text arrangement looks clear and makes the bio more legible.

Variety of Formats

Instagram post success is the result of user curiosity and aesthetic taste. Instagram posts often feature several hashtags, which helps them cast a wide net over a long period. They stay on your account indefinitely (unless you remove them), so they usually gain more likes over time.

But the real question is how do you create stunning Instagram posts to get more likes and potentially go viral?

You can use different kinds of Instagram posts in your account: 

  • photos.
  • videos.
  • stories.
  • reels.
  • shoppable posts.


The easiest way to create a great visual for your Instagram account is by making unique photo posts. These should always be creative and fun, as well as visually engaging. Your photos should always look good, so use filters to make them look their best.

Instagram Marketing Tips: Different Content Formats
Source: Instagram


Another effective way of promoting your business is through videos. The approach here is different from YouTube and Facebook. Instagram videos should be relatively short and stay focused on the main objective of the content. 

For example, if you aim to create hype around an upcoming product launch, you would not want to create a video that is long and goes into a lot of detail. Instead, keep it short, engaging, and a bit intriguing. 

Among other types of video content are reaction videos, behind-the-scenes, and short tutorials.


Another strategy to brand your business through Instagram is to use stories to announce promotions or product releases. Create polls and entertaining quizzes, daily contests, and teasers. Giving your followers valuable information will encourage more sales leads because people will be more likely to trust businesses that have an authentic connection to them.

Instagram stories do not have to be overly long. Long stories might appeal to some users, but generally speaking, if you want your post to be memorable, make sure it’s short and sweet.


Reels are a fun way to interact with your followers. They are similar to TikTok videos – fun bite-sized content with music. It can be a good way to shake things up, but you don’t overdo it. Your business account should be focused on your brand, products, and services.

Shoppable posts

Shoppable posts showcase the actual product, and they work better than a promotional text under the picture. This will require you to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook public page and to upload the product catalog. Then you can upload pictures and even stories and tag your products. When a user clicks on a tag, a page with the product description will open, providing the full information.

Hashtags and Geotags

Another important step for a small business to get noticed is to use the right tags. Relevant hashtags help Instagram sort tons of content so that people find the posts they want to see. However, if you use only generic tags like # shoe #sale, etc., the chances to be found are almost zero. You need to use more specific tags as well, add your brand name or city to narrow the search down.

Additionally, you can add geotags to each post so your potential followers can see your location right away. It is very helpful for local businesses who target cities and towns nearby. 

The Right Tools

Instagram provides great opportunities for content creation and analytics – you can create stories and posts right within the app and analyze their performance with native tools. However, you may want to expand your options and be able to schedule posts and generate more leads.

If your business is rather small and you don’t have a big budget, you can control your costs by using free tools and services.

For instance, online editors are just as good as desktop and mobile apps. You can rely on them when editing longer videos as well as stories. Some tools help you write better captions, attract new clients, and create a well-balanced content calendar.

In turn, a social media engagement tool will help you engage and support your customers on Instagram.

Brand Humanization

Instagram offers a unique opportunity to brand your product or service, it helps instill brand recognition among users. This is achieved by building a credible online reputation and expanding the reach of your products and services.

By engaging with your clients or fans on Instagram, not only do you get the chance to reach a larger audience but also make them feel they are important.

Instagram is a platform designed to provide a visual way of communicating with your audience. Consequently, you must build and cultivate relationships with your followers.

Here’s a list of things you can do.

  • Create and share engaging content regularly. By regularly sharing content related to your business and your industry, as well as encouraging the audience to share content with their followers, you will be able to develop strong bonds with your followers.
Instagram Marketing Tips: Brand Humanization
Source: Instagram
  • Meet with your customers. Another great way to humanize your brand is to let customers meet your team, even virtually. Go live and have a chat with one of your crafters, let a designer talk about the ways they find inspiration for new collections, or post a short Q&A session with the CEO – brands that have a face tend to be more successful.
  • Be transparent. You should also be transparent about what you do. That doesn’t mean revealing all your business secrets. It’s more about the way you present your brand online. You should be more open about your plans and giveaway conditions, admit your mistakes, and address any problems you have in a timely fashion. 86% of buyers stay loyal to brands that are clear about their actions.
  • Let them feel special. When your audience and business are not that big yet, you can also play the “exclusivity” card. Make your existing followers feel they are a part of something special. Give special discounts to your first X customers, and keep in touch with your regulars by sending them personalized proposals or access to early sales.

Staying Up-to-Date

The most important strategy to remember when using Instagram to market your business is to update your profile regularly. Remember that followers will gravitate towards content that is unique, fresh, and informative. Because of this, you must update your Instagram posts at least once a week to keep your followers interested in your brand. 

To ensure that your posts are engaging and informative, they should offer something new to your followers.

React to current events and make them work to your advantage. For example, if you sell homemade cosmetics, you can address topical issues in the industry, and if your target audience is the gaming community, you can pay extra attention to new releases.

Summing Up Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is a powerful tool that allows you to interact with your followers and draw attention to your brand. To maximize the potential of advertising there, however, you need to keep your content fresh and provide relevant tips and tricks.

By using a combination of high-quality images, videos, and insightful posts, you can make the most out of your brand’s Instagram account.

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the top social media platforms today. With its help, you will be able to reach your audience as well as build stronger ties with them.

Its simplicity and ease of use, combined with its ability to interact with the millions of people who log on to the platform every single day, have made it one of the most popular applications. In short, it’s another way for marketers to promote their businesses using the most innovative and engaging platform available.

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